Winter semester 2019/20

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on 07.02.2020. 108 students graduated in the winter semester 2019/20. The awardees:were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Matthias Mock
  • Very good MSc (University Association): Hanna Martin
Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
Arend, Luc Joseph AlbertTo what extent did the agricultural policy of the Third Reich affect the living conditions in agriculture in occupied Luxembourg?NewMöller
Behrens, Jan-Eriknot publicFinckh/YoungBruns
Bump, JaninaBreeding of Icelandic horses through the ages - The influence of stock size as a breeding factor then and now, taking into account changing horse buying behaviorKrischkePinent
Bohnert, MarenLabile carbon in arable soilsLudwigJörgensen
Cordes, LennartKenn'ste Cordes?! -Conversion and operational planning of a Geest farm (joint work)KrutzinnaHinrichs
Eisgruber, FranzFarm development plan of the Eisgruber organic farm in HuttenstättKrutzinnaLindau
Feldhoff, JoshuanCommercial hemp in Hesse - An investigation based on the case study of the WerraHanf i.G. cooperativeKahlIssa
Goetz, Jacobnot publicKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Gommel, RobinReliability and working accuracy of the Farmbot status quo and optimization proposals for the seeding moduleBrunsBruckhaus
Gotterbarm, Mercedes-ValeskaPotentials of ecological flax cultivation in Germany for a sustainable textile industryGrassHethke
Hack, Maximiliannot publicSchulzKrutzinna
Hauser, LiskeMulch and reduced tillage in drought periods - influences on microclimate, abiotic stress and pests in potatoesFinckh/YoungGraß
Häusling, Jan SilasOptimized barn construction for farms with farmstead dairies: case study on options for action and economic efficiencyMöllerIvemeyer
Heck, Lea Julianenot publicGönster-JordanEllen Hoffmann
Hemme, LuisaCalculation of feed intake and energy balances in dairy cows with pro rata concentrate feedingSundrumKrieger
Heser, Carstennot publicBackesBald
Horn, Sven-IverCase study for the planning of a circular, animal-friendly dairy barn for horn-bearing cattle  under consideration of work economyEbinghausIvemeyer
Hosp, InesInfluence of field bean beetle (Bruchus rufimanus Boheman) damage and shell thickness on theconductivity of exudates of different  field bean cultivars (Vicia faba L.)Saucke
John, TobiasAnalysis of factors influencing the quality of cereal varieties in a cross-section of Germany in the states of Brandenburg, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg, in the period from 2016 to 2018Hornvan Elsen
Kappich, Daniel Michaelnot publicBackesSchulz
Kenn, Annanot publicKrutzinnaHinrichs
Kern, QuirinConception of a further education program  for the  agroforestry practice and agroforestry consulting in GermanyWolpertGraß
Klocke, MarleneAgroforestry systems as a solution approach for sustainable land use - Consideration of barriers to implementation in GermanyWolpertGraß
Knopf, AminaInfluence of pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus (PNYDV) on modulation of field bean (Vicia faba)Saucke/SeegerChr. Wachendorf
Billet, LinaComparison of sternum damage in laying hens and cockerelsKnierimSchrader (FIBL)
Koch, TamaraBiodiversity loss in Thailand and a wild plant management as an educational approachWiehleGönster-Jordan
Kollias, StefanPlanning of a didactic field labyrinth for teaching agricultural contentsHenselSiebald
Körber, LydiaOptimized barn construction for farms with farmstead cheese dairies: case study on options for action and economic efficiencyMöllerIvemeyer
Kruse, FabianNutrient cycles in agriculture  - content design of a learning unit for the presentation of carbon and nitrogen cycles in agricultureBrunsHeß
Short, AnneInvestigation of morphological characteristics of winter wheat and winter pea and their plasticity within a mixed cropping systemFinckhWeedon
Langs, Lisanot publicKahlMühlrath
Leibold, LeonoreParticipation Support in Social Agriculture - Opportunities and Challenges of the Implementation of the PROFARM Case Management Concept in the Framework of the Federal Participation Actvan ElsenPlieninger
Lemcke, Marie-Christinenot publicKnierimEbinghaus
Lenz, FinnAcoustic condition determination of coffee beans during the roasting processSiebaldKirchner
Lübke, PaulPerennial lupine in grassland of the Rhön biosphere reserve - estimation of nitrogen and fiber content by near-infrared spectroscopy in mountain meadows invaded by lupinesAstorWachendorf M.
