Winter semester 2021/22

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on Feb. 22, 2022. 102 students graduated in the winter semester of 2021/22. The award winners were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Georg Saathoff
  • Very good MSc (University Association): Janos Wack
  • Very good MSc IFBC: Berlianti Puteri

They have successfully completed their studies:

 Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
Becker, Olivernot publicWachendorfGraß
Bergmann, LeaComparison of clover-grass transfer fertilization methods with respect to yield parameters and economic efficiency in spring wheatBrunsBlumenstein
Bluschke, Tilmannnot publicKrutzinnaMittelstrass, Katharina
Bode, Dustin NiklasCase study on specialized organic fattening of brother calves: animal welfare, barn construction and business managementIvemeyerMöller
Ciampa, Angelonot publicHofmannGrass
Danner, Matthias"Realization potential of cow-linked calf rearing in dairy farming at the
Kleinsägmühlerhof of Lebenshilfe Bad Dürkheim e.V."
Deuchert, SimonOptical sorting of organic carrots - An analysis of cost-effective alternatives for organic small farmsHensel Nasirahmadi
Dillenburg, Juliusnot publicFritzPeth
Engelhard, AmelieAlternative herd protection of small ruminants with new world camelids in GermanyPoorSimantke
Falcon cock, RuthSite description of  two catenas in the Witzenhausen areaBürkertUteau-Puschmann
Gray, CelineDoes tail biting pose a problem in organic pig production? A literature review on prevalences in organic compared to conventional husbandryKnierimGieseke
Grave, Henri JuliusSustainable and efficient agriculture through management with knife rollersGraveSiebald
Halbauer, JakobA design for the transformation of the Marienhöhe into a site-adapted, climate-silient and CO²-storing fruit and mixed forestWiehleGraß
Hauschild, Lea ElinComparative studies of weight development and health of calves in single and pair housing on a practical farmFranz-WippermannKrieger
Hohlbein, VeronikaDispersal of planted species in the vicinity of settlement areas, public green corridors and forest areasHofmannGraß

Holzhauer, Carlotta
Chances and risks of moulting in mobile housing of laying hens - hints and tips for the implementation in mobile housingGiesekeKnierim
Janke, ViktoriaDocumentation and analysis of the organic food system in Northern HesseKretschmerHorn
John, AlexanderWhat contribution can vertical greening make to noise reduction in urban areas? - A systematic reviewStenchlyKaetzl
Kaulbersch, SwantjeDetection of cattle behavior using sensorsZippKulig
Owl, Laura-MarieActivated carbon production from paludiculture biomass considering rewetted peatlands in GermanyWachendorfKätzl
Kixmöller, Leopoldnot publicNew

Triebel (University of Göttingen)

Klotz, AlinaInvestigation of the transferability of a collective agricultural biodiversity protection, modelled on the Dutch model, to Germany - on the basis of selected organizations in North Rhine-WestphaliaThielKöpke
Koch, NeleEconomic and production-technical analysis of pasture fattening of male calves from organic dairy farmingMöllerHauke Tergast
Lehmann, Teresanot publicBrunsIngold
Leibrecht, MaximilianAdvanced food safety based on the HACCP concept for cheese dairies and its optimal support by international standards using the example of IFS Food certification at Hofkäserei KrausBusscherZander
Leschinsky, Pia-ViolaBreed selection in organic pig farming - a survey on the status quo and wishes for the futureOlschewskyHinrichs
Liesegang, FelixPotential of reduced tillage in organic farming for the development of climate resilient cropping systems in Germany


Luckhard, MarieInvestigation of measures to reduce the amount of impurities in biowaste in the city of Bad Sooden-AllendorfHerzigHupe
Müller-Peters, Helena PhilomenaSecuring the local supply with goods of the daily need in the rural areaBusscherBolten
Nordmann, Marienot publicHerzigKusche
Olbrich, CarlaEffects of different transfer mulch materials on the transmission of PVY and PLRV in potato cultivation.SauckeWinkler
Pachinger, Leonhard"Testing of a bioassay system Pythium ultimum basilBrunsUteau-Puschmann
Pauli Caldas, Charlotta BeatrizAgronomic potential and baking quality characteristics of two heterogeneous wheat populations and one line variety from the 2019/20 experimental seasonWeedonBackes
Ruhr, SveaPlanning a hedge planting in Bad Essen in the regional historical context of the Osnabrück regionvan ElsenGrass
Saathoff, GeorgSeparation test of wheat-pea mixed crops for utilization for food purposesFinckhSiegmeier
Schaffner, LeonieFactors influencing the quality of alpaca fiber and the resulting potential of the fiber on the German marketPoorHülsebusch
Schelle, KristerComparison and evaluation of growth performance of genetically hornless and horn-bearing animals of the Limousin and Charolais breedsHinrichsGrünhaupt (LLH)
Schilling, MaximilianConceptual design for the establishment of an arche-farm in Dresden with special consideration of marketingOlschewskyMenger
Schmidt, AmelieNutrient management in market gardening with compost: Conflict of objectives between crop production, legislation and economic efficiencyHupeMöller
Schumacher, CasparSustainably designed local supply - Is there a desire for change in selected North Hessian villages?BusscherBolten
Seifert, FabianGuidelines for the commercial cultivation of organic Actinidia sp. in Germany / Potentials of organic cultivation in GermanyBackesWolpert
Sekinger, StefanieDrivers and hurdles of a more sustainable food consumption in Northern HesseKretschmerWiehle
Tribe, HannahOptimizing the contribution of zoological gardens and animal parks to ex-situ in-vivo conservation of endangered native livestock breedsYoungHinrichs
Umbach, Jan Hendriknot publicBusscherRonja Hüppe
Wetterau, RosalieReview of an indicator system for the assessment of sternum injuries, toe injuries and foot pad lesions in laying hens at the slaughterhouse regarding validity, reliability and practicabilityGiesekeYoung
Winterhoff, Ino

