Winter semester 2017/18

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The Department of "Ecological Agricultural Sciences" honored its graduates on February 9, 2017. 102 students graduated in the winter semester 2017/18. The awardees were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Julia Eckl
  • Very good extra-European BSc thesis: Siba Jacobs, Louis Schwarze
  • Very good MSc IFBC: Emel Kasim

They have successfully completed their studies:

NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Adrian, InkenOrganic Agriculture - A Grassroot Innovation Movement Meets Established InstitutionsThielSchleyer
Baur, JanaFood neophobia in the process of establishing a culturally new productHammNew
Burghardt, DietrichControlled Traffic Farming as a practical exampleHenselRichter
Eckl, JulianeComparison of suckling calf rearing with fresh and old lactating cows in the Agrofarm 2000 GmbH in EichigtIvemeyerKnierim
Eisenbeiß, BirgitElaboration of possible causes and measures concerning animal welfare problems in organic sow husbandry based on the KTBL animal welfare indicatorsKnierimIvemeyer
Frantzen, Tom-LucasIntegration of refugees in German companies of the food industry - A comparison between ideal and practiceZanderSiegmeier
Fuchs, Michael TobiasComparison of soil hydrological characteristics of a non- and irrigated field experiment in Bangalore, India - A preliminary investigationPethUteau-Puschmann
Görlitz, RobertInfluence of an atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on the germination capacity and spore density of stone blight (Tilletia caries (DC) TUL.) on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in comparison to conventional treatment methods in organic agricultureFinckhBacanovic
Haupt, HelenOrganic viticulture in Germany: chances and problem areasHerzigPeth
Heckmann, Lindanot publicHethkePeth
Himmelmann, MartinLighting requirements in cattle farmingKnierimIvemeyer
Holthoff, AnnetteRelationship of different personal and  farm characteristics with attitude and behavior of persons handling dairy cowsIvemeyerKnierim
Hümmer, CarstenConversion of a conventional dairy farm to organic farming methodsKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Jochum, SabrinaDoes the basic ethical attitude of consumers make it possible to establish the alternative husbandry system of mother-bound calf rearing in dairy farming? - an approachKuscheZipp
Jacobs, SibaSustainability of urban agriculture in Cuba and its future development in a political contextWiehleMittelstrass
Kunze, JanaPinatex - A textile with a lot of potential? - A literature reviewHethkeWiehle
Lang, NadineComparison of resting behavior on grids at three different heights of broiler chickens with different growth intensities in relation to age of lifeKnierimBerk
Ledesma, PhilippInfluence of plant charcoal and biogas digestate on C and N conversion in a field experimentLudwigBruns
Löppmann, StellaGame damage on agricultural land. Game damage caused by wild boar (sus scrofa) in Germany - Comparison of measures taken in the federal states of Hesse and Lower SaxonyFrickeSchleyer
Müller, KatharinaPotentials for substrate supply for biogas within crop rotations in organic farming with possible reduction of area competitionGrassSiegmeier
Negm, Khalednot publicPloegerDewald
Neyer, Theresanot publicKnierimIvemeyer
Nickl, Regina BrigitteMothers in agriculture - biographical interviews of women with children under 4 years of ageNewTroßbach
Peters, PhilippThe online food trade from the perspective of selected trade journals in the organic sectorHerzigZander
Rath, Florentinanot publicIvemeyerStephan Neumann
Regenhardt, JohannesPlant damage caused by passes with a rubber track drive in summer oilseed rapeHenselSiebald
Remmers, ChristianDigestibility of stalk mass of fine-seeded legumes for ration design in ruminantsSundrumMöller
Retzlaff, PhilippThe influence of the retail sector on food waste generation. A reviewHammStöhr
Rupprecht, AlexandraCase studies on the economics of organic chicken fattening - cost structure, investment costs and labor inputMöllerKnierim
Schäper, OliverUpgrading of the cultural landscape of Hof Deventer  in the Münsterland through nature conservation measures based on a cultivated land planv. ElsenFricke
Black, LouisEffects of fertilization with biogas slurry from micro-biogas plants on the yield of a maize landraces in Yucatán, MexicoBürkertGönster-Jordan
Seymour, Daniel"Bark percentage of poplar and willow cultivars grown on short rotation coppice (SRC) after the first three-year rotation"M. WachendorfGraß
