Summer semester 2013

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The Department of Ecological Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates on 19. 07. 2013. 80 students graduated in the summer semester 2013. Award winners were:

  • Best Bachelor Organic Agriculture (University Association): Marie-Luise Hertkorn
  • Best Master Ecological Agriculture (University Association): Asja Ebinghaus
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Bogdan, AdrienneOrganic Agriculture in Turkey - Analysis of the Status Quo and Recommendations for its Further DevelopmentKnerrHülsebusch
Engl, TobiasJörgensenHensel
Peschke, GunderNolana breeding in Germany - The Nolana Breeders Association 1992 - 2012 - An interim balance sheetRahmannMinhorst
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Bühlen, FranziskaCompatibility of automatic milking systems with animal welfare in organic dairy farmingKrutzinnaIvemayer
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor



Substrate-induced microbial respiration to distinguish the suppressive potential of different green composts against Rhizoctonia solani in organic potato productionBrunsHeß

Biehl, Anne


Bonorden, Bente

The concept of the curative education farm school Wendisch-Evern - Aspects of transferability to farm school concepts with non-handicapped childrenv. ElsenKrikser

Brown, Selina

Does Urban Agriculture benefit the 'poor', regarding 'Tabelas' and 'Railway farms' in Mumbai, India?BürkertBad

Bruckhaus, Carsten

Integration of bioenergy production in an organic farm using the example of the Heesfeld MillMöllerMill

Brunner, Katja

Price analysis of organic and fair trade coffee productsHammPloeger

Cors, Jan-Henrik

Development of the community garden Huttenplatz in the context of DOCUMENTA (13)B. Wolf/HeßHensel

Dettenrieder, Irina

Heart rate of dairy cows with and without calf during different stimulations during milkingZippUwe Richter

Deumlich, Marit

Considerations for improving plant health in the cultivation of common sage (Salvia oficinalis L.)Finckhv. Fragstein

Doerr, Eva-Maria

Youth care on the alp: Effects on the alpine economyv. ElsenIvemeyer

Döring, Steffen

Economic efficiency of buckwheat cultivation for animal useMöllerSummer

Dröge, Paul


Eusterholz, Maximilian


Gabriel, Sarah

Living and living in the ecological cycle - a guiding concept for adults in the ecological show garden UrticaHethkev. Elsen

Gerke, Johannes


Göbel, Franziska

Stress reduction by Tellington - TTouch in first calf heifers in the milking parlor - IvemeyerKnierim

Gutbub, Joringel

Effects of artifical mycorrhizal inoculation on phosphorus uptake and growth of four pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.) varieties on a P poor sandy soil from West AfricaBürkertto the field

Henschtel, Diana

Factors influencing the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders in the warmblood horseKingBüchel

Hertkorn, Marie-Luise

Bolana women in livestock management: The work of wives, girls and widows, their perceptions and recent changesKaufmannKnerr

Hoffmann, Jonathan

Suitability of leaves for energy recovery using the IFBB processWachendorfStülpnagel

Kary, Benedikt

Consideration of soil hay drying under consideration of different swathing techniques as well as methods for the quantification of lossesBeanKrutzinna

Kaufhold, Johannes

Influence of soil damping-off on the hatching behavior of the beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtiiHallmannSaucke

Kevekordes, Tobias


Knop, Denise

Young animal rearing on pasture and possible optimization strategiesSundrumMöller

Köhle, Sebastian

Utilization potentials from landscape management for the energetic utilization of brookside woods in the region of WitzenhausenHofmannGraß

Läubin, Johannes

Implementation of the results of the research project 'Influence of the human-animal-relationship on the udder health of dairy cows' in an agricultural articleIvemeyerKnierim

Lehr, Theresa

Therapeutic aspects of social farming in cultural landscape managementv. ElsenH. Siebald

Lindauer, Sven

Alternative composting barn: aspects of raw substrate selection in relation to soil fertilityJörgensenBruns

Loeseken, Florian

The biomass potential of park areas and the bioenergetic utilization possibilities using the example of the Bergpark WilhelmshöheWachendorfGrass

Manz, Claudia


Moenikes, Anna Marlene

Land acquisitions - Global investments in land and their developmental impactsHülsebuschLakner

Peters, Jan

Decentralized vegetable oil production for on-farm use as fuel based on organic cultivation of the oilseeds rapeseed (Brassica napus), sunflower (Helianthus annus) and gold of pleasure (Camelina sativa)SiegmeierGraß
Pfeiffer, TabeaEvaluation of baking quality and crude protein data in relation to yield in winter wheat populationsFinckhGrosse

Pratz, Christian

Planning of a vegan self-catering for 10 personsKahlMittelstrass

Raithel, Anne


Rentschler, Tobias


Roth, Philipp


Schilke, Doreen

Effects of different stimulation methods on restlessness behavior during milking of dairy cows with and without calf contactZippKrutzinna

