Summer semester 2012

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates on July 13, 2012. 61 students graduated in the summer semester 2012. The award winners were:

  • Gustav-Hacker Award: Theresa Mohr
  • best non-European Bachelor thesis: Helga Jacobi
  • best Master Ecological Agriculture: Katharina Kraiss
  • Prize of the Association of Agricultural Engineers Lower Saxony: Ingmar Kruckelmann
  • Prize of the association "Sustainable Landuse and Food Culture": Luisa Knupper

They have successfully completed their studies:

Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Weber, Christian

Economic and ecological optimization of cultivation and production technology through mixed crop rotations with energy cropsKarpenstein-MachanAhl

Name, first name

Thesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Albrecht, Joana

Incorporation of a management concept for the tropical greenhouse in Witzenhausen on the topic: Ecological agriculture in the tropics and subtropicsHethkeVan Elsen

Bidner, Stefan

"Increasing yield and humus content by deriving cultural techniques from the plant nutrition of natural terrestrial ecosystems"HeßFinckh

Boye, Christina

Artemisia annua: literature review and evaluation of flowering behavior in a cultivation trial in Kafoutine, SenegalFinckhHülsebusch

Burger, Barbara

Consideration and classification of different business valuation methods for an agricultural business in the course of generational transferMöllerKrutzinna

Burka, Johannes

Equity financing in agriculture - implementation, motivation and challengeViethMöller

Feick, Steffen


Göring-Habenicht, Susanne

Dependence of different hoof changes, damages and diseases in breeding sows on the husbandry system and  Relationships to production parametersKingLandmann

Haak, Annette

Diversity in the F10 of 14 wheat composite cross populations with respect to  stage of development and  disease and pest infestationFinckhPupil

Hesse, Juliane


Wood, Maire

Investigation oft he carbon and nitrogen turnover in soil depending on the tree species beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and ash (Fraxinus excelsion L.) and the distance from the tree by the use of 13 C and 15 N tracerJörgensenKuzakov (University of Göttingen)

Jacobi, Helga

Aboveground biomass and carbon - A comparison of different cultivation systems of cacao in Alto Beni, BoliviaFinckhGerold (University of Göttingen)

Klatt, Juliane

Significance of GMO-free regions in Germany using the example of an interview-based analysis of a GMO-free region initiative in Saxony, GermanyStudentsLove

Kruckelmann, Ingmar

Possibility of promoting the replanting of meadow orchards through the sale of ecopoints in connection with the impact compensation regulationPupil/KeppelHaase
Kühnert, ManuelaAndorferJanssen
Kunz, NadineInvestigation on the causes of culling and on the useful life of dairy cows in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2007KingKoch (University of Bonn)
Maaß, HenrikInfluence of different  of different cultivation methods of soybeans on plant growth, yield and quality at a location in northern HesseHaaseBruns

Minnich, Sandra

Subsistence farming and its importanceLoveTroßbach

Mohr, Theresa

Quantification of labor time and costs for farm health care measures in dairy farming using the example of LLFG IdenSundrumMöller

Nails, Annika

Retirement provision concepts in farm communities on biodynamically managed farms in non-profit ownership and other leasesViethThomas

Obergfell, Jörg

Farm development of the beekeeping farm Auenblick - A comparison between profit retention and external financingPupilHaase

Schönfelder, Johanna

Sporkmann, KatrinFeed less food in dairy goatsRahmannHülsebusch

Walczuch, Felicitas

Barth, RichardSuitability of different spring barley varieties when used in plant compatibility tests and determination of suitable mixing ratios when liquid fermentation products are used in plant compatibility testsStudentBruns
Gölel, MariaC- and N-turnover processes in the rhizosphere with special reference to enzyme activitiesLudwigRaubuch
Grabau, MatthiasPupilKruzinna
Hillebrand, LeaKindergarten - Farms - A comparative inventoryv. ElsenHethke

Liedtke, Sarah

Application of instruments for the calculation of economic efficiency for the planning of an ecological mixed agricultural enterpriseViethKruzinna
Butcher, ReginaPerennial milking through of goats in organic farmingSimantkeKnierim
Plitt, JohannesPupilKruzinna
Schöll, JohannesPupilKruzinna
Wendel, JanState of research and perspectives for organic boar fatteningKnierimHoischen-Taubner

Wiedemann, Emil

Urban agriculture between trend and crisis - reasons for the invasion of the 'new gardens' - with the case study of the edible city project 'Unvergessbar Essbar Witzenhausen'.VogtmannTroßbach

Wilmesmeier, Timo

Integration of long-term unemployed people into social agriculture - potentials and problems of three initiatives in Germany, France and Austriav. ElsenMittelstraß

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Haase, Carmen

Influence of long-term application of biogas slurry on the P-dynamics of soils in organic agricultureJörgensenSchenck

Kraiß, Katharina

Success factors for the establishment of a solidarity-based agriculture/community supported agriculture (CSA) and their concretization using the example of the Wurzelwerk nurseryv. ElsenHeß

Morgenstern, Moritz

Yield and Quality of Grazed Grassland on Organically Managed Dairy Farms in Lower SaxonyWachendorfIsselstein

