Summer semester 2009

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates on July 17, 2009. 80 students graduated in the summer semester 2009. The award winners were:

  • Gustav-Hacker Award: Christine Weißenberg, Anna Olschewsky
  • Best Master's Degree (University Association): Daniel Mühlrath, Lukas Baumgart, Sarah Brumlop
  • best non-European thesis: Verena Vandamme, Andreas Dittrich
  • Prize of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Lower Saxony: Jutta Scheurenberg

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Bahjaj, Abderrazzaq

Influence of biodynamic spray preparations horn manure and 'horn silica on growth behavior and quality characteristics of carrots

v. Fragstein


Bense, Claudia

The energetic use of renewable resources - An analysis using the example of five plants of the tropical greenhouse



Brugger, Bernadette

not publicPupils

Lange, Katja

Deutschmann, Odilei Volmar

Suitability of automatic milking systems for dynamic agriculture


Dietzel, Alexander

Mango drying: Application of the HACCP procedure under consideration of the quality characteristics demanded by the trade - on an example in Pakistan



, Andrea

Analysis and evaluation of a land consolidation procedure - model calculation considering management costs, cutting effects and hunting value reduction on the basis of a case study


Elst, Claudia

Organic agriculture in Uganda


Hülsebusch / 


Gerlach, Annika

The symbolic meaning of the cherry



Goertsches, David

Beekeeping and genetic engineering in conflict


Herrmann, Jonas

Influence of farm sizes on production parameters in organic beekeeping


Hesshaus, Julia Caroline

not publicZanderMöller

Holloh, Regine

Procurement of Gvo-free feed raw materials


Loewen, Juliane

Education and training of agricultural family advisors in Germany


Perthen, Jann

The stinging nettle, application and effect in different healing methods





Consideration of the status, problems and perspectives of landscape management with Soay sheep at the Geusdin site

Van Elsen


Unterholzner, Lea

Problems and chances of a regional textile flax production - development in Germany and Austria


Vandamme, Verena

Reasons and effects of Chinese involvement in the agricultural sector in sub-Saharan Africa


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1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Lucht, Anita

Approach to the problem of disturbed mother-bound calf rearing and practical testing of a new system of restrictive suckling


Kolmar, Harald

Ecol. Environmental Protection

Disability work in development cooperation - aspiration and reality - using the example of a community-based rehabilitation project in the Indian state of Orissa 


Van Elsen

Name, first nameFinal subject1st supervisor2nd supervisor
Ahlrichs, FranziskaBusiness start-up with water buffaloes for milk productionHenselAnspach
Albrecht, JuliaCultivation planning and calculation of vegetable cultivation on the organic farm WaldhausenMittelstrassPupils
Becker, RuthModel calculation and scenario calculation for the investigation of the economic use of horse labor in agriculture and horticultureMöllerGate
Brown, ViktorHerbaceous mushroom cultivation in plastic bottles - description of the cultivation method and calculation of the economic efficiencyPupilMöller
Dandemoraju, Monikanot publicPupilMöller
Emanuel, MarieMass fluxes of fuel-relevant constituents during mechanical pressing of grassland silages of the Hessian Rhön with special reference to extensive grasslandMöllerPupil
Gerard, AnnabelleThe living and working community of pasture - Hardebek in Schleswig-HolsteinVan ElsenPupil
Grosse, MeikeVariability in F7 of 6 composite cross wheat populations with respect to developmental stages and pest infestationFinckhHammer
Rooster, Anna Marienot publicVan ElsenKnierim
Hoyer-Welge, KatrinThe statutory auerbau law of Hesse and the northwestern German court order - a comparative legal analysisWebMöller
Ingerowski, JanaUse of farm animals in animal-assisted pedagogy and therapySimantkeJürgens
Jopski, AlexandraBackground on the non-approval of the sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni as food in the European UnionStudentHethke
Kürschner, Anna LenaStability and consumer attitudes in the household panel of the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK)HammSeuring
Li Frank, Jananot publicBaarsUwe vulture
Lindinger, ChristophIntegration of the principles of organic farming and nutritional ecology in the socio-ecological model settlement Ökodorf Sieben LindenVan ElsenPloeger
Lorenz. KatharinaDecision criteria for the delivery of farm milk to one of the dairies under consideration in the region, with special consideration of the economic viability of different feeding systems for the farm LorenzhofKrutzinnaBaars
Möller, AnnaFarm handovers/farm handover processesViethMittelstrass
Morgenstern, MoritzRecommendations for the management of horn-bearing cowsRecommendations for the management of horn-bearing cowsKnierimBaars
Neumann, FalkGerman agriculture and agricultural policy in the First World WarTrossbachPoppinga
Neumann, MariusTurf production / herb seeding - compilation of techniques and cultivation / maintenance / harvesting methodsHenselPupils
Olschewsky, AnnaHuman nutrition from an anthroposophical point of viewBaarsVan Elsen
Priesemann, LenaDevelopment of holistic perception and concepts of plants in a bioethical contextBaarsFremerey
Quendt, Ulrichnot publicPupilsFinckh
Rehberg, Max MalteFlight and infestation course of the European and American cherry fruit fly in the cultivation area of Witzenhausen with special regard to the fruit development of sweet and sour cherriesSauckeHethke
Ristel, MatthiasPossibilities to increase the resistance of grapevine varieties by new geneticsFinckhPupil
Scheurenberg, JuttaIntegration of homeless people in agriculture - potentials and problems on two organic farmsVan ElsenMittelstrass
Schmid, Jörg SimonEnvironmental awareness through school farms: results of a qualitative case studyJürgensVan Elsen
Schmitz, Simonenot publicMöllerZander
Weissenberg, ChristineHow does a regional dairy come into being? - an analysis of practical experiences on the process of creation of regional dairiesPoppingaKrutzinna
Wintzer, JennyThe living and working community Weide-Hardebek in Schleswig-HolsteinVan ElsenPupils
Wittler, HeikoPossibilities of action for gudoparasite management in goats in organic farmingRahmannWerner

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Dittrich, Andreas

Satellite based study on landuse changes in Dzungarian rive oasis (Central Asia)



Maqsood, Shafique

not publicLudwigMichel

Ramalingam, Yuvasenthil Kumar

The perspectives of primary sector in the booming economy of India


Al Shereiqi, Adil

The effect of climatic parameters on feed and water intake of cattle and small ruminants in semi-arid


Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Klaiß, Matthias

Measurements of N2  O emissions in Kakamega, Kenya and comparison of mwaseurement methods in an incubation trial under controlled conditions in a climate chamberBürkertPredotova

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Bermanakusumah, Fitria

Globalization and food security in rural Indonesia - an analysis of relevant government agencies and ngo


Bickel, Malte

The influence of product prices on the seasonal purchase behaviour of organic food consumers



Mühlrath, Daniel

Integrating quality and supply chain management in a medium-sized organic food enterprise - a case study