Summer semester 2020

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences was unable to hold a graduation ceremony this semester due to Corona. In summer semester 2020, 70 students graduated. The department honored the following award winners: 

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Johanna Preußer
  • Very good MSc (University Association): Leonie Domas

They have successfully completed their studies:

Name Thesis Supervisor 1Supervisor 2
Barthel, MatthiasInfluence of hot air drying on the feed value of lucerne products differentiated according to 3 cutting times for laying hensMöllerFlower
Bittner, KatharinaEffect of the presence of different milkers on behavior, heart rate and heart rate variability of dairy cowsZippEbinghaus
Bliestle, LeonhardInfluence of different arbuscular mychorrhizal species on colonization rate and growth in spring barleyKösslerJörgensen
Bock, MichaelaFarming in Nature's Image - Mark Shepard's agroforestry system for the German contextWolpertGraß
Böhm, JohannaDescriptive statistics on the development of different topic complexes in the journal Züchtungskunde  from 1926 to 2019HinrichsEbinghaus
Brand, XeniaDevelopment of the educational module 'From clover, cow, compost & Climate: the role of the carbon cycle for climate change and agriculture for the 2000 m² world tillage fieldHeßBoye
Brockmann, Lenkenot publicBackesJahnke
Chwolka, AleksandraForest gardens as a sustainable form of land use with a focus on water efficiency using the example of the 'Forest&Meadow' projectWolpertGraß
Cordes, InkenWhite lupin and oats in a mixture for biomass production for use as biogas substrate or whole plant silage for ruminant feedingHeßBöhm (Thünen Institute)
Dirsch, AnneHeterogeneous wheat populations - influencing factors for use in the bakery tradeSiegmeierWeedon
Eggers, Björnnot publicSiegmeierHorn
Engler, Tim"Genotype-environment interaction in cauliflower - influence of soil and weather on the expression of the traits flower diameter and loosening rate"FinckhWember
Englert, PaulineThe influence of plant charcoal in combination with manure on soil respiration - plant charcoal application as a potential for climate change mitigation?"LudwigGunina
Franke, LenaAdvisory structures for the development of social agriculture using the example of  Hessenvan ElsenRetkowski (BTU)
Gerke, Julia KatharinaMovement activity of late pregnant and postpartum mares with and without the influence of a light programKrischkeNagel (Graf Lehndorff Institute)
Grass, VolkerPotentials of modern agroforestry systems with regard to anthropogenic climate changeGraßWolpert
Hack, AnnikaInteractions between woody strips and agricultural crops in temperate agroforestry systemsGrassWolpert
Herderich, NicoleSuboptimal Food - Problems and possible solutions in marketing - Analysis of interviews with expertsJahnkeKrikser
Hien, MaxFarming in Nature's Image - Mark Shepard's Agroforestry System for the German ContextWolpertGrass
Imrecke, Eva"Effects of the use of young red clover grass silage in the feeding of fattening pigs on fattening performance and carcass quality"FlowerWitten
Kamp, MiriamAnalysis of candidate SNPs and their associated genes in Vicia faba using bioinformatic methodsBackesSchmitt (University of Göttingen)
Knoch, UlrikePhotovoltaics and photosynthesis - agrophotovoltaics as a dual use system in organic agricultureGrassMühlrath
Krieger, LauraUse of organic food in university catering: barriers and success factorsHerzigMühlrath
Kühnemann, AlinaHow is the innovation culture of Demeter farms within the Federal Republic of Germany to be evaluated? The innovation phenomenon 'mother-/nurse-bound calf husbandry is examined on the basis of two case studies.Kusche/HeßSimantke
Kutzke, JonasGas emission measurements on cattle dung compostBrunsIngold
Ley, Antonia"Influences of season and green manure on the earthworm population under reduced tillage YoungJörgensen
Ludwig, SebastianTraining for advisors of organic farms with regard to the situation of the agricultural advisory system in GermanyBoltenHaase
Meyer, HannahSocial space oriented jobs in social agriculture - a measure in terms of empowerment? Using the example of the 'Mensch inklusive' initiative of Lebenshilfe Schweinfurtvan ElsenRetkowski (BTU)
Tomorrow, Manuelnot publicMöllerBlumenstein
Pahlke, JannisDevelopment of exploitation strategies of invasive plant species using the example of bracken fern in Wales, Great BritainStenchlyKätzl
Preußer, JohannaInfluence of drinking quantity on the behavior of rearing calvesIvemeyerEbinghaus
Reuss, JaninaMortellaro - a multifactorial hoof disease - Therapeutic measures and sustainable controlKrutzinnaKrieger
Reuter, GideonInfluence of transfer mulch on Phytophthora infestans in organic potato productionYoungKirchner
Robrecht, ChristianAlternative recycling concept for roadside greenery and biowaste in the Kassel districtKätzlWachendorf
Ruch, BenjaminAssessment of process costs and performance of alternative clover grass utilization on farm model levelMöllerBruns
Schleep, Leon"Consideration of relevant design criteria for the establishment of agroforestry systems in the context of 'biointensive' vegetable production"YoungGraß
Schlieder, Lena"Important factors of influence of human-animal interaction on the behavior of horn-bearing cows in loose housings"KnierimEbinghaus
Schmidt, SofieMinimal tillage systems as a chance for regenerative vegetable productionJörgensenPeth
Schneider, Maya-Marienot publicHammSiegmeier
Schöffel, RainerCan Scottish Highland cattle in Germany still be called robust cattle compared to cattle in the area of origin? Which factors can be considered as a measure for the term Robustness?HinrichsKönig-von Borstel
Schwarz, JessicaEvaluation of the farm trips 'From the field to the mouth' using the example of randomly selected school classes in 2019KrikserKretschmer
Schulz, LisaInfestation and infestation progression of aphids in winter wheat crop - comparison between populations, mixtures and pure varietiesKirchnerSaucke
Spicher, Leoninot publicSiegmeierHethke
Thiessen, Gesa KatharinaComparison of performance and health of organic dairy herds with pure fresh grass and hay feeding and herds with silage feedingIvemeyerKnierim
Trabert, Julia not publicEbinghausKnierim
Uppenkamp, Finn Hanke"Soil carbon accumulation in short rotation coppice under poplar and willow"WachendorfGraß
People, MaximilianFurther development of the existing protocol application for the monitoring of beehives with special regard to the sciherity of database systemsKirchnerHensel
Werner, Annika"Reduction of nutrient inputs in free-range laying hens by the use of substrates"Delics/HeßDeerberg
Woeste, Marie Christinnot publicSiegmeiervan Elsen
Wolff, Jean LouisHermetic Storage of maize in vacuumed plastic bottles for protection against harmful insects. The example of Sitophilus ZeamaisHenselSaucke
Zierke, Lewisnot publicFrickeKnierim

NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Domas, LeonieWhat is the potential of Holistic Planned Grazing in Southwest France?PoorHülsebusch
Herzberg, IdaEstimating aboveground barley biomass in agroforestry systems from multispectral drone imageryAstorWachendorf, Michael
Hesse, SophiePerspectives of social farming in prison - research needs and implementation strategiesvan ElsenRetkowski
Kohnen, YvonneThe involvement of farmers in transdisciplinary research in Germany between intrinsic motivation and external conditionsNewKrikser
Kühn, DavidCreation of an itemset for the topics 'regional' and 'organic food'KrikserPlieninger
Schönborn, SelinaHealth prevention as a mission and its transfer into the educational practice of green professions - Evaluation of a qualification strategy for teachers at Deula schoolsNewKrikser
Steigerwald, SophieDevelopment of a method for the description of heterogeneous plant material using the example of four wheat (Triticum aestivum) composite cross populationsFinckhBackes
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Alcocer Martinez, Pamela EstefaniaAcceptability of spreads made with pea starch concentrateQuadtBirringer
Davila, RubyIs a food ecology approach to Westernised school food systems an effective way to more sustainable practices for children and their communities? A Case Study on one pioneering 'Conscious KitchenSextonPage
Kabir, HumayunCoffee Quality Handbook: A Study on Different Coffee Brand Tiers and Quality of Coffee Capsule"LoppJanssen
Sharif, Muhammad Nawaznot publicBirrignerSostmann (Döhler GmbH)
Weber, JasminOn the sensory description of plant-based whipped creams: A comparison between the consumer and the sensory expert panelBusscherStrack (University of Göttingen)
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Backhaus, Anna Kristinanot publicBürkert
Chen, Chaoqunnot publicKedingHartwig
Holley, Aiden Johnnot publicWollni
Hüseman, Henrikenot publicBruemmer
Kwanin, Juliananot publicHerzig
Possner, Annkathrinnot publicMußhoffvon Cramon-Taubadel
Quarcoo, Jonathannot publicStorm