Winter semester 2020/21

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on Feb. 23, 2021. In the winter semester 2020/21, 130 students graduated. The department honored the following award winners: 

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Tim Heckmann
  • Very good BSc (University Association): Sandra Koop
  • Best Non-European Bachelor Thesis (University Association): Johannes Ritz
  • Very good MSc ÖL (Hochschulverband): Anne Bertram, Till Theato
  • Very good MSc IFBC (Dean's Office): Renate Derksen
Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
Ball, LeaOptimization measures of two farms with straw chaff and pellets  to reduce Nmin leaching in laying hen runsHeß/Frauke DeerbergFriedhelm Deerberg
Beitz, LarissaManagement of residues and contaminations by EU-organic inspection bodiesHeßNeuendorff (GSR)
Bevendorff, MirjaRecording of operational traits and non-genetic effects in Angler saddle pig breedingHinrichsFlower
Biedermann, DouniaThe German banana - a transnational storyvon RedeckerSternfeld (KHS Kassel)
Bittner Lutter, AlbertOrganic in the discounter - Does Bioland betray its values?StöhrKrikser
Borries, von, FeliciaInfluence of  surface rotting and plant preparations compost tea and ferment on different soil and plant parameters in a microcosm experiment/pot experimentYoungBruns
Bücheler, LorenzDetermination of daily feed costs for the break-even calculation of dairy cowsJonas HabelMöller
Buchmann, JennyLunch catering in Witzenhausen day care centers for childrenKrikserKretschmer
Buhrow, AnnabelleAnalysis of adaptation readiness and implementation of climate adaptation measures in Hessian agricultureKöpkeThiel
Cavallini, MartaMaize populations and breeding methods for population varieties -  Testing the agronomic performance of populations in relation to their genetic breadthHorneburgWeedon
Dickhut, WenckePossibilities of environmental education in SOLAWIS - Concept for a cooperation of SoLawi PeterSilie and Schule am Schwanhof / Marburgvan ElsenKraiß
Dietz, SarahSubstrate supply for biogas plants - alternatives to conventional silage corn cultivationGrassWachendorf
Doppstadt, MiriamDual use system - Sheep husbandry in organic viticultureKretschmerZipp
Dry, GabrielExploring the effects of strip cropping and mulching as an alternative to zero tillage: a multifunctional methodFinckhGraß
Eder, AlexandraClimate adaptation in Northern Hesse - (How) do rural  communities adapt to climate change?ThielGötz
Ehrke, Lars FredericDegradation of tanin-containing manure after feeding Acacia seyal and Faidherbia albida on (semi-)arid soilsIngoldJörgensen
Erlach, MichèleInfluence of smectite-containing clays on the water-holding capacity of a peat-free balcony and container plant substratePethBruns
Franz, NoraDirect marketing of meat from male animals on dairy farms: Development of a marketing concept for a dairy farm in the Werra-Meißner districtJahnkeIvemeyer
Freytag, FriedgerDifferentiation of feeding and sucking behavior in suckler cow calves by means of sensor data of a ruminant halterZippKnierim
Frohnhofen, JanikEconomic consideration of the grazing strategy full grazing in organic dairy farming in BavariaSiegmeierKrutzinna
Göb, AnnikaComparison of the behavior of fattening geese in rotational grazing systemsKnierimGieseke
Grabowski Gomes da Costa, Alicia IsabelThe added value of the socio-ecological projects Terras de Cascais and Quinta do Pisao-Nature Park - Portugalvan ElsenZander
Graser, StefanSurvey and description of pedological parameters of the experimental plot of the long-term trial on the Hessian state domain FrankenhausenUteau PuschmannPeth
Heckmann, TimOrganic farming associations as political actors in the context of climate changeThielKöpke
Heimann, Elenanot publicJörgensenSiebald
Hofer, MelanieWettability of a floodplain soil in a long-term trial under biodynamic managementFritzPeth
Wood, PhilippInfluence of tannins on soil respiration by gas flow calculation in OmanIngoldJörgensen
Holz, SarahAgricultural business start-up of a market gardening  enterprise - analysis of economic key figures in biointensive vegetable production in German-speaking countriesKretschmerSiegmeier
Horbach, SimonEffects of feeding on the health of laying hens using the example of the laying flock of the state domain FrankenhausenL. JungKnierim
Huß, Sophie Helianenot publicMöllerBruns
Jenster, FriedaThe significance of tail biting and cannibalism in organic fattening pig production and suitable approaches to problem solving in practiceGiesekeKnierim
Klingenmeier, Anne Potential of the commons for a more ecologically and socially sustainable agricultureB. Metzgervan Elsen
