Winter semester 2018/19

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on Feb. 22, 2019. 116 students graduated during the 2018/19 winter semester. The awardees were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Leonie Högele
  • Very good MSc (University Association): Annika Woltjen

They have successfully completed their studies:

Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
Dittkuhn, GretaEffect of different head and neck positions on the back of the horsePinentUta King of Borstel
Ewald, EliseCultivation-related differences in leaf morphology of salad rocket (Eruca sativa L.Fritzvan Elsen
Feldt, KiraMotivation for self-sufficiency - A qualitative study to investigate motivational differences between families and communities in GermanyBoltenMöller
Fischer, Melena FleurQuality-oriented drying of comfrey roots for the production of powderStormHensel
Fraatz, UndineComparison of video recordings and direct observation on mutual suckling and vocalization of calvesIvemeyerKnierim 
Fresen, ElisabethStrategic and operational controlling in organic suckler cow husbandryMöllerKrutzinna
Gebhard, XaverConcept for the design of a cross-town arboretum in Witzenhausen taking into account existing woody structures and by means of  planning of partial areasHofmannGraß
Gieseke, AlinaGoals and public relations of Lebenshöfen - A content analysis of Facebook postingsMaike JanssenZipp
Grebe-Diestelhorst, HannahCriticism of the seed law - interests of the actors and the potential of seed initiativesSchleyerSören Köpke
Hackenberg, MagnusThe Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States - Opportunity or Risk for Agricultural Development in the ACP StatesSchleyerKöpke
Hay, Johannes GeorgHorn-bearing dairy cows in loose housing -recommendations for suitable feeding fencesKnierimJohns
Henzel, DeborahEffect of transfer mulch and conservation tillage on the weed community in organic potato productionBrunsYoung
Autumn, RitaAdded value through landscape management measures in social agriculturevan ElsenPlieninger
Hüppe, KatharinaAlternative Certification: Promoting Participatory Guarantee Systems  against the background of criticism of development cooperationSchleyerEhlers
Imhof, KatharinaWhich plants make children strong? -Conception and realization of an educational event for the elementary level in the tropical greenhouse in WitzenhausenHethkevan Elsen
Jalane, VerenaEconomic efficiency comparison of a manure and compost chain under consideration of nutrient loads using the example of the domain FrankenhausenBrunsMöller
Jarohs, JonathanFurther development of a pyrolysis reactor with open-fire system for commercial charcoal production in agricultureDedeHensgen
Jensen, ThoreEffects of an improved rearing strategy called 'ImproCalf' compared to the usual rearing procedure on performance and health parameters in Swiss veal calves during the first three to five weeks of lifeIvemeyerKnierim 
Calfloh, JohannaInvestigation on clover grass press cake and development of methods for stabilization of clover grass press cake for further processing as fertilizer pelletsHenselDührkoop
Knapp, SaraComparison of suppressive effects of biosolids and green manure compost against the fungus Pythium ultimum in peas"BrunsKusche
Köhler, ChristineInfluence of horniness of dairy cows on respiratory rate as an indicator of heat stressKnierimJohns
Krämer, MalteSWOT-analysis of the farm Öx from  Frankershausen in relation to possible marketing channelsHammSiegmeier
Lamby, MaraAnalysis of the situation  in the population of selected chicken breeds in the River Elbe Ark RegionHinrichsFeldmann
Langreder, LisaHow does honey get on the shelf? Investigation of the decision criteria of food retailers when buying honeyHammProfeta
Limbart, JustusEffects of feeding place design on agonistic behavior in horned dairy cowsKnierimJohns
Meder, AliciaOptical characteristics of Deroceras reticulatum and Arion vulgarisStormKirchner
Miething, JolantheInfluences on labile carbon in arable soilLudwigGunina
Möller, MortenTofu whey as an alternative fertilizer in organic vegetable productionSchulzDede
Pax, KatharinaRe-introduction of wolf and lynx in Germany - influences on grazing measures on extensively used agricultural and nature conservation areasH. HofmannSaucke
Pfister, JannaInfluence of reduced tillage, intercropping and transfer mulch on the weed flora in organic potato productionBrunsYoung
Pina Fernades, RicoCharentais melons: Variety screening for organic summer cultivation under glass in northern Germany.H. SchulzWiehle
Plättner, Felicitas CelinaEffects of measures to promote biodiversity on the arable weed vegetation of selected areas in the Werra-Meißner districtvan ElsenGraß
Ryebuck, DariusClean without chemicals - Historical development from manual to automated hoeing technologyHenselSiebald
