Summer semester 2019

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on July 12, 2019. 63 students graduated in the summer 2019 semester. The awardees:were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Daniel Gärrtling
  • Very good MSc (Higher Education Association): Sophie von Redecker

They have successfully completed their studies:

Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
Behr, Simone, ChristinaCase studies on the economic efficiency of organic broiler fatteningMöllerKnierim
Bissinger, Ann-marieReduction potential of nitrogenous manure emissions by additives in relation to the application on grasslandGrassHeß
Bachmann, DamuelSeed use in organic vegetable production - challenges and opportunitiesBackesKrikser
Bruns, RafaelProduction of greenland-based activated carbon using the IFBB process and its characterization with respect to suitability for wastewater treatmentWachendorfHensgen
Burmester, LindaFood waste in GermanyThielMühlrath
Dieng, ElenaThe agricultural history of Upper Swabia from the 17th to the 20th century and a closer look at the Swabian childrenNewMöller
Fröhlich, LukasUse of mulch in autumn forage cultivation - advantages and disadvantagesSchulzSaucke
Furzynsky, SaskiaThe effects of different watering levels on calf behavior - a literature reviewIvemeyerEbinghaus
Gärrtling, DanielAssessment of the N-and P-fertilization effect of Black Soldier Fly (Diptera: Statiomyidae) by-products on maizeSchulzKirchner
Heger, Teresa, SonjaInfluence of eurythmy on plant growthFritzvan Elsen
Hein, ChristianOrganic potato breeding and TPSBackesBruns
Heyer, GeorgPreliminary trial for sensory data collection Clover-grain vessel trialAstorFricke
Kleffner-Lange, MeikeDevelopment of a guidance system for individual advice to farmers for the purchase of requirement-oriented hoeing equipmentSiebaldMöller
Kothenschulte, HannaIndividual reactions to environmental enrichment in a small chicken group with different chicken breedsKnierimGieseke
Langsdorf, JuleFertilizer planning in vegetable production according to the fertilizer ordinance on the basis of an example farmHupeYoung
Macher, IsabellaWolf problem in GermanyRahmannZipp
Mangold, IsabelEffects of variety selection and utilization regime of red clover on crop and quality determining parameters with regard to a demand-oriented crude protein supply of pigs in organic farmingHeßBöhm
Matouschek, MilanDesign of a project module on the topic of agroforestry systems in a comparative analysis of practical and theoretical teaching in two secondary school classesWolpertvan Elsen
Meiners, AnnaPresentation of an economic continuation of the Marienhof-Esperde as a leasehold farmKrutzinnaHeß
Meiners, JoachimAndreas     Representation of an economic continuation of the Marienhof-Esperde as a leasehold enterpriseKrutzinnaHeß
Menzel, GregorThe use of biomilk compost in the horticultural enterpriseBrunsGrass
Meyer, LauraAgroforestry in climate change - Can agroforestry systems provide a climate-friendly and adaptive alternative in Central European agriculture?GraßHofmann
Moog, JosephineNew construction of a species-appropriate  dairy goat barn - Theoretical planning for 300 dams and offspringZippRahmann
Ramme, WiebkeWater-legal requirements and potentials of depletion cultivation in relation to the nitrogen problem in runs of organically kept laying hensHeß, DeerbergDeerberg
Rostermund, MarcoDevelopment of an agroforestry concept with self-harvesting of vegetables for an agricultural part-time farm in Schleswig-HolsteinGraßHeß
Schmidt, SimonCriteria of an animal-friendly barn design for organic sow farming - A case studyIvemeyerMöller
Schunk, ChristopherPerceptions of the concept of sustainability, motives and implementation strategies for sustainable business practices of companies in the 'Farm-to-Table' movementPlieningerHahne
Simon, JanAddition of plant carbon to the nutrient substrate in the production of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) and its influence on various performance parametersSauckeBruns
Wagner, AnnalenaSurvey on development perspectives and funding possibilities of social agriculture in Hessevan ElsenHerzig
Wicklow, PatrickDo dairy cows used as nurses differ from non-nurses in their behavior toward a strange calf or an unfamiliar objectIvemeyerEbinghaus