Kloke, Micha TimCause of suckling piglet losses in organic piglet production -Establishment of a practice guideline to minimize losses in the suckling phaseGiesekeKnierim
Kohlmann, Luca SophiaMore than milk, meat and wool?! - Conception of a 3 1/2-hour educational event for the 1st/2nd grade of elementary school on the behavior and needs of sheep and goatsHethkeZipp
Koop, SandraIntegration of climate protection and adaptation measures in selected strategy papers of the BMEL and BMUThielGötz
Köpernik, FranziskaThe  importance of Bavarian eco-model regions for the sustainability transformation of municipal food systems ThielGötz
Künsebeck called Künsemöller, RiekeEvaluation of an extension of vegetable production for the purpose of direct marketing on a mill farmKrutzinnaKatharina Mittelstrass
Kuschel, JuliusFresh, regional, seasonal and sustainable cooking in community catering. Is that possible?KretschmerEberle
Löbel, IrisUdder health in mother-assisted calf rearing - case study on the development of cell counts at herd level and taking weaning into accountKnierimIvemeyer
Loesche, DavidThe external presentation of organic livestock production by food retail companies and organic industry associationsZippJahnke
Mainzer, Floriannot publicGiesekeEbinghaus
Marold, JohannaAnalysis of cultivation factors in the cultivation of winter poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) at the location Mittelsömmern under consideration of economic key figuresHeßMöller
Merz, LucasCompatibility of organic economics with organic agricultureHerzigLudwig
Spleen, JohannesEffects of shade tree pruning on cocoa yields in dynamic agroforestry systems in Alto Beni, BoliviaBürkertIngold
Mohr, Charlottenot publicRahmannZipp
Nagorka, LarissaThe therapeutic effectiveness  of gardening activities on people with care needs - analysis of autobiographical narratives of clientsvan ElsenRetkowski
Poser, RichardThe computer-assisted automation of a manual tractor transmission with part-load shift function for the purpose of handicapped accessibility using the example of a Claas Atos 220HenselNasirahmadi
Prange, Pia ParvatiCompatibility of economy and sustainability  in food testing using the start-up Tofufaktur GbR as a case studyBiewerMöller
Primbs, MichaelaPossibilities of promoting soil awareness through media that encourage active research - an expert surveyPethHethke
Reichardt, PaulineCup and lid scale aphids in the tropical greenhouse Witzenhausen - sighting of the infestation, species identification and proposal for the use of beneficial insectsHethkeSaucke
Rill, LeonardResilience of farms working according to the principles of  permaculture, perception of practitionersWolpertHupe
Ritz, JohannesDevelopment of a sustainable growing system for an alluvial site in Birbhum district in West Bengal, IndiaWiehleJ. Spleen
Rust, JanikBarn construction in the area of conflict between economic efficiency and animal welfare: A model-based case study for sow managementMöllerIvemeyer
Schillinger, SimonResults of cheese defect analyses for a database within the EIP  project 'Hessischer Hofkäse'.HenselKalka
Schlotter, DominikDerivation of nutrient management strategies based on nitrogen fluxes for NutriNet organic farmsMöllerBlumenstein
Schmidt, RebeccaInvestigation of the compatibility of dairy cow husbandry and solidarity farming - does the concept of AlpSoLaWi lead to the preservation of Swiss dairy cow pastures?KrutzinnaJ. Habel
Schmidtberger, RuthWeaning and separation of cow and calf in cow-calf rearing - results from the ProYoungStock research concept implemented in an agricultural articleIvemeyerKnierim
Schröder, EllenDevelopment of media coverage on biotechnology - organic farming in the 'CRISPR-Cas zeitgeist'SiebertSiegmeier
Spittenarend Zimmermann, Linde ElisabethDevelopment of a land management concept for the Johannleweling farm under consideration of climate changeGrassMeixner
Day, OskarLiterature review on quantitative performance loci (QTL) in breeding poultryYoungHinrichs
Tauber, LindaAcceptance of acorn products in the population - An empirical study based on a tasting sessionWolpertBusscher
Thorwirth, SvenStraw mulch for the reduction of aphid infestation in sugar beetsSauckeKirchner
Töngi, VanessaDesign of an improved yoke hook for the open-air laboratory LaureshamSiebaldClaus Kropp
Torkler, ChristophA new danger from the right? Right-wing movements and their relationship to ecology and agricultureNewB. Metzger (University of Saarland)
Toussaint, StéphanieDevelopment of a guideline for the professional production and application of farm cultures in artisanal farmstead cheese dairiesHenselKalka
Winter, JohannesSolawi as a conceptual modelKirchnerSiegmeier