Rosga, Claudia AnnaAnastasia Movement  - an (un)political settlement conceptTroßbachStephan Sommerfeld
Cobbler, MiriamHow can the establishment of a producer group succeed? Conditions from the point of view of dairy goat and dairy sheep farmersMaike JanssenMöller
Schwarzmaier, GinaEducational measures for sustainable nutrition in elementary schools: starting points and barriers using the example of climate breakfastsKahlJ. Quendt (CESR- Uni Kassel
Seeger, VerenaThe tomato in Germany: a history of its useTroßbachHethke
Summer, Ann-SophieImplementation and evaluation of training courses for on-farm self-monitoring Animal welfare in poultry farmingKnierimGieseke
Stampa, FabianClimatic chamber experiment on the influence of different daylight lengths and temperatures on the hatching history of the pea moth (Cydia nigricana)"RiemerKirchner
Suhre, HannahPossible factors influencing the occurrence of the multifactorial disease symptom headshaking in horsesKrischkeJohns
Williges, Simon NoahSensory testing of organic chicken eggs from fixed and mobile houses with and without silage feedingBehrendtKusche
Wittkamp, SarahInfluence of storage time before drying on the quality of flavor hopsStormBolten
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Bartels, WiebkeInvestigation of the alkaloid contents in the many-leaved lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus Lindl.) under consideration of the harvest time - consequences for the  utilization of lupine biomassWachendorfHensgen
Bayer, Elisa"Development of an evaluation framework for animal welfare indicators of the production direction pullets and laying hens based on a literature reviewKnierimGieseke
Büchler, DavidPractice research networks in organic farming - A focus group analysis in HesseMöllerHaase
Carstensen, Birte LenaPotentials of a forest gardenJörgensenHooter
Fiedler, SaschaDevelopment and application test of a self-sufficient bee monitoring system with regard to acoustic prediction of swarm behavior of honey bees (Apis mellifera)HenselKirchner
Frey, FranziskaSales analysis of beef in retail trade for the conservation of animal genetic resources in Baden-WürttembergHammProfeta
Fritz, RobertProduction and testing of biogenic powder activated carbon from urban and rural residual biomassesWachendorfHensgen
Hoffmanns, SarahPractical survey of milk quality on organic farms with different grazing percentagesHeß/KuscheLeisen
Hüsing, StefanInvestigations on the improvement of the germination process  by pre-swollen seed in the seed band using the example of carrots and rapeseedStormKusche
Kluth, JacobRisk modeling and economic analysis of winter wheat production with composite cross populations and line varieties in an organic cropping systemSiegmeierMöller
Leineßer, Björn ArminThe feasibility of fauna-friendly mowing techniquesHeßGrass
Loose, LennartAdaptive capacity of rural household structures and ecotypes in pre-industrial EuropeTroßbachMöller
Meixner, Christoph AndreasMain nutrient management of livestock-rich and livestock-less organic farms - A case study with focus on secondary raw materialsSiegmeierHeß
Rottstock, StefanNutrient management in a future permanent field trial on the Hessian state domain FrankenhausenHeßBruns
Saurma-Jeltsch von, Ann-KristinLearning within a dairy multi-stakeholder platform in Kenya: an opportunity for more participation in agricultural research for developmentKaufmannDr, Morse (University California
Stagge, MatthiasObservation and analysis of composite cross winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) populations and other genotypes with respect to N supply and agronomic parameters under two different N supply levels in the experimental year 2016/17WeedonBackes
Steinbrück, JuliaGenomic relationship of different European Red Dairy BreedsHinrichsBad
Straub, MartinInvestigation of succession on an area in the Werra-Meißner districtHofmannWachendorf
Tiedemann, LukasFarm management aspects of the use of native protein feedstuffs in the feeding of fattening pigs in organic farmingMöllerFlower
Woltjen, AnnikaAccompanying evaluation of the implementation of the ECOVIN biodiversity programHerzigSchaefer (Global nature Fund)
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Balachandran, MonikaAnalyzing in vitro anti-diabetic activity of Indian medicinal plants using a-amylase and a-glucosidase enzymesBirringerPichner
Cherian, ShainoAn approach to assess sustainability level of organic farming and comparative study of conventional and organic farming in Kerala, IndiaFreytag-LeyerKuester
Fröhlich, BarbaraSustainability management tools used in German small and medium-sized food companiesRuppenthalBuddenkotte
Martin, ChristianBiodiversity in Standards and Guidelines in the Global Wine IndustryHerzigMühlrath
Nagaitseva, ValentinaSensorial evaluation of clean label hazelnut fillings for the bakery marketQuadtHerzig