Versen, FelixConversion of a conventional dairy farm to organic farming practicesKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Vogt, SaskiaCauses and background of the creation of the Reinheitsgebot of 1516 and its influence on today's brewing in GermanyTroßbachSchulz
Wagner, Andreasnot publicSiegmeierMöller
Weimar, LukasStraw utilization concept in livestock-less arable farming - humus effect and cost calculationBlumensteinBruns
Weires, MariusConception of selected nature conservation measures in the context of social agriculture using the example of the Richerode farmstead, Hessev. ElsenHerzig
Weller, JulianeCompilation of an article for an agricultural trade magazine on the subject of 'mother-bound calf rearingZippKrutzinna
Wiesel, TamaraComparison of different activity measurement systems based on company and farmer surveys with focus on pasture management as well as testing and evaluation of the Boumatic RealTime heat detection system in young cattle on pastureJudgeKrieger
Wörner, ElisabethThe integration of nature conservation goals and conscious cultural landscape development on Hof Stäudich (Kraichgau) with the help of a cultural landscape planvan ElsenFricke
Wörner, PhilippAcoustic soil moisture measurementSiebaldUteau-Puschmann
Zimmermann, JannikHeterogeneous preceding crop effect of nutrient inputs of a regularly moved laying hen mobile house and a stationary fixed house on the succeeding crop maizeHeßDeerberg
Bertram, Annenot publicvan ElsenHerzig
Holtmann, MiriamComparison of 11 winter wheat composite cross populations with reference cultivars in terms of weed suppression ability, disease resistance and yield potential in the 2016/17 trial yearWeedonSiegmeier
Riehle, MchaAre there alternative crops to corn for energy needs in organic dairy farming that thrive on marginal, disadvantaged sites?GraßHorn
White, Rahel MerleExperiencing the course of the year on Wurzelreich Farm - Conception of a farm-based pedagogical year-long course for children taking into account conditions on the farm that are conducive to learningHethkeBickel
Wiekenberg, LarsIntegration of unaccompanied minor refugees in social farming from the perspective of participating farmersvan ElsenKrikser
NameThesis Supervisor 1Supervisor 2
Bruckhaus, CarstenMapping and Route Planning  for the hotspot method of the MSR-BotHenselKirchner
Dennenmoser, DominicHost range and aggressiveness of two new species from the Fusarium solani species complex (Neocosmospora Sm,).FinckhBackes
Drügemöller, Nora MarieKnowledge gain and attitude change of children through participation in the educational program "Gemüse Ackerdemie"KrikserOverwien
Eberhardt, MariaMinimally invasive potato cultivation - a preliminary trial in the context of regenerative agricultureFinckhJannoura
Fritz, Anne-LouiseInvestigations of microbial biomass in soils of urban vegetable production in West Africa using the multi-SIR methodJörgensenBürkert
Froschhammer, PeterEffects of Penergetic k & p on spring barley (bordeum vulgare) in the fieldFinckhBacanovic
Holzapfel, LuiseThe role image of the farmer's wife in changing timesNewTroßbach
Hoppe, Johanna EliseNitrogen input into groundwater -ecological and conventional agriculture in comparison - analysis and evaluation of comparative studies -HeßKaiser
Horn, Ronny"Case study Pro Specie Rara - who are the actors behind the marketing of old varieties?"HerzigStolze (FiBL)
Kiesel, Bernadettenot publicStormHensel
Kretz, BarbaraInfluence of an agroforestry system with pastures on yield and species composition of grassland understoryGraßBackes
Lanvers, JanTesting of vertical cultivation in the vegetable column 'Ackerwinde' using a peat-free substrateHeßPeth
Lindenfels von, FerdinandInvestigations on bioactivity of  Rhizoctonia solani by anastomosis groupKößlerJörgensen
Lövenich, Peter"Comparative sustainability analysis of different Hessian organic farms against the background of the debate on conversion"HerzigMühlrath
Lückert, Marc-RobinDesign of a forest garden for subsistent self-sufficiency of an organic model projectGrassHerzig
Matern, SigrunInfluence of information in the form of labels on consumer acceptance of boar meatPloegerMörlein, Johanna
Obergfell, JörgStatus of current selection approaches for resistance of Apis mellifera against Varroa destructor and investigations of suppressive traitsKingof BorstelBüchler
Schmitz, LauraIs dairy cows' reactivity towards humans influenced by milking system, lactation status or claw trimming? - A further step in the validation of four behavioural measuresKnierimIvemeyer
Stiebeling, DanielInfluence of Aspergillus oryzae on the Aroma and Taste Profile of a Pale AleKößlerJörgensen
Suchy, NadineNature conservation and horse keeping in the Werra-Meißner district: a contradiction?King of BorstelGraß