Witte, DorotheaSweet seduction - life is not a bed of roses - conception of an eight-hour seminar day for participants of the voluntary ecological yearHethkeBusscher
Wüstenhagen, FionaNetwork work of the Hessian Ecomodel Regions - To what extent does the design of the Hessian Ecomodel Networks in organizational structure and mode of operation determine the implementation of the concept? -ThielGötz
Zeitner, PhilippSpatial effects of tree strips on grassland yields in a silvopastoral agroforestry system.AstorWengert
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aldick, GescheWhat is the role of Green government participation on the development of organic agriculture in the German states of Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony and Why?ThielKöpke
Aumer, WolfgangThermal modeling of the seasonal thaw layer in alpine permafrost, Kitzsteinhorn, HoheTauern, AustriaPethUteau-Puschmann
Bertram, AnneFreie Hofschule Pente - Interaction between solidarity farming and school childrenvan ElsenPlieninger
Halekotte, HenrikeTrue Potato Seed: Alternatives to hybrid breedingBackesBruns
Hazel Grouse, AmelieStudies on the validation of the animal-based feeding assessment method ObsalimIvemeyerNotz (FIBL)
Himpel, Rika-NesaMorphological and agronomical investigation on the suitability of different winter pea genotypes for mixed cultivation with winter wheat - A variety screeningBackesWeedon
Hochreuther, Nadianot publicSundrumUhlig
Höing, VerenaFamily-friendly agriculture. Success factors for a successful cooperation and coexistence of ecological farming communities, especially for families with children.Newvan Elsen
Jakobi, LenaFeather pecking, cannibalism and sternum damage and their dependence on pullet weightKnierimKeppler
Knaus, HelenaAgricultural sustainability assessment by means of selected accounting and calculation tools using the example of the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen (joint work)HeßKrutzinna
Crown, GesaCritical review of online offers to increase the expertise in laying hen husbandryKnierimGiesecke
Kunze, JanaThe food matrix in processing and nutrition/health - a systematic literature reviewBirringerKretschmer
Luick, JorisFarms and initiatives in search of ownership - A qualitative analysis of framework conditions, motives and valuesPlieningerMiddendorf
Maier, SebastianFrom farm to table - the role of narratives in European agricultural and food policyThielGötz
Matull, KatharinaEmotional State of Dairy Cows: Relationships between the Results of Qualitative Behavioral Assessment  and Performance, Health, Human-Animal Relationship and Other Farm FactorsEbinghausIvemeyer
Müller, VeraNew approaches of Demeter certification for cooperation and farm developmentHerzigKusche
Ossenbrink, RonjaEvaluation of advanced characterization methods of activated carbon for wastewater treatmentWachendorfKätzl
Schirmer, TommyBiogas in organic farming:  Biomass substrates from innovative cultivation methods and their impact on soil humus contentGrassHorn
Schneiders, AnikaDesign of a socio-ecological project for the sustainable upgrading of rural areas in the Lüneburger Heide regionvan ElsenNew
Schneiders, KiraConception of a social-ecological project for the sustainable upgrading of the rural area in the Lüneburger Heidevan ElsenNew
Stieglitz, AnneAgricultural subsistence farming in Germany today - motivations, challenges and potentialsNewvan Elsen
Theato, TillAutomatic Segmentation of Lupinus polyphyllus in high-resolution Aerial Imagery using Deep LearningWachendorfAstor
Theisgen, LeonardSuppression of Pratylenchus penetrans in a long-term organic tillage and fertilizer experimentSchmidt, Jan HenrikHallmann
Thiele, Lara ElenaThe potential of underutilized species to prevent micronutrient deficiencies in Northern GhanaHenselLelea
Zeise, JohannaAgricultural sustainability assessment by means of selected accounting and calculation tools using the example of the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen (joint project)HeßKrutzinna
Goat horn, SarahStress and strain in agricultural educationNewKrikser
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Adjaye, Efenot publicBusscherCocci (Olam Cocoa BV)
Baur, JanaConsumers' reasons to buy organic apples and their attitudes and associations towards external quality and cultivation related skin defectsZanderKrikser
Borngräber, Klara SimoneValue- Action Gap in Sustainable Food Consumption: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Sustainable Food Consumption in German Daily Life Regarding the Transition of Couple Households to Family HouseholdsKüsterRückert-John
Chisthi, Deepali MaryReview of the current challenges and future approaches for Global Allergen Management System (GAMS) for airline catering - Case study of LSG groupLoppQuadt
