Summer semester 2018

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on July 13, 2018. 80 students graduated in the summer 2018 semester. The awardees:were:

  • Very Good BSc-dual (Hacker Foundation): Michell Agethen
  • Very good BSc (University Association): Annika Jäckel
  • Very good non-European BSc thesis: Louise Gilbert
  • Very good MSc: Matthias Wengert
  • Very good MSc IFBC: Stampa, Ekaterina

They have successfully completed their studies:

NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Agethen, MichelleInnovative housing systems in organic steer fatteningIvemeyerKnierim
Ahlert, MaximilianSwing Riots  - What were the causes of the Swing RiotsTroßbachRiemer
Aurnhammer, now Hoogendam, AnnaSchool farms in Germany and their educational offerv. ElsenHethke
Bayerle, BenjaminEconomic analysis of the establishment of the organic garlic production under Bavarian climatic and general conditionsSiegmeierJahnke, Benedikt
Bohn, Lea An analysis to identify the key factors for a successful establishment and management of an organic food truck businessMöllerBehrendt
Dorprigter, LenaPoints of view for the implementation of action pedagogy with animals on the farm Königsgrundvan ElsenIvemeyer
Elsbernd, ColinPotentials of substrate supply for bio-biogas plants within the crop rotation considering system effectsGrassSiegmeier
Fick, Manoel25 years of environmentally sound land use in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön - Influence of agrarian and environmental policy  measures on the agricultural structure in the subarea Schwarze BergeSchleyerMittelstrass
Forester, FlorianOptimized land cover in a long-term trial at the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen - conception of possible undersowing in four crop rotation systemsSchulzKössler
Gebhardt, KorneliaAn analysis of factors influencing the movement towards sustainability through agriculture at an orphanage village in South AfricaWiehleNgcoya
Gilbert, LouiseInfluence of cosubstrate shoots of Hylocereus undatos on gas production during anaerobic digestion of wastewater from pig production using small-scale biogas plants in Yucatán, Mexico as an exampleGrassWiehle
Hartmann, TheresaMaking ugly food beautiful: Marketing of suboptimal food in the retail sector - a reviewHammStöhr
Herrmann, SvenWage levels and farm structures of part-time dairy goat farming in GermanyKrutzinnaMöller
Horn, Leonie HeleneDesign of information boards for the Hessian  State Domain FrankenhausenHeßReinisch
Jacobs, LeonieChances and risks of an online store in the direct marketing of an agricultural business using the example of Knofi & so in UnterriedenHammSiegmeier
Jäkel, AnnikaEffects of generation, system and population on early seedling traits of three winter wheat composite cross populations in  organic and conventional farming systemsFinckhBhaskar
Krafft, AmelieRecommendation of animal-related indicators for on-farm self-monitoring of animal welfare in dairy sheep productionKnierimSporkmann
Krah, JudithEcological Armageddon? -to  Population and Species Development of Insects in Lower SaxonyKrutzinnaO. Boecking
Krebs, JohannThe influence of a herb- or grass-emphasized pasture on the activity of fattening calvesKnierimKerstin Barth
Ludwig, Lea LuiseSite specific variation in StockingRate and Density under Holistic Grazing Management on a Namibian livestock farmHülsebuschRahmann
Lüttkopf, Arnulf"Albrecht Daniel Thaer and Johann Heinrich von Thünen - Two important historical farmers also from the perspective of organic farming?"TroßbachHeß
Mangold, Katja BahiniInvestigations of wine samples from 2014 of the two cultivation variants organic-organic and biodynamic with image-creating methodsFritzHeß
Matull, KatharinaEffects of concentrate-free and concentrate-reduced feeding in dairy cows on health and performanceKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Michaelis, EnricoEffects of crop cultivation and N-fertilization on soil properties in a factorial experimentLudwigGunina
Müller, MichelThe effect of tannins in the forage ration on mineralization of goat manure in a soil incubation experiment as a function of ph and organic carbonIngoldBürkert
Mülich, PaulApproaches to fattening male calves from organic dairy farming on the birth farm or on organically managed partner farmsIvemeyerKnierim
Philipp, AlexanderSpecial features of Wagyu breedingKing of BorstelGieseke
Reinhard-Kolempa, MarilenaNitrogen dynamics in organic potato cultivation under transfer mulch - comparison of two mulch types from green manuresYoung, StephanBruns
Richter, FlorianWhat are the possibilities of NIR spectroscopy in quality control of organically grown cereals?LudwigBruns
Riedesel, JoanaRearing systems in comparison - Investigation of dairy cows and their calves using KTBL animal welfare indicators on organic farms (joint project)ZippHerrmann
Ruf, ManuelInvestigation of N-dynamics of laying hen runs on five organic farms with different run management systemsHeßDeerberg
Rüdiger, JohannesEffect of feed-free/ -reduced feeding on metabolic diseases and fertility in dairy cattleKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Schnecker, LeonieComparison of rearing systems - Investigation of dairy cows and their calves using KTBL animal welfare indicators on organic farms (joint project)ZippHerrmann
Schulze, LenaStores without Packaging - Qualitative Analysis of Motivations, Challenges and Future Perspectives for Founders of German Unpackaged ShopsZanderHerzig
