Winter semester 2015/16

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The Department of "Ecological Agricultural Sciences" honored its graduates on February 19, 2016. 102 students graduated in the winter semester 2015/16. The award winners were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Marielle Gerke
  • Very good MSc Organic Agriculture: Stephan Junge
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Amon, BeatrixConflicts of interest over the resources forest and pasture in the Hessian village of Adelsdorf Schwebda from the 17th to the 20th centuryEbert/TroßbachRappe-Weber
Anschütz, MirjamBusiness management studies on farms with solidarity-based agricultureSiegmeierZander
Beusch, MauraThe current vegetation of fields of the 1986 field margin strip program - a repeat mapping in the Northern Eifel and Lower Rhenish Bight after 29 yearsv. ElsenSchumacher, Wolfgang
Biet, Simon NiclasRound bale hay drying: A planning aid for the Volquardsen farmBeanKrutzinna
Blome-Helberg, JuliaInternal communication in farm communitiesMühlrathHerzig
Bödeker, ChristianThe effect of introduced paracoprid dung beetles (Geotrupes spiniger, Copris incertus; Coleoptera: Geotrupidae, Scarabaeinae) on surface runoff volume and sediment on a farm in Kaipara, New ZealandSauckeJörgensen
Brinkmann, JonathanRepellents as an alternative for slug control in organic vegetable production?RichterSaucke
Endres, SinaInnovative and ecologically oriented social farming in the German penal system v. ElsenJudge
Frank, Lisa Madlennot publicBadBrikmann, Katja
Glaese, TinaCommunal rearing of horses, cattle and pigs in the context of subsistence farming from the point of view of animal welfare and animal healthIvemeyerKnierim
Gerke, MarielleLabels and seals for vegan productsJanssen, MeikeSiegmeier
Golin, MarleneStatus quo of animal welfare in German dairy farmingKnierimIvemeyer
Hansen, CoraConception of a seminar offer for farmers for the establishment of agricultural external work places of workshops for handicapped peoplev. ElsenHerzig
Hazel grouse, AmeliePotential assessment of the energetic utilization of grassland biomass of selected municipalities of the Werra-Meißner districtM. WachendorfFricke
Hild, CatharinaThe genus Salvia: cultivation, use and breeding in theory and practiceWedemeyer, R.Backes
Hilsenbek, GeorgSocial agriculture in the field of tension between ecological cultivation and therapeutic missionvan ElsenMittelstrass
Hoffmann, LuciaThe effect of fresh mulch and minimum tillage on yield and tuber infestation with Rhizoctonia solani and pests in potato production of the OSCAR trials 2015FinckhBruns
Hoffmann, VanessaBurnout in agricultureKrikserMöller
Homann, Alexandernot publicBeanMöller
Jakobi, LenaMice control in organic arable farmingHeßB. Walther
Kirchner, LeonhardReconceptualization of agriculture in the village community of Hohenrothv. ElsenKrutzinna

Kniehl, Lukas

Customer satisfaction analysis for the company LaSelva

Cabbage, LucasAnalysis of the competitiveness of special corn varieties in mixed cropping with pole beans under different cultivation methodsGaßHeß
Krosse, MichaelThe buzzing sound of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) as a possible indicator of colony conditionJudgeKrutzinna
Lühmann, Janinanot publicv. ElsenGrass

Mahal, Katja

Survey on differences in fatty acid composition of milk considering different dairy cow breeds on Finnish practical farms

Niemeier, CorinnaSuitability of horse manure for energetic utilization by means of the IFBB-processWachendorfHensgen
Pruns, FabianIs there a possibility of conditioning  dairy cows to an action using vibration?JudgeZipp
von RedeckerCan nature speak? A queer postcolonial consideration of the human-nature-relationshipHerzigElla von der Heide

Reiners, Miriam

Innovative and ecologically oriented social agriculture in the German penal system

v. ElsenJudge
Rexhausen, Danielnot publicJörgensenBruns

Roos, Florian

Comparative study of two feeding concepts in piglet rearing

SundrumDr. Quanz (LLH)

Rother, Philipp

Comparison of biogas yields of cattle manure and cattle slurry as substrates in biogas plants



Schierning, PhilippPrediction of the mixing effect and baking quality in mixtures of winter wheat(Triticum aestivum L.) by uniaxial dough elongation in the extensographBackesPawelzik
Schmitz, J. KatharinaLabeling of vegan products from the consumer's point of viewMeike JanssenMühlrath
Schubert, DavidEffect of two crop rotations on the near-surface mechanical and hydraulic parameters of loess soilsPethKrutzinna

