Summer semester 2022

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The Department of Ecological Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on July 15, 2022. 81 students graduated in the summer semester of 2022. The awardees:were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Theresa Schneider
  • Very good MSc (University Association): Jan Albus, Lara Schubert
  • Very good MSc IFBC: Blandina Josopandojo

They have successfully completed their studies:

Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
Adam, LinaPlanning of a barn conversion according to Demeter guidelines, for the dairy goat herd of Gut Adolphshof, taking into consideration animal welfare and reproductionZippIvemeyer
Baarck, ElenaInfluence of mulch and undersowing on soil structure, nitrogen flux and weed flora in potato production".YoungBruns
Bast, BenjaminDetermination of favorable farm economic parameters of part-time suckler cow farms with year-round free-range husbandry under consideration of animal welfareMöllerIvemeyer
Busch, Hannesnot publicZippIvemeyer
Edinger, Alia MarinaBackground of the loss and solutions for the conservation of crop diversity in GermanyBackesHeindorf
Falk, Sophianot publicGrassWolpert
Fox, JonasThe integration of agricultural fodder production into organic viticulture - An analysis of the feasibility in practiceGrassKusche
Funke, Leonie Evaluation of the wild bee monitoring of the vegetation period 2021 by Agroscope imd the elaboration of optimization potentialsBackesSaucke
Gießelmann, CarlosStructural development of topsoil under grassland in the Upper Allgäu - effects of mowing and grazing as well as liquid manure and compost extractWachendorf, ChristineYoung
Gremmelspacher, Tamaranot publicNewJahnke
Grimm, Ina NoreenSingle plant trial of wheat population CCP OYQ II and its prospects for selection of high performing genotypes for breeding of line varieties for organic farming systemsWeedeonFinckh
Hampel, EmilPlanning of a farmstead cheese dairy for the organic farm Hampel in SchottenKuscheWaiter
Harscher, Malenanot publicWolpertAthmann
Hoffmann, FelixSurvey criteria  for laying hen runs with special consideration of animal welfare and run acceptance - creation of a practical survey questionnaire and testing for practicalityGiesekeKnierim
Holley, AnnaInteractions between cow and calves during nurse-led calf rearing KnierimZipp
Ismer, Leanot publicZippKnierim
Jäkel, NileA critical examination of the concepts of nature and naturalness. Connections between antifeminist positions and the understanding of nature in right-wing ideologyBoltenKöpke
Kipping, Freyanot publicKöpkeButcher
Kleine-Klatte, RalfIdeational challenges of solidarity agricultureThielSchleyer
Klocke, PaulaPlanning of a forest garden with focus on plant interactions and the goal of a long-term stable ecosystemWolpertGraß
Cook, LukasMiktoalgae for biogas productionKätzlStenchly
Köhler, Leonie Julienot publicKriegerKnierim
Kumschier, KatrinEffects of undersowing and anhydrite in Chinese cabbage Brassica rapa subsp. Pekinensis on infestation dynamics of cabbage fleas phyllotreta spp.SauckeTino Hedrich
Kumschier, Michaelnot publicHupeBirgit Rascher
Lipinski, JessicaHabitat for birds in the city: The potential of vertical greening systemsKätzlStenchly
Mitzel, TristanIntroduction to planning agroforestry systems in the program QGIS considering keyline or mainline design - a guide for practiceRike BeckerGornott
Niedermeier, ChristianeLiterature search of gene loci and quantitative markers showing resistance to Puccinia striiformis ssp. Tritici in the hexploid common wheat Triticum aestivum ssp. TriticiBackesWeedeon
Oehme, RaphaelaPasture fattening for dairy cattle - Investigation of the weight development of the dual-purpose breed Original Braunvieh at the Rengoldshausen farm estateIvemeyerEbinghaus
Otto, Finn JakobInvestigation of the nitrogen efficiency of two different clover-grass mixtures during compostingBrunsBlumenstein
Plass, Marionot publicYoungUteau-Puschmann
Pruijssen, Gerrit JanOptions for improved feed efficiency in mobile housing of laying hens.SundrumHoischen-Taubner
Pupke, AugustinConversion of low-yielding arable land to extensively used grassland in Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaMöllerMarten Kühl
Rode, AnnaCooling possibilities for pigsKnierimSchubbert
Rösler, LydiaSilvopastoral systems: Impacts on ecosystem services and potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation (collaborative work)WolpertGraß
Rolletter, AnnaComparative study on the behavior of calves without and with mother in  nurse-reared calvesKnierimZipp
Sakata, AtsushiColonization and spread of pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum) in two varieties of common bean mixed with oats (Avena sativa L.) and pure seededSauckeBackes
Schiffhauer, MartinNiche market hay-milk - consumer understanding and market potentials for farmersJahnkeMöller
Schmaus, TorbenSlaughter data evaluation from extensive pasture fattening of German Schwarzbunten lowland cattleHinrichsKrutzinna
Schneider, Theresa MarieEfficiency and ecological effects of fermenting arable by-products such as clover grass in a biogas plant compared to feeding them to dairy cattleGraßBlumenstein