Stremme, GwendolinEvaluation of different biomasses regarding their use for dairy cattle feeding and their gas yields when used as biogas substrateGraßHensgen
Winterfeldt, Meike BeritYear-round free-range management of suckler cows - challenges and possible solutionsIvemeyerKnierim
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Höhn, DanielChallenges of the dairy sector in Cantabria ThielMöller
Kunz, StefanieContribution of animal husbandry to the diversification of the income of the rural population in the SAVA region of MadagascarBadBarkmann
Lempp, UrbanScreening and evaluation of 14 open-pollinated kale cultivars (Brassica oleracea ssp. Capitata convar.acephala var.sabellica)  in comparison to a FI hybrid variety as reference FI hybrid at 2 locations.BackesFinckh
Schulz, LisaAssessing marbling of beef comparing US and German standardized cuts of M. longissimus dorsi in the slaughter lineSundrumKieger
Wengert, MatthiasEstimation of Forage Quality in Grassland using UAV-based Hyperspectral MeasurementsMöckelWachendorf
Wollermann, FionaComparative case study of the organizational structures of the rural populations of  of Catalonia and Aragón 1936 - 1939TroßbachKrikser
Name ThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Abou Fakhr, Razan RozanaSustainability in the Hospitality Sectors: The challenges and the gapsHerzigKüster
Stampa, Ekaterinanot open to the publicHammBald
Fülöp, LiliConsumer sustainable behavior, knowledege and the effect of sustainablility on specialty coffee shops in HungaryQuadtStefanovic, Lilliana
Gao, LuProspects and limitations of bio-enrichment of plant food with vitamin B12, with rapeseed presscake as an exampleGapPichner
Jamil, ToobaDeveloping a framework for documentation of  organic food system case studiesKahlStrassner
Omotto Maito, Ana PaulaStudy of the organic food production in Brazil: analysis of certified organic producers and productsHammProf. Janssen
Pina, AdrianaSustainability in the Hospitality Sectors: The challenges and the gapsHerzigKüster
Sambur, JuliiaUnderstanding of consumer preferences for wine and sausage pairingsQuadtPage
Sari, Isabella KartikaAttitude toward Tempeh consumption among in Germany based on the Food  Choise StudyPloegerGap
Sikorska, AleksandraOptimization of three spice blendsQuadtPage, Louisa
Vu Thi Thu, HangConsumer profile of organic frozen food shoppers in Germany using Homescan dataHammKahl
Name ThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Azeez, Olayinka SikiruIntegrating Agricultural Production and Biodiversity Conservation around Protected Areas: Analysis of the Perception of Stakeholders in Mount Cameroon National ParkJuhrbandtWollni
Beushausen, WiebkeLooking behind the scences of food security indicators: Links between homegarden food production and diet composition in rural Limpopo, South AfricaRötterFichtler
Bringhenti, ThomasPlant Species Compostion and Diversity of Homegardens in Limpopo, South Africa; Status and Exploration of Determining FactorsRötterCook
Canas, Sofia TeresaAre photosynthesis and stomata co-regulated under deficiencies of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sulfur?Balint Jakli
Dhamotharan, SaranyaPerception and attidude of consumers towards spirulina-fed poultry meat in GermanyBrianne AltmannMöhrlein
Farajpour Javazmi, AzadehStatistical genetic analysis of behavioral characteritics and association with performance traits in pigsSimianerLindhorst
Hameed, AbidRelevance of Potassium - Magnesium Ratio for the Formation of Quality Parameters in PotatoesPawelzikCook
Klu, JoycelynAchieving Food Security: The Role of Women in Agriculture and their challenges. The Case of Central Gonja District, Northern Region GhanaKnerr
Kumar, AvinashImpact of drying on quality of air dried organic carrotsHensel
Lipfert, FabianEnergy production rom European semi-natural grassland biomass: Comparison of whole crop degestion and IFBBWachendorf
Range, Berndt KrischanProductivity Analysis of Urban Livestock Producers in Ouagadougou, Furkina FasoRoesslerBad
Rapp, CharlotteAssessing agroecological resources as a basis to design strategies to promote biodiversity and agroecosystem functioning - the example of farm FroidefontaineFinckh
Rosskopf, UllaCO2-and gaseous N-emissions in irrigated agriculture of urban Bangalore, India Bürkert
Schiebenhöfer, NoraLanduse of Ejidos in Mexico: Agricultural crops in the context of autonomy and hegemonic structuresKnerr
Sarfo, JacobEffects of Wild Foods and Food Interventions in reducing the Minimum Cost of Diet using Linear Programming Modelling: A case study of Turkana in KenyaPawelzikKeding
Sarfo, YawLoan Officer Rotation and Credit Access: The Case of Some Selected Communities in Rural and Urban MadagascarMußhoffWeber
Sun, DiqiuNesting habit and genetic divergence of Drepanotermes perniger in Western AustraliaShyBrenig
Wolf, Valentin Luis FredrikCocoa agroforestry as climate change adaptation along a climate gradient in Ivory Coast-Farmers perceptions and interventionsRötterFichtler
Wulfheide, MaximilianMortality, mobility and use of habitat of grey partridges in the county of GöttingenGottschalkTscharntke
Name ThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Boubaker, BadisThe impact of new technologies on emulsionsChristian PineauMarc Birringer
Chang, Ching-YuEvaluate the environmental impact and profitability of using organic soil enhancers in farmingChristian PineauPhilippe Fleury