Schmid, Verena

Presentation of aspects of soil fertility and, based on this, comparison of the effects of two ecological tillage systems on soil fertilityMöllerFinckh

Schumann, Reinhold

Agrobiodiversity in gastronomy - Investigation on the motivation of gastronomes for the purchase of 'Alb-Leisa' and on the communication of the product added value to their end customersBantleMöller

Simon, Rebecca

Nitrogen losses and nitrogen efficiency in agriculture: awareness of students of technical colleges for agriculture in North Rhine-WestphaliaHeßHaase

Sparrow, Anne-Kathrin

v. ElsenSaucke

Speckert, Jan Ulrich


Strong, Julia

Species-appropriate husbandry of farm animals in the pedagogical field of work Simantkev. Elsen

Stöger, Verena

Resource pressure and population growth in alpine agricultureTroßbachKrikser

Stork, Johannes

Mulch and direct planting in organic vegetable production using the row mulch cutting planting technique and aspects of farm managementv. FragsteinMöller

Sühling, David

The history of herding and the origin of the European herding dogsRahmannTroßbach

Ter Veen, Willem

Undersowing in vegetable productionv. FragsteinSaucke

Tschich, Johannes


Uehlinger, Timothee

Development of the community garden Huttenplatz in the context of dOCUMENTA (13)B. Wolf/HeßHensel

Vohwinkel, Rudolf Axel

The effect of fermented and non-fermented fertilizer application on soil fertility parameters and soil nutrient balanceJörgensenKaiser

Volquardsen, Frederike

Urban agriculture in Cuba in the context of agricultural policyto the fieldHubenthal

Waldmann, Nils

Breeding concept for dual-purpose chickensPinentKing

Weckerle, Pia

Social Return on Investment in Social Farmingv. ElsenMühlrath

Wegerer, Miriam Iris

Development of the Community Garden Huttenplatz in the context of dOCUMENTA (13)B. Wolf/HeßHensel

Wolf, Valentin

Effects of microdose phosphorus application and plant tolerance of low P levels on mycorrhizal infection and growth of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) varieties grown on acid sandy soil in NigerBürkertTo the field
Wolber, Marie-RosaStatus quo of claw care stalls for small ruminants - presentation and comparison of different systemsUwe RichterK. Zipp
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Ebinghaus, Asja

The welfare of dairy cows in social agricultureKnierimvan Elsen

Gad, Hikal Khairy Shohdy

Influence of poplar root decomposition on maize growth as a function of nitrogen fertilizationJörgensenHeß

Hinterstoisser, Peter

Land Tenure, Acquisition and Social Structure in Two Villages of the Principalities of Calenberg-Göttingen and Grubenhagen at the End of the 17th CenturyTroßbachEbert

Nurmatov, Nodirjon

Action research in a development work: Adapted solar systems for a village in UzbekistanKnerrF. Ahrorov (Lecturer Samarkand University)
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Arya, Amrita

Bread development using fermented rapeseed presscake:Properties and consumer acceptanceGapHampshire

Brandenburger, Sonja

Health Claims for small and medium-sized companies - Utopian dream or future reality? A practical approachBirringerFreytag-Leyer

Cetinbakis, Bahar

Improving the ultrafiltration performance of whey by using microfiltrationGapDemmer

Iqbal, Muhammad Farhan

The patterns of fast food consumption and its impact on consumer buying behavior - Case study: of Pizza Hut PakistanFreytag-LeyerKlotter

Nuamah, Seth

Development of an effective quality management practices for cocoa beans before export into European Union for processing - A literature study on Ghana's cocoa industryKahlBusscher

Salehipamenari, Mani

Analyzing Parameters influencing food consumption patterns of international students in a certain geographical area in Germany (The case of Witzenhausen)Freytag-LeyerTroßbach
Schocke, SarahInvestigation on the development of agrobiodiversityKlotterPloeger
Semler, HannahSustainability and Waste Management in the Retail Food Business. The role of Quality ManagersJanssePloeger
Worlitz, FranziskaOpportunities and threats of an European Union-wide uniform halal certificate from multiple perspectivesKlotterHamm
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Brünjes, LisaExperimental and theoretical contribution to optimize the composition of synthetic populations of faba bean, a partially allogamous grain legumeStudentLink (Uni Göttingen)
Name, first nameThesis1. advisor2nd supervisor

Arndt, Alexandra

Ethno-veterinary practices in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, IndiaBadKaufmann

Baig, Mirza Majid

Effects on re-circulated press liquid in hydrothermal conditioning of grassland silages on mass and solid fuel qualityWachendorf

Canger, Vincer

Pastoralists` perspectives on local innovations for improved livelihoods in Northern Kenya: A second order cybernetics analysisKaufmann

Herrera Sabillón, Beatriz Soledad

Financial flexibility for Honduran farmers: A discrete choice experimentMußhoffAnastassiadis

Quaranta, Laura

Increasing charcoal in the goat diet: faecal output and feeding behaviorSchiborraBad