Maghörndl, AnnaEastern Filbert Blight - Breeding resistant hazelnuts as a management measureFinckhWolpert
Meyer, AdrianBiodynamic food quality and the impact on human healthKuscheFritz
Mock, MatthiasAutomatic recording of suckling behavior of calves using accelerometersZippKnierim
Paul, Manuelnot publicJörgensenPotthoff
Risch, LeslieCharacterization of value chains in cooperative models in organic farming in GermanyMöllerFlower
Ritz, TobiasEffects of drinking quantity in female calf rearing on weight development and solid feed intake in the first 16 weeks of life - A practical trial with 13-week whole-milk drinkersIvemeyerKnierim
Sarau, JohannesImplementation and evaluation of a fish population survey and macrozoobenthos study to assess the ecological status of the Gelster river in the Werra-Meissner districtHenselKirchner
Schmidt, FabianStructure-borne sound based moisture measurement of four cereal varietiesHenselSiebald
Schwager, HannaHeteronormativity in organic farming - an exemplary  critical discourse analysisv. RedeckerNew
Sting, Julianot publicHenselKalka
Vincenz, ClaudiaDoes rewetting a degraded fen lead to permanently high methane emissons?IngoldAugustin
Wenke, ChristianComparison of different electrical generators for application in mini-off-grid systemsHenselDede
Wildemann, TheresaCompatibility of mother-bound calf rearing and automatic milking systems - influence of a lock-out period before cow-calf contact on suckling duration, suckling frequency and extraneous suckling of calvesIvemeyerHerrmann (LLH)
Witzel, NoraBusiness plan for a mobile cheese dairy in the Rhön regionKrutzinnaSiegmeier
Wolf, JuliusTannins in Finger Millet: Effects of Different  Fertilizer Treatments in a Field  Experiment in Bengaluru, IndiaIngoldEllen Hoffmann
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Casper, SaskiaTransfer fertilization with clover grass - effects of different fertilizers and fertilizer levels on grain yield of winter wheatBrunsHeß
Dix, Bryannot publicBürkertBad
Domas, LeonieWhat is the potential of Holistic Plannes Grazing in Southwest France?SchlechtHülsebusch
Dorkewitz, KatrinComparison of two assessment concepts for the evaluation of animal welfare aspects in dairy cattle husbandrySundrumEbinghaus
Gandenberger, SinayAn analysis of the networks of the members of the Bioeconomy Council as an advisory body to the German governmentHerzigvon Mering (BÖLW)
Göbel, FranziskaComprehensibility and perception of consumer information on products of endangered livestock breeds - A qualitative content analysis of consumer interviewsHammHinrichs
Haselhuhn, AmelieStudies on the validation of the animal-related feeding assessment method ObsalimIvemeyerNotz (FIBL)
Herzberg, IdaEstimation of barley biomass in agroforestry systems from multispectral drone dataAstorWachendorf, Michael
Hesse, SophiePerspectives of social farming in prison - research needs and implementation strategiesvan ElsenRetkowski
Hochreuther, NadiaOverview of potentials, performance spectra and difficulties of current herd management software in the context of digitalization of dairy farmingSundrumUhlig
Jakobi, LenaThe influence of laying hen weight on feather pecking, cannibalism and sternum damageKnierimKeppler
Kohnen, YvonneThe involvement of farmers in transdisciplinary research in Germany between intrinsic motivation and external conditionsNewKrikser
Komischke, Marcelnot publicSchleyerHorlitz (entera planning office, Hanover)
Kramer, PhilipTelevision as visual enrichment in post-weaned pigsKnierimGerken (University of Göttingen)