Rahman, Md. ShamsurFipronil contamination in eggs in the European Union (2017) and its consequences on food safety: A case study based on systematic review of literaturePichnerFreytag-Leyer
Salam, MahmoodSustainability in Sea Buckthorn Supply Chain in the Karakorum Mountains of PakistanSeuring-StellaWiehle
Shakouri Elizei, PooyanApplication of QACCP concept in analogy with HACCP system to manage process and product-oriented quality attributesKahlJanssen
Shakourilizeiee, PooriaQACCP concept and is application on different food categoriesKahlJanssen
Siriwardane, Tarin DamitaVoluntary Sustainability Standard Certification Practices and Smallholder Tea Grower Livelihoods of Sri Lanka: A comparative StudyFreytag-LeyerJanssen
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Ahmad, WahidComparison of organic kept laying hens with two different housing system fed with clover grass silage and withoutPloeger
Annas, AzwarThe effect of the European Union Biomass Regulation and Export Taxation on Palm Oil ExportBruemmerKopp
Arunmozhiselvan, VijayaranganEl-Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) impact on Cereal Production in South AfricaBrümmerFeil
Bustos Estevez, Carlos AlbertTechnical Efficiency Determinants of Dairy Production in Brazilian MunicipalitiesOtterLuiz Beber
Emzar, Angga EkoInternational Rubber Price Transmission and PoliciesKoppBruemmer
Ewert Muruchi, JulianaWhat Determines Farmers`Decisions in the Choice of Marketing Channels? Evidence from the Ugandan Coffee SectorQaimDebela
Garnica Reyes, GuillermoUnderstanding subsistence farming systems in Tianguistengo, Mexico: A participatory approachKaufmannBad
Jiang, YuchengEffect of Kosakonia radicincitans inoculation on selected secondary metabolites in cilantro and parsley analyzed by HPLC-MS and GC-MSPawelzik
Kuntu-Bankson, KateModel-Based Assessment of Grazing Impact on Soil Organic Carbon Stocks and Dynamics of a Kenyan RangelandIsselsteinKuehne
Laker, Mornè WilhelmIntegrated soil fertility management practices and maize yield: National level evidence from smallholder farming systems in KenyaQaimSibhatu
Lerin, ChloeHigh Natural Value farming in Dalmatian Islands (Croatia): Landscape analysis and agrarian systems analysis on Miljet & Korula Islands and Peljesac PeninsulaPlieninger
Mazzarotto, MarcelThe information content of coffee trade: Evidence from Brazilian exportsvon Cramon-TaubadelHolst
Meza Rengel, Francisco DanielLife Cycle Assessment in Honey Production for Beekeepers in the Maule Region, Chilevon Cramon-Taubadel
Nazari, MeisamEffect of tillage and compost on physical properties and water fluxes of a loess soil in Neu-Eichenberg, GermanyPeth
Odunsi, Temitope SolomonImpact of Vegetable Production and Socioeconomic Factors on Dietary Diversity of Samllholder Households in MalawieQaimSibhatu
Osinaike, Ajibola OyeyemiInfluence of the presence of root hair/exudates on rhizosphere aggregate stabilityPeth
Putra, I Made ArisudanaInfluende of magnesium deficiency on Photosynthetic parameters and carbon flux of whet and sunflowerTränknerJaghdani
Trapp, MagdaleneCAPable of promoting sustainability? A stakeholders perspective on challenges and opportunities of the Common Agriculture Polixy in BulgariaLaknerCramon-Taubadel
Wang, SiminSeasonal dynamics in neutral lipid fatty acid compostion of CollembolaShyTscharntke
Yusufadisyukur, Elifas OmegaMarket Integration and Price Transmission of Beef in the Archipelagic state: The Case of Indonesiavon Cramon-Taubadel
Xiao, LinHow does Financial Literacy Evolve along the Rural-urban Gradient? Empirical from Bangalore, IndiaJohannes WegmannMußhoff
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Azzahra, RahmiWater productivity of irrigated and rainfed rice in Southest asian countries
Bakin, Bashiru CharlesStatus assessment and value chain of palm oil in West Africa: A case in Ghana
Cano Policanti, Ixchel TaisWater management in food supply chains: Comparison of two italian pasta producers
Jauss, DeborahIdentification and reduction of the food waste in a food companyValerie DemonteC.Pineau
Krol, ThijsThe influence of subjective knowledge on the acceptance of genetically modified foods among Dutch millennials
Laubenbacher, VerenaPolicy instruments and their Effectivity for Sustainable Consumption to Preserve Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - The Case of European Soy Imports
Nennie, IlonkaComparison of the Environmental Impact of Unsold Bread Used in a New Product for Human Consumption or in Pig Feed
Rempe, Hilke JohannaCorporate Sustainability Evaluation and Reporting with the Common Good Balance SheetC.Pineau
Orta Mendez Y Sanchez, ItzelEffect of a combination of functional foods on insulin signaling pathway in a diet-induced obesity model
Thiery, NoemieDetermination of the performance parameters of a whey powder, WPC 80, production lineValerie DemonteC.Pineau