Winter semester 2016/17

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on Feb. 10, 2017. 93 students graduated in the winter semester 2016/17. The awardees were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Paula Reich
  • Very good MSc Organic Agriculture: Judith Mütter, Christina Hieronymous

They have successfully completed their studies:

NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Bayer, ElisaHammBrügemann
Berberich, MichaelBehrendt, St.Fricke
Berger, LaurinFairness aspects in agriculture with a focus on the principle of fairness in organic farming- a qualitative analysis of the debate on price fairness and justice dimensions based on media articlesSiegmeierJohn Stoehr
Boensmann, Dorothea J.M.Consideration of the  pasture management systems rotational grazing, portion grazing and short-rotation grazing with regard to aspects of animal welfareKnierimIvemeyer
Czechowski, MelinaR. WedemeyerMöller
Fehlauer, TillEvaluation of Animal Housing and Body/Health Conditions of Cattle in Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoRegina RoesslerBad
Gebhart, AronBiogas yields from maize-bean silage as an alternative digestate to mono maize fermentationGraßHensgen, Frank
Gutmann, WolfEffects of water buffalo husbandry on wild fauna in GermanySimantkevan Elsen
Hagemann, JacobChances and risks of temporary direct seeding into a rolled catch crop in organic farming - preparation of a decision support for a successful implementationHeßHaase T.
Heinke, SteffenBauernland in Bürgerhand: Landhunger in East-Germany: Problems in maintaining farms as well as in setting up new businesses in organic farming and possible solutions using the example of cooperative modelsThielMöller
Heller, BrigitteCattle (Bos taurus) in semi-natural grazing projects in Germany - dededomestication and managementIvemeyerRommelsfanger
Hobein, NilsDevelopment and optimization of a mixed cropping system of energy maize and pole beans. An alternative to conventional (organic) maize cultivationGrassHeß
Crown, GesaSimantkeJudge 
Kühn, DavidStrengths and weaknesses of agricultural direct marketing to the gastronomy in the region of WitzenhausenKrikserZander
Kurrat, CorinnaOrganic control on farms - experiences, handling and assessments of young farmersHeßSpiller
Lenerz, MaximilianConcept for the protection of endangered field wild herbs in Luxembourgvan ElsenS.  Schneider
Lojewski, Sarah MarleneDoes the application of plasma technology in agriculture comply with the guidelines of organic farming?FinckhWienecke (HAWK)
Madre, MarlenePotentials of school classes for landscape conservation - Experiences of Waldorf schools in Middle Franconiavan ElsenHethke
Merkel, MiriamNitrous oxide emissions from arable and grassland soilsLudwigJörgensen
Müller, Benjamin-VincentImpact of increasing farm-to-field distance on logistics in organic dairy farming considering farm management aspectsMöllerBean, Björn
Reich, PaulaKingBrügemann
Rolfsmeyer, Daniel100 % organic feeding: on the economic viability of growing green forage legumes as protein feedsMöllerBean, Björn
Sachteleben, PeerAssessment of the chances and risks of mobile outdoor housing for pigs at the Schlebaumhof site in Osnabrück, GermanyMöllerIvemeyer
Schirmer, TommyGrain yield and demand in the eastern Meißner foreland during the years 1770 - 1772TroßbachEbert
Schöffler, TanyelSensory difference testing of organic chicken eggs from mobile and fixed housesBehrendt, St.Kusche
Schulze, MatthiasThe effects of irrigation with compost tea on maize growthJörgensenBruns
Seifert, LauraMother-bound calf rearing on the Rengoldshausen farm - Investigation of milk intake and daily gain of calves as well as milk delivery and separation stress signs in cowsIvemeyerKnierim
Sigler, JohannesPloegerKrikser
Simon-Kutscher, MatthiasYield and quality of different seeding mixtures in organic field forage productionKrutzinnaLeisen
Stark, ConstantineJudgeSchulz, Hannes
Steffens, MartinAnalysis of genetic structures in relation to performance and fertility in different goat breedsBrügemannKing
Tantau, Sonja JulianeCrossbreeding of Norwegian Red cattle into the Holstein-Friesian herd at Biohof Elite as a strategy for breeding for hornlessness compared to the use of hornless Holstein-Friesian bullsBrügemannKing
von Bonin, IngeKrutzinnaBiewer
von Pluto-Prondzinski, SandraIvemeyerMöller
by Wenzlawowicz, Peter Franz HenrikMöllerKrutzinna
Wicklow, DagmarFarm economics and systems theory analysis of mother-bound calf rearing in organic dairy farmingMöllerIvemeyer
Zaghdoudi, AmiraDoehringIvemeyer
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Albrecht, BernadetteMarketing of organic veal from dairy farmsHammKnierim
Al Sidawi, Raminot publicPloegerWithanachchi
Essamba, Suzie Marthenot publicHofmannWachendorf
Hieronymus, ChristinaInvestigation on the host plant spectrum of the harmful effect and population development of Hemicycliophora conida Thorne 1955HallmannFinckh