Kühn, DavidItem-Inventory - Compilation and analysis on the topics organic, regional and animal welfareKrikserPlieninger
Langenscheidt, Marienot publicHeß/Hannes SchulzBoy, Stephan
Lemke, MarkusCacao agroforestry design, agrobiodiversity and socioeconomics: a system analysis of three Ecuadorian provinces of Napo, Manabi and EsmeraldasWiehleWiebek Niether (University of Göttingen)
Machner, Marie-ThereseSeed vetch in broiler fattening - effects on performance, behavior and animal welfare parametersKnierimBaldinger (Thünen Institute)
Marti, HannaComparison of production and consumption of agricultural  commodities for food in Northern HesseKahlEberle
Neuhäuser, JosefineThe failure of the Spessart National Park - a case study based on expert interviewsPlieningerZinngrebe (University of Göttingen)
Over, CarolineEconomic effects of changing production parameters of piglet producing farmsMöllerFlower
Prinz, SusanneInfluence of 100% organic feeding on fat quality requirements in pigsSundrumLeiber (FIBL)
Ruigrok, Tiesnot publicFinckhSiegmeier
Sander, LauraEffects of reduced- or no-feed dairy cattle feeding on animal welfareKnierimKrutzinna
Schönborn, SelinaHealth prevention as a mission and its transfer into the educational practice of the green professions - Evaluation of a qualification strategy for teachers at Deula schoolsNewKrikser
Steigerwald, SophieDevelopment of a method for the description of genetically heterogeneous plant varieties using the example of four wheat composite cross populationsWeedonBackes
Walz, CarolineQualitative content analysis of online communication material for vegan foodsHammGötz
Wiedner, FelixSummer grazing pastures of Shimshal: Are current stocking densities matching biomass yields and forage quality?BadBürkert
Winkler, JulianResponse of winged aphids to different mulch materialsHenselKircher
Wolf, LuciaDevelopment of a learning concept for pupils on the topic of 'regional food supply' using the example of the Burger Hof in South TyrolHerzigvan Elsen
Zibi, Janine Miriam HamdehInvestigations on the resistance of selected tomato cultivars against the velvet spot disease (Passalora fulva, syn. Cladosporium fulvum) in organic farming - screening and characterization of 20 cultivarsFinckhBackes
Goat horn, SarahStress and strain in agricultural educationNewKrikser
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Adiyoga, Gregorius Herdiaztonot publicQuadtSexton
Ahmadi, MaryamRice bran as nutritive ingredient in cocoa milk drinks: application and consumer testingQuadtLopp
Ajekola, Oluwatimilehin SarahDocumentation of the Organic Food System (OFS) Case Study in Southwest Region of NigeriaKahlMühlrath
Alcocer Martinez, Pamela EstefaniaAcceptability of low-fat spreads made with pea starchQuadtBirringer
Aleem, WaqasDevelopment and Implementation of a Methodology for Mapping Consumers' MotivesQuadtKüster
Amininezhad, Raziehnot publicHerzigM. de Carvalho Carneiro
Davila, RubyIs a food ecology approach to Westernised school from systems an effective way to more sustainable practices for children and their communities? A Case Study on one pioneering 'Conscious KitchenSextonPage
Horos, Izabela KarolinaFood waste generation and prevention concepts in the retail sector - Case study of Fulda's retailRuppenthalBirringer
Hossain, LipiConsumer perceptions and expectation on ginger based spices seasoning for organic soupQuadtFreytag-Leyer
Ibrahim, Charity, IyeDocumentation of the Organic Food System Case in New Zealand: Wellington RegionKahlStrassner
Islam, Md. ShafiulDevelopment of a semi-cooked frozen mash from Taro leaves and stems (vegetable) imported from Bangladesh and evaluation of consumer acceptance in GemanyPichnerQuadt