Schulz, Lisa

Analysis of the genetic structures of Angler cattle of old breeding lines



Struth, BenjaminPresentation of integrated methods for slug control in organic farmingJudgeStorm

Utz, Gesa

not public



Vogt, Christine

Emergence and juvenile development of different vegetable species in substrates with different peat contents

Wiskott, Alma LarissaAssessing the potential of KMnO4 - Oxidization as a means of estimating active carbon in compost and manure in the Department of Soil Biology and Plant NutritionBrunsJörgensen
Wolpold, SimonPlanning of an organic chicken farm with pedigree chickens with on-farm feeding and rearing of chicks and broilers  using the example of a direct marketing farm KnierimSummer
Name, first nameDegree WorkerSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Brenner, Christine

Factors influencing the extent of agonistic behavior and horn-related injuries of dairy cows in herds with horned and hornless animals in loose housing

Fox, NicholasInfluence of altered group composition on the extent of agonistic interactions as well as ranching behavior in groups of boars and heifers after removal of first animals for slaughter under organic husbandry conditionsKnierimIvemeyer
Hahn-Godeffroy, Christian R.

Investigations on the host plant spectrum of Paratylenchusb bukowinensis, Paratylenchus penerans , Meloidogyne hapla and Meloidogyne incognita on agricultural catch crops

HallmannJ. H. Schmidt
Heine, Verena Simone

Influence of different compost quality on the suppressive effect against the soil-borne pathogenic fungus P.ultimum and determination of microbial properties of composts

Young, StephanInfluence of reduced tillage and transfer mulch on perennial weed flora and nitrogen supply in potato productionFinckhSauke
Kaltenbach-Krewet, Sefanienot publicHammPloeger
Lehmann, Victoria Maresanot publicTroßbachMühlrath
Lühring, Tobias

Living orchard culture

Experience, support structures and perspectives

PloegerSchmieder (University of Hohenheim)
Master, SarahKnowledge about 'old apple varieties' and their role in domestic processing - a quantitative studyBackesKrikser
Proetzel, Carla

Diversification as a risk management tool - exemplary modeling of an agricultural enterprise

Renger, Anja

Factors influencing losses in organic piglet production

KingBaldinger, Lisa
Runge, Rebecca

Plant extracts as fungicides in organic vegetable, wine and fruit production in Germany and Switzerland

Finckh/H.-J. SchärerHome (FIBL)
Sabo, Theresanot publicGraßMöller
Seeger, Judith

Investigations on the host plant spectrum, population development and decline of Paratylenchus bukowinensis Micoletzky, 1922".

Voigts, Clemens

On Farm Processing of Canned Meat in Namibia - Case Study on Farm Krumhuk

Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Bartram, Annettenot publicFreytag-LeyerAssiouras (University of Tolouse)
Becker, Stefanie

Evaluating the implementation of EMAS III requirements on key performance indicators. A review of environmental statements from the German food industry

Corredor Delgado, Paola Andrea

Actors and Networks in Organic Poultry Production, Lower Saxony, Germany

Eirdosh, Dustin

The Civic Ecology of School Gardens in Southwestern Madagascar: Historical Perspectives on Emerging Practices of Cross-Cultural Collaboration

TroßbachOverwien (FB5)
Escobedo del Bosque, Cynthia IleanaFood Companies' Self-Presentation on Supply Chain Related CSR Activities: Acomparison between USA, UK and GermanyHerzigD. Gider
Gautam, Phadindranot publicFreytag-LeyerTroßbach
Güdücü, Caginnot publicJanssenStraninger, Manfred

Gutiérrez Baca, Ada Margarita

Role of Bio-Plastics in Making Food Packaging and Distribution More Sustainable - Current Status and Future Prospects

Herring, Jana

Development of a spoonable snack with satiating properties

Klar, Franziska

Sustainable food consumption: The gap between consumers attitudes and consumption behaviour


Marín Mejía, Alba Lucía

"Analysis of attributes to estimate the success of breakfast cereals and cereal bars launched into the market of Colombia and Chile between 2009 and 2013"

HammDr. Quadt

Meriluoto, Linda

Consumers' Understanding of Sustainability of Organic Food Products and its Effect on Quality Perception

Rahma, Mohammad, Habibur

Nutritional status of children in slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Rodriguez Torres, Cristina Patricia

not publicHerzigSeurig

Shrestha, Luna

Preparation of apple powder as a value added product and case studies on socioeconomic status of Jumla and Mustang district of Nepal

Tanuwidjaja, NicoleEnhancing the production in the food and beverage industry through the vision of Industrie 4.0AuerSchraml
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Acosta Barbosa, Jose MiguelDeterminants and economic assessment of the official Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification on dairy production Farms in Quindio, Colombia. A case studyMußhoff, Oliver