Bergau, AnsgarConception of a software application (app) for ecological plant protectionRichterHensel
Bergmann, RibanaOptimization of agro-ecosystem services of crop rotations with lupins: Crop rotation evaluation with the cropping system planner ROTOR using the example of selected organic farms in north-eastern GermanyHeßBachinger/Reckling
Emden, AnneActivity and Knowledge Analysis of Small-Scale Milk Traders' Actions in the Dairy Supply Chain in Nakuru County, KenyaKaufmann, BrigitteSeuring
Gölitzer, BeritThe Organizational and Networking Structures of German Organic Farming Associations in the Context of Agricultural Policy Using the Example of the Agricultural Policy Working Group for Organic Farming (APÖL) in Saxony-AnhaltThielHeß
Gutbub, JoringelPotentials and weaknesses of organic agriculture in PortugalHerzigHeß
Haak, AnnetteVariability of non-green leaf area, disease incidence, yield and quality in winter wheat composite cross populations with different cropping historyFinckhBackes
Klockmann, HannesInfluence of mulch application on nitrogen supply and yield of potato under conventional and reduced tillageFinckhBruns
Mothers, JudithGenetic diversity analysis of two winter wheat composite cross populations of different cultivation based on microsatellite markersBackesWeedon
Seebach, SandraDevelopment of Food Culture in a multicultural society in GeorgiaPloegerWithanachchi
Wefers, MaxInvestigations on the feeding behavior of the endangered breed 'Deutsches Schwarzbuntes Niederungsrind' under consideration of grass emergenceKingJudge
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Alegria Salmeron, Claudia Veronicanot publicQuadtHessemueller
Amprako, Jessica Lucindanot publicStormHensel
Armas Validiviezo, Andrea del CarmenFish cold chain in Kenya: current situation in small-scale fish farmers standards and food regulations in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and African catfish (Clarias massambias) for local marketsJanssenPichner
Delgado, CeciliaOrganic food farming and consumption in Argentina: Suggestions for development on the basis of the EU experiencesFreytag-LeyerLjubov Stefanovic
Diekmann, Lisa HammFreytag-Leyer
Iakushkina, IrinaDecent Work in the Food SectorHerzigMühlrath
Lan, XiMotivations and challenges of introducing organic food in gastronomyHerzigFreytag-Leyer
Marzban, NasimAn investigation on dietary phenolic compounds of apple fruit and the impact of drying time and temperature on total phenolic content of dried apple slicesSturmHensel
Masoura, Zoi JanssenBirringer
Musleh, DanaAssessment of Nutritional Practices and Micronutrient Supplements Status among Mothers in Amman, JordanFreytag-LeyerBirringer
Novianti, Merrisanot publicFreytag-LeyerLjubov Stefanovic
O'Niel, Vera Nathalienot publicHerzigJanssen, Maike
Salim, RickyIndonesian Students' knowledge and attitudes towards organic food productsFreytag-LeyerPloeger
Schmidl, Theresanot publicFreytag-LeyerQuadt
Shah, Jigish HerzigMühlrath
Shobayo, Olufemi Jim PetersFarmed Fish Cold Chain in Kenya: Market Situation and Value Chain  Analysis  of Tilapia and CatfishRuppenthalHuth
Veloso, Nicolas AuerR. Lohmann
Weber, MandyEnvironmental management with the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) - An evaluation of food companies environmental stratements in Italy and SpainHerzigKühn
Wittkopf, Yvonnenot publicHerzigQuadt
Yip, Sallynot publicHerzigBold
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Amelia, RizkyIndonesia's International Competitiveness of Cacao and Cacao Product - Analysis by Revealed Comparative Advantage, Relative Import Advantage and Export Product DynamicsBruemmerJaghdani
Kafle, SunilDeterminants and Spending of Remittances in Left Behind Families in NepalKnerr
Lienert, AnjaEU Exports of Frozen Broiler Cuts to West Africa <br/> Claims, Contradictions and UncertaintiesBruemmervon Cramon-Taubadel
Manzoor, AamirEffect of potassium fertilization on mineral composition and water soluble antioxidants in tomatoesSmitPawelzik
Ngwa Si Shel, Ngwa Si ShelImpact of plant density differences on the degree of cross-fertilization in faba bean (<i>Vicia faba</i> L.)LinkBrünjes 
Pardo Gutierrez, Sonia CamilaOrganic Certification System in Colombia: Smallholder farmers and organic organizators`staff perspectiveSpillerBernhardt
Perez Arredondo, Ana Maria Beef cattle market in Mexico, a price transmission analysisvon Cramon-Taubadel
Posada-Vergara, CatalinaPotential interactions among an endophytic entomopathogenic fungus, oilseed rape or tomato plants and their respective soil-borne pathogensVidalKarlovsky
Sadeghi, AzinThe Role of Livestock Keeping in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas of Malian Capital, Bamako, for improved Household Food SecurityBadKrishna
Tudela Staub, Daniel Felipe A Gravity Model of Virtual Water Trade in the Americas and EuropeBruemmerJaghdani