Quendt, Ulrich

Evaluation and selection of winter pea (Pisum sativum L.) progeny lines in mixed cropping under organic conditionsHaaseHeß
Voß, JuliaEvaluation of behavioral traits in the endangered pig breed Bunte BentheimerKingPinent
Wolf, MarcEffects of composts on Pratylenchus penetrans and Meloidogyne hapla and their development in roots of Vicia fabaFinckhHallmann

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Alborzi, FarnazCareful Processing in Organic Food ProductionKahlBuscher

Castro Evensen, Cristian Guillermo


Gutsul, Alina

Changes in a food culture of Armenian emigrants in the USAPloegerMorse

Hassona, Hend

Reasons for New Product Failures in the Confectionary Industry: A Case StudyJanssenFreytag-Leyer

Knupper, Luisa

Who are Fair Trade Consumers? Segmenting the market for Fair Trade productsHammKahl

Kovesa, Olga


Kühne, Janna

Development of a fruit juice-based refreshing drink sweetened with an infusion of Stevia rebaudiana leavesPloegerHampshire

Lapatina Liubov

Comparison of nut-nougat spreads: Sensory analysis and product expectations of children (10-12 years)PloegerHamm

Yeh, Ching-Hua


Name, first name

Thesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Aditia, Edit LesaTemperament Assessment in Different Cattle Breeds: Intraobserver reliability of established and novel behavior evaluation methods.GaulyKing of Borstel
Apriande, CilaEfficency of Rice Milling Industry Case Study: Two Sub-Districts in Cianjur, West Java ProvinceStephan von Cramon-Taubadel
Barragán Ramirez, César Daniel

Profitability of biogas plants in pig farms: The case of biodigesters in Jalisco, Mexico

Oliver MußhoffTravel
Blanco Auna, Angelica BibianaThe intersection of Collective Action and Gender. An example of ColombiaKnerrLove
Di Domenica, LadislaoStatus Quo of the "Women in Aquaculture" Project, Kathar, NepalHörstgen-SchwarkWessels
Grahmann, KathrinEffects of Tillage Practice, Residue Management and Nitrogen Application on Wheat Grain Yield and Quality in Two Contrasting Cropping Systems of MexicoBürkertGrovaerts
Grieb, BeatriceFood and nutrition status of households with homegardens in the Nuba Moutains, SudanBürkertPloeger
Hegmann, Elsa CarolineThe Impact of Different Post-harvest Management - Strategies on the Quality Potential of Raw Cocoa in Costa RicaPloeger
Holtkamp, Anna MareikeGlobal GAP adoption by small-scale fruit & vegetable farmers in Thailand. Comparison of institutional arrangements and group certification systemsWollniBruemmer
Silva Munoz, Rodrigo AdrianOpportunity Costs of the Conservation of Nothofagus alessandrii in the Maule Region, Chile and the Impact of Climate Change on its distribution areaMarggrafVillalobos
Risenasari, HepiA Value Chain Assessment of Smallholder Beef Cattle in Light of the Beef Self-Sufficiency Policy in IndonesiaQaimBlack
Sangoluisa Rodríguez, Pamela GermaniaDetermining the market potential of arazá (Eugenia stipitata) jam in Quito, Ecuador - Consumer behavior towards new food products HammBeske
Roner, TinaParticipatory cotton breeding for organic and low input farming in Central IndiaFinckhMessmer
Sagemüller, FrederikAgriculture and rural finance: A case study from the central Andean highlands of PeruWollniBlack
Schmitt, Vincent Participatory entrepreneurship development for decentralized compost production: A case study from the city of Patancheru, AP, IndiaNiggliAmerasinghe
Schütz, LukasSurvey of agricultural practices and possibilities for integrated pest management and sustainable resource management in the Mojanda watershed, EcuadorVidalUlber
Siwang, Ratna SogianAccess to formal credit and the success of micro, small, and medium enterprises in Central SulawesiIndonesiaBlackQaim
Soto Rubio, AdrianaWhat factors determine consumer behavior toward homemade food products?SpillerWollni
Tränkner, MerleAnalysis of virulence, genetic structure and mating type of East African Magnaporthe oryzae isolatesKoopmannv. Tiedemann
Utami, Anisa DwiThe Implication of Wood Price Changes on Deforestation in IndonesiaBruemmer
Lira Valdes, NancyEncouraging Organic Agriculture as a Sustainable Development Intrument to Create Employment for Smallholder Rural Farmers in Yucatán, MéxicoKnerrJiménez Osornio
Wang, YihuaMobilization Of Potassium In Different Soils And Root Uptake In Sugar Beet Simulated By Mathematical ModelingSteingrobeDittert
Riera Yankeliovich, Felix SebastianConstraints in the Dissemination of Improved Groundnut Varieties in Malawi, Mozambique and ZambiaQaimBlack
Yarmi, Mega Sari RatnaFactors Influencing IndonesiaCocoa Export to European UnionBruemmer
Yépez Freire, Antonio JoséDetermining the market potential of arazá (Eugenia stipitata) jam in Quito, Ecuador - market segmentation of jam consumersHammBeske