Wieckenberg, PhilippSuppressive effects of different mulch materials on the population of Colorado potato beetleBrunsYoung
Wögens, TayAnimal welfare and profitability in organic dairy farming: a criteria-based case study comparison of cubicle and composting barnsIvemeyerMöller
van Woudenberg, GeorgCompost application in potato production - investigation of a prototype for the combined planting and application methodBrunsBeneke
Ziegler, ElisabethConcept of an audio tour on the Sustainable Development Goals in the tropical greenhouse WitzenhausenHethkeWiehle
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Delics, BabetteInfluence of tillage and transfer mulch on microstructure and earthworm population composition in potatoesFinckh/YoungJörgensen
Erdmann, StefanieClover grass press juice as liquid fertilizer in microirrigation techniques - An alternative for organic vegetable productionHenselDührkoop
Gerigk, JacquelineMicrobial soil properties of agricultural soils in EuropeJörgensenPotthoff
Hermann, JaninaContribution of late flowering energy crop mixtures to the nutritional status of honey beesHeß/SchulzIllies
Hoffarth, FelixDevelopment of the soil contents of the nutrients phosphorus and potassium as well as of the pH-value after long-term organic agricultureHeßGraß
Merkel, AndreasInfluence of heat emissions from underground cables on plant growth of wheatPethUteau-Puschmann
Neubauer, ChristophPerspectives on fruit trees in the municipality of Witzenhausen - actors and their scenariosPlieningerSchleyer
von Redecker, SophieAgrarian Posthumanities - Approaches of a trans- and interdisciplinary research fieldHerzigKlapeer
Schierning, PhilipPredicting the Mixing Effect and Baking Quality by Determining Rheological Dough Properties in the Mini-Extensograph in Varieties and Mixtures of Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)BackesBegemann
Seibert, Timo, OlivierChanges in the landscape configuration of the West African city of Ougadougou along a rural-urban gradient and their impact on the prevailing agricultural systemsBürkertBackes
Temple, JanaComparison of different conservation concepts for orchard meadows in central GermanyPlieningerBiewer
Wicklow, DagmarSelf-Perception of Farm and Formal Participation of Married-In Persons in Family Farms in WürttembergNewMöller
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aziz, SadamSwitching from paper to online data collection  for sensory tastings with simultaneous optimization of data analysis of panel trainingQuadtRuppenthal
Hernández Rivero, José, LuisIntroduction of an Ancestral food from Mexico into Germany: Red Maguey Worm (Chinicuil)PichnerJanssen
Kenny, KennyConsumers' Understanding and Behaviour about Clean LabellingKüsterJanssen
Mausbach, MichelleCo-develop a process to improve quality and address risks of a preserved pineaplle product together with pineapple stakeholders in UgandaHenselLelea
Osman, BhaskaraInsect chips as a Potential Snacks for the FutureQuadtFreytag-Leyer
Phillips, Tracy, KamerlaingThe role of inclusive governance and ist illustration in establishing sustainable food systemsKahlMühlrath
Rosenberg, JennyDrivers and barriers of consumers regarding online purchases of FMCG commodities in GermanyKüsterSchlottmann
Scholz, CarolinDevelopment and Introduction of a Process Management Framework in the LSG Group Subsidiary 'Retail in MotionJanssenHimperich
Sonny, Stephan, CelebesarioStevia Extract as Sugar Replacement in Food Products with Modified Starch and Low pH ValuePichnerBirringer
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Junker, Ina-CharlotteEffects of drought stress, leaf herbivory and pollination on seed development of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.)BürkertStenchly
Mehta, Raja RamFood Security Of Dairy and Non-Dairy Farming Households in Northwest CameroonBadvon Cramon-Taubadel
Singh, UttamFactors Affecting the Adoption of Bt Cotton in IndiaQaimSibhatu
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Noriega Goyas, Richard SamuleSustainable optimization of the sale forecast to reduce losses: example in the milk ingredients industry
Rancon, ThomasUpdating the quality management system: setting up an HACCP plan along with the norm ISO 22000
Touzet, AlixiaEstablishment of a Clean Label approach on TGV and INTERCITIES products