Schreiber, VincentSpecies separation in root mixtures from agroforestry systems: Willow (Salix spp.) and grassland from a short rotation plantationAthmannGraß
Schröder, JonteSocial farming for people with dementia - status quo and feasibility in Hessevan ElsenNew
Schweidler, Anne MariaSilvopastoral systems: Impacts on ecosystem services and potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation (collaborative work)WolpertGraß
Schwenk, Theresa The field as an action-pedagogical development field - Being able to act together in the child and youth welfare institution Haus Arild (Bliestorf, SH)van ElsenKraiß
Täubert, Rikenot publicYoungHinrichs
Winkler, AnneComparison of agronomic properties of different spring barley varieties and populations in crop year 2021WeedeonFinckh
Zaremba, Sofia Yaranot publicHenselHöing
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Ahlert, MaximilianStrategies of action against right-wing influence in solidarity agricultureNew/ButcherGottschlich
Albus, JanEconomic evaluation and optimization of regenerative food potato cultivation under transfer mulchMöllerYoung
Baur, JanaBiodiversity in the supply chain in the context of sustainability management of companies in the German food industryBusscherEberle
Bissinger, Anna-MariaPotential  NH³ emissions under laboratory conditions, chemical parameters and quality parameters of selected manures and their relation to farm characteristicsKriegerLudwig
Burmester, Lindanot publicBusscherKrikser
Fenske, Viviannot publicKrutzinnaHinrichs
Fink, MiraEvaluation of the agronomic performance of 2 heterogeneous winter wheat populations (Triticum aestivum L.) compared to a line variety at 6 locations in the BAKWERT project in the experimental year 2020/21.FinckhBackes
Hiestermann, SteffenInfluences of various regenerative potato cultivation systems on nutrient supply and yield formation in ploughless potato cultivationFinckhYoung
Löser, LenaAggregate morphology as a structural parameter for mechanical stability in soilUteau-PuschmannPeth
Luttmann, Sarah LivEvaluation and impact analysis of the further education program 'Klima.LoB.Landwirtschaft 2020/21' by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Lernort Bauernhof (BAGLoB e.V.)van ElsenAthmann
Novruzova, Nazlinot publicBusscher/KretschmerWiehle
Reiners, MiriamThe Alternative Demeter Recognition as a seedbed for lifelong biodynamic education and trainingHerzigKusche
Sartorius, JoelRe-grafting of Esca-infested vines as a possible alternative to replantingHofmannSchmid (Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences)
Schubert, Lara AntoniaSensitivity of beneficial insects of the Carabidae family to the insecticide  -CyhalothrinSauckeWinkler
Siebert, HannesAnalysis of challenges and opportunities regarding the increased establishment of biocyclic-vegan products in processing using guideline-based expert:in interviewsKrikserZander
Tüllmann, HansWeed control in silage maize cultivation by preventive, systemic measures in crop rotation and cultivation designGrassAthmann
Weinel, LouiseAdsorption performance of powdered activated carbon from  residual biomass on organic micropollutants in wastewaterKätzlWachendorf
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Ezieke, Jennifer KosisochukwuVerification and Implementation of an alternative process core temperate of dried Pet food based on Annex XIII No. 5 of Regulation (EC) No. 142/2011. A Research conducted in KFF Petcare GmbH, FuldaLoppPichner/Maertens
Habib, Ahmed Youssef Masoud KotbDevelopement of characterization of functional syrupsBirringerSchönenberg
Islas, ElisaThe concept of food matrix in relation to carrotsBusscherAthmann
Josopandojo, Blandinanot publicQuadt/HeinlothSexton
Khan, Sadatul AnamPlant-originated milk products and the influencing factors of plant-based milk consumption.QuadtKuester
Obadiaru, Maris MickyIn the interest of food safety: A qualitative study investigating communication and trust between Food Regulators and Food Business Operators in NigeriaPichnerQuadt
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Farmer, Jana MargaCo-developing a Comprehensive Understanding of Water Management with Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Nakuru County, Kenya as part of the Collaborative Learning ApproachProf. KaufmannProf. Plieninger
Koester, MareikeStauts Quo and intensification of traditional apricot farming and processing in Gilgit-Baltstan, northern Pakistan  
Nsengumuremyi, AlbertDigital Credit Uptake Among Rural Women: Empirical Evidence from KenyaProf. MußhoffConstantin Johnen
Odiaka, ChinweEffects of Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies by Farmers in Sub-Sahara Africa: A Systematic reviewProf. Plieninger 
Onaiwu, Osasere VanessaImport Restrictions and Price Transmission for Local and Imported Rice in Rural Kano State, Nigeria: An Analysis Using Crowdsourced Price DataProf. Colen 
Permana, Bertha Lovita Dwi IntaniaExchange Rate Volatility Impact on Indonesian Pepper Export Performance Prof. Cramon-Taubadel
Rice, Brendan WilliamDeterminants of certified seed use in Ethiopia: the role of agricultural commercializationProf. ColenDr. Debela