Addo, Maame Dokua Akua Agyei

Experimental determination of Basal Level of Cortisol in mucus of the Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus

Adegoke, Adeniyi KazeemAs Estimation of Profitability Potential of Smailholder Farmer Credit Investment in TanzaniaMußhoff, OliverRomans
Alborzi, FarnazCorporate Social Responsibilities
Food Business and Children
Ansong, AnitaThe Impact of internal migration and remittances on rural households in Upper West region of GhanaKnerr
Arévalo Vargas, Jenny PaolaAdoption of Irrigation practices and its effect on Vineyard Production among small and medium scale farmers in Chilevon Cramon-Taubadel
Asiedu, Fiona Nana AmaComprehensive Review of Stress in Fishes: Comparative Analysis on the Stress Response of Different Species of Fish and the Impact on Aquaculture Productivity and Food SecurityHörstgen-SchwarkStefanie Leimbach
Fatahillah, AndikSmall Farmer`s Resilience at the Slope of Merapi Volcano, Java, IndonesiaPoorKühne
Fiankor, Dela-Dem DoeThe Effect of EU-Africa Trade Agreements on Bilateral Trade Flows and EU Border RejectionsBrimmervon Cramon-Taubadel

Franco, Jennifer Rodriguez

Impact of the Extension Services of Urban Agriculture in Poverty Reduction in Bogota

Frank, Markus Immanuel

Assessment of an on-farm experimentation and extension approach for innovation in smallholder livestock production systems - A case study of multi-stakeholder demonstration farms in the Neuquén Province, Argentina

Gehling, Martina BarbaraCharacterization and Spatial Distribution of Shade Trees and Bananas in Coffee Production Systems: A case study from Eastern UgandaGraefeWorbes
Gogilashvili, DavitWill German Consumers Accept Mixed Labels? Measuring Willingness to Pay for Different Fairtrade Labelling SchemesSpillerGassler

Iqbal, Aamir

Exploring the interactions between bacterial secondary symbionts in Sitobion avenae and entomopathogenic fungi

Kissi, Evans AppiahCash Crops versus Staple Food Crops Production in Developing Countries: Effects for Agricultural Development and Food SecurityMatin QaimGödecke

Kissiedu, Emmanuel

EU Tomato Export Effects on Production and Processing in Ghana: A Partial Equilibrium Approach

von Cramon-TaubadelHolst
Leon Gómez, Daniel Armando Using leaves for the integrated production of solid fuel and biogas from biomass (IFBB) - The washing effect on solid fuel parametersM. Wachendorf

Lovstrom, Brianne Andrea

A community-based approach to identify grazing pressure and land use management structures among pastoralists in the Altay Mountains, Mongolia

Mora Mora, Juan

Compost and Compost tea suppressivity against Pythium ultimum in two cucumber genotypes

Mustafa, Hafiz WasimEstablishment of a q-PCR assay to determine the expression of IGF1 and GAPDHKnorrHoltz
Paul, PronobDevelopment of a Sanwich ELISA for the quantification of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in Porcine SalivaCzerny, Claus-PeterSchäfer, Jenny
Rahman, Md MizanurImpact of Micocredit on Multidimensional Poverty and Food Security of Small Farmers in BangladeshWollniMußhoff

Sarwosri, Arieska Wening

Repayment Performance of Farmers and Woman Farmers: Madagascar Study

Stanzel, Katharina Sophie

Management and movement of dairy cows on summer pasture in Bulgan Sum, Western Mongolia

Riemer, NataliaThe effect of seed quality impairment caused by the broad bean weevil (Bruchus rufimanus Boheman) on white and colored flowering fabe bean (Vicia fabe L.) varieties in relation to the factor tannin and root rot pathogens (Fusarium spp.)SauckeLink
Scholz, Johanna SophieDeterminants of the 'Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index' in Bangladeshvon Cramon-Taubadel

Trenk, Jonathan

Governance Structures in Pineapple Supply Chains in Uganda

Urban, Tobias MichaelValue Chain Promotion Projects in Practice, Social Learning Processes and Success FactorsHerzig
Werner, AspasiaAssessment of on-farm, market, and wild food diversity in three agro-ecological zones of Western KenyaWhitbreadPawelzik
Wilhelm, KatrinaNitrogen-related policies: A comparison between the United States and the European UnionLaknervon Cramon-Taubadel
Winarto, Eka WidayatiLandscape context of parasitoid communities in oilpalm plantations in Jambi, IndonesiaTscharntkeIngo Grass