Kabir, HumayunDevelopment of Coffee Quality HandbookLoppJanssen
Müller, LeaAttitudes Towards Healthy Food and the Purchase of Confectionaries: An Analysis based on Household Panel DataHammSchäufele
Nguen, Vu Kvin An NguenMeat alternative products and their impacts on meat industries and consumer behavior in GermanyPichnerPage
Owusu, Eunice Afua AbuaaDocumentation of Organic Food System Case in Tanzania, Africa: Manyara Organic Farming InitiativeKahlStrassner FH Münster
Philippenko, Ekatarinanot publicSextonPage
Rajan, Rakhee RachelDocumentation of Organic Food System (OFS)  Case Study Inba Seva Sangam (ISS), Tamil Nadu, IndiaKahlStrassner FH Münster
Rednak, TjasaQuality of life: Application of the concept and the questionnaire for evaluations in food systemsFreytag-LeyerStefanovic
Romo Cardenas, MarianaDocumentation of the Organic Food System (OFS of Urban Agriculture in Quito, EcuadorKahlStrassner University of Applied Sciences Münster
Santos Esquivel, Maria del PilarPerception of Non-Organic Food Consumers towards Organic Food Consumption in Mexico CityKüsterPage
Sharif, Muhammad NawazExtraction, analysis and application of bitter flavour compounds from natural sourcesBirrignerKai Sostmann (Döhler GmbH)
Tjuanda, RickyA Content Analysis of Indonesian Food Influencers' and Brands' Marketing Strategy and Customer Engagement on InstagramRuppenthalKüster
Umarishavu, FrancoiseDocumentation of the Organic Food System of Mouans-Sartoux, France, a Case Study KahlPichner
Umunna, Esther ChikaodiCurbing the waste of fresh tomatoes and banana to  ensure  food safety and improve food security: A case study in Ogba Districts of Lagos,  NigeriaPichnerFreytag-Leyer
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Adeoye, Sodiq AdedamolaAssessing Market Opportunities for BIOMIN Products in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Nigeria Poultry MarketBruemmer
Aditiano, Pramadya JodiEffect of Palmitine and Stearin Coating on the stability of Lysine and Methionine in a Vitro Fermentation SystemHünerbergBumblebee
Aghaluke, KingsleyDetermination of drought stress in grassland using remote sensing techniquesIsselsteinKomainda
Chavez Marini, Gerardo de JesusEconomics of Intensified Oil Palm Harvesting: An Indonesian Case StudyQaim
Hau, Salomé VanessaEvaluation of the APSIM crop model for simulating crop performance of three barley cultivars that possess different water response behaviors at two Mediterranean sitesRötterBracho Mujica
Ito, RyoDeterminants of the use of personal protective equipment for pesticide applications in GhanaQaim
John, Aanuoluwapo MosopeThe effectiveness of using D29 bacteriophage for the sanitation of biogas plants contaminated with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosisAhmed Abe El WahedWemheuer
Kulpe, Julian Marc-AndreEconomic Analysis of an Alley-Cropping-System in ReiffenhasenVerena Otter
López, César FigueroaHPLC analysis of in vitro detoxification of Brassica phytoalexins by saprophytic fungi and fungal pathogens not specific to crucifersKarlovskyHadacek
May, CarlottaSmallholder water management adaptations to climate variability and drought events in LimpopoRötterNelson
Pommerehne, AnnabellEnergy Efficiency in Agriculture - Selected Concepts, Core Findings and Policy ImplicationsBruemmerDalheimer
Sohnemann, RobinA practical application of the FAO guidelines for land evaluation in Kumasi, GhanaKühneBürkert
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Lopez Gallo, PabloDocumentation of the Organic Food System Bislig City, Philippines a case study approach