Use of clover grass as on-farm (transfer) fertilizer in livestock-less organic farms. An economic analysis considering location and crop rotation

NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aljbawi, BasharAnalysis of the situation in the agricultural sector before and during the crisis in Syria with subsequent focus on the reconstruction of the agricultural economyNewHöing
Buschbom-Helmke, KaiWhich development potentials of (agricultural) economic development and social innovations can be exploited by the use of the HEMTT vehicle family in rural areas of Zambia?NewKruckemeyer (FB5)
Friedrich, BarbaraConception of a minimum management of grasslandHofmannWachendorf
Gröticke, Lena-JohannaSimulation studies on base populations of indigenous poultry breedsHinrichsOlschewsky
Klein, Susannenot publicStenchlyvon Redecker
Solver, Lena
Aggregate morphology as a structural parameter for mechanical stability in soil
Raschel, Annanot publicJahnkeMöller
Reger, JohannaSocio-economic and ecological changes in farming systems of Targa N'Touchka (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)BadIrene Hol Sorensen
Schubert, Lara AntoniaSensitivity of beneficial insects of the Carabidae family to the insecticide  -CyhalothrinSauckeWinkler
Siebert, Hannesnot publicKrikserZander
Steffens, TheoInfluence of light conditions and nutrient composition on the growth of spring wheat in a 'speed-breeding' systemBackesBacanovic-Sisic
Sueyem Souma, EdgardGenetic and phenotypic distance and diversity within and between tomato cultivarsBackesHinrichs
Trilling, MariaWhat is the validity of organ outcome data collected by official technical assistants at the slaughterhouse and what quality must these data have in order to be useful to farmers?SundrumKrieger
Umbach, FraukeDevelopment of an apparatus to determine the water capacity of substrates for the close-up area of laying hen housesHeßDeerberg
Varelmann, KatharinaSexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexualized  Violence in the Agricultural Sector in Germany - An Empirical-Explorative Study on Occurrence, Knowledge and Structural RelationshipsNewSigl
Wack, MichaelAssessing the practicality of regenerative arable farming strategiesFinckhMöller
Wittkamp, SarahHemp variety trial to assess pollen attractiveness of commercial hemp  (Cannabis sativa) for honey bees (Apis mellifera)GrassWestphal (University of Göttingen)
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aryal, SamrachanaTo investigate the influence of virtual reality on consumers' sensory perception of apple juice and nectarHampshirePage
Binuyo, Adewale OlusegunReview: Polyphenolic compounds in German AppleHampshireQuadt
Esparza Vera, GracielaConsumer perception of retail and manufacturer brands in the food and beverage industryQuadtKüster
Grätz, Isabellenot publicRuppenthalQuendt
Hines, Reneenot publicSextonAllgaier
Holch, ClaireThe Importance and Challenges of Involving Non-academic Staff into the Internationalisation Process in Higher Education Institutions - the Example of Fulda University of Applied SciencesRuppenthalRothmann
Imran, Alinot open to the publicLoppAlbaldawi (Metro AG)
Kahn, Sadatul AnamPlant-originated milk products and the influencing factors of plant-based milk consumptionQuadtKüster
Michael, PromiseImpact of thermomechanical process on structure and functional properties of mikl proteins: A systematic reviewBirringerMd Kamal Hussain
Obanla, Joseph OwolabiIdentifying parameters to define the sustainability of a food product. Study case:InfarmLoppPichner
Osho, Joseph Oluwasegunnot publicLoppPichner
Prabhu, Varshanot publicBirringerLopp
Puspita, Diaz MarsyaFood Waste Behavior and COVID-19 Pandemic: An exploratory study in Java Island, IndonesiaQuadtKüster
Puteri, Berliantinot publicZanderButtlar (University of Trier)
Rehman, NayyerDevelopment of supplier and product qualification tool with the aim of consumer health and safetyLoppAlexandra Schmidt
Sachdeva, Avneetnot publicLoppKronmüller
Shah, Syed Muhammad MehdiFood Wax Wraps (Packaging) as Source of Sustainable Packaging in Terms of Antimicrobial and Sensory PropertiesPichnerPage
Steinke, Johannesnot publicLoppePichner
Torres Ceballos, Romario Andresnot publicSextonAllgaier
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Carcamo, MarcelaSocio-economic factors and their influence on the decision to register for digital credits. The case of cocoa farmers in GhanaProf. MußhoffProf. Cramon-Taubadel
Castaldello, LorenzoCorn spot price forecasting: methods and assessmentProf. BrümmerDipl.-agr.Prehn
Guedes de Aquino, LaraFarmers' viewpoints towards the adoption of organic and conventional agriculture: implications for advancing sustainable practices in the Metropolitan Area of Brasilia, BrazilProf. PlieningerDr. Garcia-Martin
Klabunn, LenaFruits and vegetables in the Food Environment of households in Turkana, Kenya: An analysis with the Produce Color Diversity toolDr. Keding 
Kunze, TobiasScouting the impacts of magnesium deficiency on photosynthetic mechanisms in Spinacia oleraceaSetareh Jamali JaghdaniProf. Tränkner
Morales, Oscar AlexisQuality and food safety standards: International trade restrictions or improvement for the exporting countries? Analysis of some main avocado exporters to the European UnionProf. Cramon-Taubdel 
Olaleye, Ibrahim SegunRelationship between estimates of flourescende lifetime and seed viability and vigour of wheat (Triticum aestivum): Influence of seed moisture contentProf. Backes 
Schnitker, TheresaBlockchain technology in agri-food supply chain management - a case study of a Chilean fresh food export companyDr. Schaper