Winter semester 2014/15

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on February 20, 2015. 88 students graduated in the winter semester 2014/15. Award winners were:

  • Best Bachelor Ecological Agriculture (Hacker Foundation): Nicole Sieber
  • Best Master Ecological Agriculture (University Association): Dan Zederer
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Bergau, AnsgarStrategies for ecological plant protection in the greenhouse for tropical/subtropical crops in WitzenhausenHethkeSaucke
Bettin, KatharinaChanges in the husbandry conditions of reindeer in Sweden during the 20th/21st century with regard to animal welfareKnierimIvemeyer
Bleher, KatharinaHost plant spectrum of Paratylenchus bukowinensis and influence of alternative cropping systems on population dynamics of Paratylenchus spp.FinckhHallmann
Blum, JaninaExtensive pasture management for grassland conservation in the Hessian Ringgau considering nature conservation and social aspectsWachendorfFricke
Boll, Eric-SimeonInfluence of soil physical properties of different biosubstrates with and without peat on the plant growth of tomato, basil, cress and parsleyPethUteau
Boll, Marthe-JulieRecording the effect of four different handling treatments uopn the heart rate and heart rate variability of dairy cowsIvemeyerKnierim
Brüne, BärbelNew construction of a dairy barn with automatic milking systemKrutzinnaKnierim
Dederichs, Davidnot publicFritzBackes
Thorn, JonasPerformance testing of pedigree chickens for organic chicken fatteningKingPinent
Eberhardt, MariaOrganic farming systems with reduced tillage, sustainable cultural practices and soil fertility building in summer-dry areas with special reference to southern and southwestern FranceFinckhHaase
Eigner, FranziskaRelationships of stress, measured by cortisol levels, with udder health of dairy cowsIvemeyerKnierim
Ellekotten, MalteMarket analysis for the establishment of a direct marketing of Bioland beef from suckler cow husbandry".HammMühlrath
Forster, LeaUrban animal husbandry in El Alto/Bolivia - A qualitative studyBadTo the field
Froschhammer, PeterMixed cropping of soybeans and gold of pleasure - opportunities and challenges HeßHaase
Gatzert, XeniaChallenges in consulting green workshops - An expert survey in the context of consulting by FIBL Deutschland e.V. with derivation of general recommendation approachesMühlrathHermanowski
Gellrich, PhilineThe natural and artificial nutrition of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) considering its nutritional physiologyKrutzinnaSummer
Godduhn, ElenaNot publicBaldKeppler
Gönner, AnnaThe current and future German organic control process from the perspective of selected industry expertsMühlrathHeß
Heinrich, RonjaStalk base diseases of 12 winter wheat composite cross populations (F9 - F13) under conventional and organic growing conditionsFinckhBackes
Heinrich, SvenEvaluation and comparison of baking quality and disease data in winter wheat populationsFinckhBackes
Kämmerer, UteClaw cleaning in dairy cow farms - An economic analysisKingMöller
Kiesel, Bernadettenot publicPloegerHethke
Klann, KatharinaThe Lehmkuhlen pony: breeding history, population survey and population analysisKingBrügemann
Kling, DanielEconomic evaluation of an intermediate planting during the establishment of a scattered fruit meadowKrutzinnaWiehle
Cook, Ante AndreasCultivation of winter rape in organic farming - current state of knowledge and solutions for existing challengesHeßSaucke
Lippmann, Renate SophieChanges in plant diversity and management practices of okra agroecosystems along the rural-urban gradient of two West African citiesStenchlyBackes
Mack, Ralfnot publicMöllerJörgensen
Oellermann, RebeccaOrganic maize cultivation in the Elbmarsch - an inventory and cultivation strategiesGraßGrohne
Rice, LukasPerformance testing of pedigree chickens for organic chicken fatteningKingPinent
Knight-Schulze, Lindanot publicZanderMöller
Rupp, Julia HannahMethods for the determination of the human-animal relationshipKnierimKing
Schmitt, SaskiaInfluence of activated carbon and tannin additions on the degradation of goat faeces in a litterbag experiment in the Sultanate of OmanBürkertTo the field
Schmitz, LukasDetermination of acoustic properties of different cerealsSiebaldKrutzinna
Schulze-Brüninghoff, DamianAccessible Web Design: To what extent can accessibility be realized for scientific content on the Internet, using the example of a plant protection concept for vegetables grown in glasshousesJungwirthSaucke
Semmelroggen, HendrikThe change of agricultural structure in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1990KnerrTroßbach
Sichert, MaximilianAgricultural work with injured parties in the GDRVan ElsenTroßbach
Sieber, NicoleMethodical and theoretical considerations on the significance of horn size and shape in cattleHenriette MüllerKnierim
Tatge, KatharinaEvaluation of greening measures from a business management point of view: model-based consideration of different scenariosMöllerGronle
Vöhringer, MariaConception and implementation of the Studium fundamentale course 'Practical introduction to seed productionBackesHethke
Weber, ChristophEconomic analysis of different mulching methods in organic potato productionMöllerJan Henrik Schmidt
White, Frankziskanot publicWernerZschöck
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Anthe, JuliaImportance of meat quality traits in relation to future breeding objectives in endangered pig breeds: Results of a consumer surveyKingBrügemann
Berndt, ElisabethEffect of plant strengtheners on induced resistance in tomatoes to Phytophthora infestansFinckhHohmann
Emanuel, MarieSchools practicing agriculture - case studies and perspectives of agricultural school initiativesVan ElsenTroßbach
Gebensleben, Ankenot publicWernerSundrum
Gersdorff von, Gardis Johanna ElisabethEffect of gun-shot stunning on the behavior of the remaining cattle herdJudgeKnierim
Gründler, CharlotteSoil Microbial Indicators for Different Land-Use Types in the Oasis Bulgan Sum, MongoliaJörgensenGönster
Hürmann, Lydianot publicMöllerSimantke
Koch, Anne KatharinaAnalysis of animal health on organic dairy farms in GermanySundrumMöller
Laing, ChristianAction pedagogical approaches for intergenerational encounters in social farming - conceptual basis for nature experiences of children and elderly people at LebensGut Miteinander in AustriaVan ElsenHerzig
Lautz, Lisa StefanieThe genetic and morphological diversity of Nance (Byrsonima crassifolia) in Yucatan, MexicoBackesIvemeyer
Rzehak, YannickMilk yield, milk constituents, udder health, calving interval and calf development with half-day cow-calf contact compared to no and full-day contact during the first nine weeks of lactationKnierimIvemeyer
Siegmeier, AnneAlternative forms of financing as part of business strategyMöllerHerzig
Steinmetz, Felixnot publicVon FragsteinHeß
Weis, NinaPotential of Seaweed Extracts to control Phytophthora infestans and Pseudooperonospora cubensisFinckh

