Summer semester 2010

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates at July 16, 2010. 44 students graduated in the summer semester 2010. The award winners were:

  • Gustav-Hacker Award: Lena Gramann, Cordelia Kreft
  • Best Master's Degree (University Association): Katharina Zipp
  • best non-European thesis: Soma Kumari
  • Prize of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Lower Saxony: Kai Svennson
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Eckhardt-Hoffmann, Sibylle

Immigration in rural areas between 1650 and 1720: Baden-Durlach, Württemberg, Hesse-Kassel and Brandenburg as an exampleTrossbachEbert

Gramann, Anna Lena

Do case studies exist in the literature that clearly prove that raw or pre-pasteurized milk contains STEC/EHEC pathogens? What is the overall (potential) risk of contracting EHEC through consumption of raw milk?BaarsPoppinga

Hohls, Anne Charlotte

Emergence behavior and development of weed flora in mulch seeding systems in relation to soil cover and tillage depth.Hensel/WilhelmVan Elsen

Ollomo-Nguema, Michel-Henrick

Influence of horn manure preparation on some soil biological parametersBaarsPupils

Papke, Greta

Assessment of in vitro digestibility of roughages using different sources of sow inoculaSundrumWerner

Scholz, Philipp

Conception of cultural landscape management as an agricultural work area of the Hessian Diakonie HephataVan ElsenMittelstrass

Svensson, Kai

Extraction of essential oils by steam distillation of medicinal and aromatic plants in an agricultural environment. Investigation on the example of a distillation campaign of Helichrysam italicum (Roth) G.Don on CorsicaHenselGebauer
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Schwender, Reinhardnot publicTrossbachMöller
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Bernhardt, Theresa

The establishment of ESL milk in Germany and the accompanying labeling conflictFink-KeßlerBaars/Kusche

Besier, Johanna

The Canadian milk market regulation model and its possible transfer to the European UnionPoppingaPupil

Best Roman

The cress test - the application of a germination test experiment from anthroposophical medical research for the investigation of the biodynamic horn manure preparationBaarsPupil

Frangen, Anna-Maria

Diversification strategies in organic farming using the Ulmenhof as a case studyMöllerKahl

Fuhlrott, Johanna

not publicPloegerKahl

Godeffroy, Christian Robert

The cress test - the application of a germination test experiment from anthroposophical medical research for the investigation of the biodynamic horn manure preparationBaarsPupil

Chicken, Andreas

Drying tomatoes with solar energyHenselPupils

Kempa, Lutz

Investigations on green cuttings propagation of chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa)GebauerHethke

Kneißl, Michael

Impact of bluetongue and vaccination for protection against bluetongue on Bioland e.V. farmsSundrumWerner

Kreft, Cordelia

Sovereign agriculture against hungeriKnerrTroßbach

Kreusel, Marlen

Allergy development in childrenBaarsPloeger

Linz, Thomas

not publicRahmannFricke

Leupolt, Sabrina

The biodynamic horn manure preparation - verification of its effect on the crop potato in a field trial".PupilBaars

Raasch, Judith

not publicWemberPupil

Rübeling, Steffen

Economic and sociological analysis of the farm structure of dairy sheep and goat farmsMöllerRahmann

Schimak, Elisabeth

Where do organic farmers generate their knowledge from?Hess/Birge WolfPupils

Schrimpf, Jan

Description of the phenology of energy crops under the aspect of climate change - possible effects as well as development and adaptation perspectives for the metropolitan region Göttingen-Hannover-Braunschweig-WolfsburgWachendorfVon Buttlar

Täuber, Farina

Adult Education through Vegetable Self-Harvesting - Considerations on a Concept Development based on Pedagogical Experiences of Existing Garden ProjectsMittelstrassVan Elsen

Tiedemann, Lukas

Basic soil cultivation in organic farming in Germany - A review of the current situationHeßWilhelm, Birgit

Wemheuer, Iris Christine

Situation of farm succession on organic farms in Lower SaxonyViethMöller
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Meyerhoff, Hank Carsten

Diversification of agricultural enterprises through cooperation of specialized companiesMöllerPupil

Wagner, Jana

Potentials of agricultural biogas plants in the federal state of HesseGrassRaussen

Zipp, Katharina

Influence of space availability in the pre-waiting area on heart rate and agonistic behavior of horned dairy cows of different social positionKnierimWinkler (University of Vienna)
Name, surnameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Grigoli, Salvatore

Solar food processing using an 8 m² Scheffler ConcentratorHenselPloeger

Murugan, Rajasekaran

Assessment of organic amendments to Vigna mungo - an important grain legume in Indian organic farming systemsVon FragsteinProf. Swaminathan

Kumari, Soma

Problems; prospects and challenges in Attaining Millennium Development goals towards Universal Primary Education, gender equity and women empowerment in NepalKnerrTroßbach

Sherpa, Kunjang Chhoti

not open to the publicKnerrTroßbach

Vera Nunez, Alfredo

not publicWachendorfHofmann, Martin
Name, surnameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Jaci, Eva

not publicSeuringZander

Okoro, Oyediya George

Fair trade and development among rural women in the sub-Saharan AfricaPloegerFreytag-Leyer

Qingping, Li

Vitamin Stability in Pet Food ProductionPloegerWater transport company Mars

Sadaat, Ali Yawar

not publicSeuringSiegmeier

Zhang, Zhenye

not publicPloegerGap