Derksen, RenateAn Identification of Environmental Impacts of Food SystemsHerzigEberle
Ibrahim, Charity, IyeDocumentation of the Organic Food System Case in New Zealand: Wellington RegionStefanovicStrassner
Kale, Sarah DeepakEvaluation of Edible Coatings for Fresh-Cut Fruits Based on Quality ParametersBirrignerQuadt
Gingerbread, NinaLegal Triggers for Food Loss and Waste - Analysis of the European and German LegislationLoppKüster
Masaki, Gabriellanot open to the publicLoppGrain breast (Capol GmbH)
Neb, Devanshi"Insects for dinner? Willingness to consume edible insects in the western world: a comparative study between Australia and GermanyPichnerPage
Nguen, Vu Kvin An NguenMeat alternative products and their impacts on meat industries and consumer behavior in GermanyPichnerPage
Rasyid, Amanda DaviantiConsumer  Preferences and Attitudes Regarding Online Food Products in Jakarta, IndonesiaKüsterQuadt
Rizki, Bernadetha Priscanot publicSextonPage
Rolli, Vishnu Chandrashekarnot publicRuppenthalQuadt
Sharma, ShrutiDetection and quantification of antibodies in Insect food and checking their cross-reactivity with other foodsLoppPichner
Shirani Faradonbeh, MohaddasehNovel organic food processing regulations through interaction of SDGs and recommended healthy and sustainable dietary approaches for healthy and sustainable food systemsHerzigBeck
Take, YoshinoIntroduction of Kinako (roasted soybean flour) as a flavouring for confectionery products to the Western cultureQuadtKüster
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Asomea, Christinanot publicProf. Rötter 
Baah Nkanah, AnthonyEffect of mobile phone ownership on household income of farmers in North-eastern CambodiaSelina BrunsProf. Mußhoff
Biowa Dehou, HybridImpacts of Input Subsidies on Cotton and Maize Productivity: Case of Benin RepublicProf. Xiaohoa YuLuo Hengrong
Chilipamushi, MiyandaMeasurement and Modelling of the Effects of Mucilage on Soil Wettability and Water Retention Prof. Peth 
Gondim, Andreia CristinaMoney for Nothing or Beans for Free? Conflicts and Motivations inside the Coffee Supply Chain Prof. Herzig
Hegeler, Felixnot publicProf. FeilSara Yazdan Bakhsh
Iftikhar, FaizanTo analyze fertilizer demand in Pakistan. A case for PakistanProf. Xiaohoa Yu 
Iheanacho, SplendourDocumentation of the Organic Food System in Southeast Pennsylvania with a Focus on Chester CountyProf. Herzig 
Jamieson, Shelbynot publicProf. MußhoffSelina Bruns
Jimenez Rey, Fabian Davidnot publicProf. Plieninger 
Kröner, Karolinenot publicProf. Möller 
Kwashie, Emmanuel HoustonAn Assessment of Aflatoxins Occurrence in Maize Based on Farmers' Awareness, Preventive Practices and Willingness to Adopt a New Technology in Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipality of Ashanti Region of GhanaProf. Xiaohoa YuLucie Maruejols
Lürig, SörenInfluence of organic seed treatments on spore numbers and germination rate of Tilletia caries (DC.) on winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Prof. Finckh
Opoku, Charles HansThe Role of Certificates and Labels for Cocoa in the face of Climate ChangeChristina BunnLukas Flintzberger
Orisekeh, IfunanyaPoverty Eradication: Significant Factors Associated with the Income of Smallholder Farmers and Improved Livelihood in Rataakiri, CambodiaSelina BrunsProf.Mußhoff
Tornier, Anna Marianot public Prof. New
Widyasari, Anastasia AsriGermany-Indonesia Agricultural Trade: Recent Development and Possible Future DirectionsProf. von Cramon-Taubadel 
Zeitler, LillyFuture Climate Opportunities to Address Nutrition Deficiencies with Trees Prof. Plieninger
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aguilar, Leticia MichellePerception of meat production consumption and environmental impact between chefs and cooks from gastronomy in Monterrey, MexicoProf. KüsterProf. Ruppenthal
Agbolosoo-Mensah, Ohemaa AchiaaDocumentation of an Organic Food System in Italy-Bio-District Cilento, a Case studyProf. StrassnerDr. Stefanovic
Alcocer Rivero, SamanthaDevelopment of a Quality & Food Safety framework to master plastic upstream sourcing for DanoneProf. Sami GhnimiProf. Janssen
Li, YanThe feasibility of bypass UHT in soy sauce productionRafal Piotr MarcinkowskiProf. Sami Ghnimi
Persch, Antonia KarolineAssessment of alternative primary packaging options for the poultry sausage industry in Germany in regard to their quality with the aim to increase recyclability - an exemplary analysisProf. Sami GhnimiProf. Lopp
Sibille, SilviaAnalysing the role of the organic food retail store in sensitsing consumers for more sustainable consumption. Study case: Lebewehr organic marketProf. KüsterDr. Louisa Page