Weiss, DavidVisual teaching material for illiterate farmers to deliver informtion about sustainable agricultural practice in an intercultural context: the case of Madagascar and Burkina FasoBürkertKastrup
Wersebeckmann, Vera SabineAdaptation and suitability of composite cross winter wheat populations and other phenotypes to different V-supply levels in the trial year 2015/16Odette WeedonBackes
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Ashtari Larki, Niloofarnot publicBirringerJanssen, Johann
Barrera Albores, EricConsumers' awareness and willingness to try edible insects - Impact of the degree of visibility and the speciesHammKahl
Bodnár, BarbaraMarketability of sustainable food packaging - a study at an organic food companyQuadtKrikser
Engst, Martinanot publicPichnerSilvia Henke
Fatima, Kaniznot publicFreytag-LeyerPloeger
Fourati, HichemParticipatory groundwater management for sustainable food system among smallholder farmers in El-Nubaria province, EgyptPloegerHabbasha
Hasan, SaifulTraceability System in Shrimp Sector of Bangladesh: Pond to PlateJanssen, JohannKrikser
Jehle, JuliaDesigning and implementing an appropriate quality and food safety program for a new gluten- and lactose free crispbread lineJanssen, JohannS. Stommer, Barilla GmbH
Kang, Naeyoungnot publicFreytag-LeyerBirringer
Kasim, EmelThe Promotion of Sustainable Palm Oil in a German Confectionery Company: A Strategy-as-Practice Case StudyHerzigPloeger
Pashkova, DariaConsumers' attitudes and purchase behavior towards wine with sustainable characteristicsHammHerzig
Praneetphonkrang, Waruneenot publicFreytag-LeyerKrikser
Rubio Zuniga, Karla SorayaEnvironmental Impacts of consumers' eating patterns in the city of Puebla and analysis of the level of knowledge towards a sustainable consumptionFreytag-LeyerPloeger
Warriach, Abdul Rafaynot publicJoh. JanssenTröger
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Afolabi, OyeyemiCan the EU regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 help for setting organic frameworks in Nigeria? Ploeger
Buchelt, Lorena Marie-LuiseDoes Fairtrade give rise to gender equality and women's empowerment? A case study from smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda'Meemkenvon Cramon-Taubadel
Frank, LenaEffects of tillage system and drought stress on above- and belowground performance of sole and intercropped oat (Avena sativa L.) and faba bean (Vicia faba L.)Meinen, CatharinaRauber, Rolf
Itami, YutoAgricultural Cooperatives in Japan - A New Institutional Economics perspective 
Osun, Foluso AyoImpact of adoption of improved agricultural technologies on productivity and maize income in NigeriaMatin QaimTheda Gödecke
Rasheed, SufyanThe effects of maximum residual limits for pesticides on agricultural trade: The case of EU importsBruemmervon Cramon-Taubadel
Anajohn, JosiaDevelopments in World Trade with Crude Coconut OilBruemmerDela-Dem Doe Fiankor
Appiah, MercyPhysiological response to heat x drought stress of different wheat cultivarsRötter
Bruns, Selina Jill KaterinaHow to measure risk attitudes among poor rural households in developing countries - a comparative analysis of risk elicitation methods MußhoffSagemüller
Ganji, EliyehInvestigation on the biology, damage potential and host plant spectrum of Hemicycliophora conidaFinckh
Guardado Ticas, Sofia ElenaThe Use of Smartphones in Agriculture in Bihar, India: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Technology Acceptance Model TheuvsenLandman
Havill, Annelise   
Screening of a Phage Display single-chain antibody fragment library for antibodies against Bovine Rotavirus
CzernyKim Fechner
Htet, Khant Sandar
Assessment of level and differences among Vicia faba L. genotypes for their degree of cross-fertilization and for their paternal mating success, based on a polycross field experiment LinkLisa Brünjes
Konerding, VerenaRural-urban migration and landscape changes in Uttarakhand, IndiaBürkert
Manurung, ImmanuelPrice Transmission in International Crude Palm Oil Markets: The Effects of Indonesia`s Export TaxBruemmerKopp
Meneses Morales, Paola MargaritaImportance of distance in the selection of export markets by fruit export companies in Chile:A qualitative approach using CAGE distance framework Theuvsen
Ruales Carpio, Andres FabricioAnalysis of the problems of the dairy sector in Southern Brazil and the strategies to increase competitivenessTheuvsenBeber
Seminotti Felski, ThatianaAnalysis of women participation in agricultural training - case of Bihar, IndiaTheuvsenLandmann
Xie, YuyanHost plant spectrum, damage potential and population dynamics of Paratylenchus projectusFinckh