Dr. Schmitt

Julius-Kühn Institute Darmstadt

Weissenberg, ChristineMotives, implementation possibilities and obstacles for GMO-free animal feeding in conventional agriculture in GermanyJürgensMöller
Wemheuer, Iris Christinenot publicViethHahne
Wilmensmeier, TimoDraft revision of the EU Organic Regulation - Possible effects of the legislative amendment on the practice in the organic food industry KahlNiggli
Zederer, DanDepth gradients of microbial biomass phosphorus in organic and mineral surface  horizons of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and spruce (Picea abies L.) forest soils of different mineralogy and phosphorus availabilityJörgensenTalkner
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Alvarez Manzanilla, Jesus HilarioExploring potential values of underutilized plants: The case of Chaya in Yucatan, MexicoBirringerKnerr
Haider, SaqlanOptimization of Ginger Oleoresin extraction - Comparative study between different extraction methodsBirringerBuscher
Kahl, VanessaMarket segmentation of German fish consumers based on their attitudes towards the environment and product labelingHammFreytag-Leyer
Kalganova, Ksenianot publicHerzigMöller
Koch, Annemarie

Interaction between Supplements and Pharmaceuticals with special regards to Botanicals

BirringerSachon, Dirk
Kölsch, MaraikeBreakfast cereals and wellness - Evaluation of a method for measuring the feeling of wellness after consumptionHampshireJanssen
Kogel, Nathalienot publicHammBirringer
Maitra, Writinot publicFreytag-LeyerTroßbach
Martinez-Revelo, SantiagoAssessment of quality and food safety management in coffee processing for exporting markets: A case study on the association of coffee producers Rio INTAG "AACRI" EcuadorJanssenFreytag-Leyer
Müller, Leanot publicHammPloeger
Rezazadeh, SeyedAssessment of changes in Food consumption patterns of International students of Kassel UniversityFreytag-LeyerTroßbach
Thrift, ClairePostharvest tropical fruit preservation for use as natural yogurt flavouringHenselFreytag-Leyer
Türpe, Suzannenot publicHammHerzig
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Balieiro, Samuel Ferreira

Dynamics of changing cropping patterns in the Brazilian Cerrado from a farm level perspective - A first attempt to understand the linkage between grain and sugar markets

Castano, Martha Isabel LeonEffect of coffee mucilage as mulch on the growth of young coffee plants and on soil microbiology Jörgensen
Cornejo Sanhueza, Claudia Paz

Estimating the Trade Effects of Non-Tariff Measures on Chilean Exports of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Dhakal, Gyanendra

Change in soil microbial biomass and activity during decomposition of white mustard(Sinapis alba L.) residues containing different phosphorus concentration

Fadillah, AchmadPrice Discrimination Analysis of Butter in the German Retail Marketvon Cramon-TaubadeLakner
Hilt, Eva

Activity and Knowledge Analysis for the Reduction of Milk Post-Harvest Losses with Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Nakuru County, Kenya

Madrid Romero, Eylin MelissaComparing Efficiency between GLOBALGAP Certified and Non-Certified Pea Farmers in Guatemala Using a Non-Parametric ApproachTheuvsenMüller, Anna K.
Maryam, Siti

Competitiveness Analysis of Indonesian Shrimp Farming: Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) Approach


Paramecwari, Labudda Amirrajaban Satya

Comparative and Competitive Advantage of Feedlot Industry, Indonesia

Rizvi, Syeda Rubab Zehra

Ecology and cultivation of unknown Flavobacteria in tidal sediments

Schwenke, Dorothee

An Analysis of Social Sustainability of Farms in Germany

Sudiyana, Irfan RahadianTrade Flow and Competitiveness Analysis of Natural Rubber in International MarketBruemmer

Toledo-Hernández, Manuel

Management of homegardens in Indonesian agricultural landscapes and its impact on invertigrate diversity and herbivore predation

Velasco Pacheco, Pamela Alejandra

Hedonic Price Model: An Application to the Farmers in the North part of Nicaragua

von Cramon-TaubadelAyako Ebata
Xu, Tingting

A Meta-analysis of Agronomic and Economic Impacts of Bt Cotton

Yudhistira, Angga

Analysis of the Competitiveness of Pangasius Fish Farming in Kota Gajah Sub-District, Lampung Tengah District, Lampung Province