Summer semester 2011

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates at July 15, 2011. 48 students graduated in the summer semester 2011. The award winners were:

  • Gustav-Hacker Prize: Tobias Sobieroj (BSc)
  • Prize of the association "Sustainable Landuse and Food Culture": Eny Palupi (IFBC)
  • Prize for the best non-European thesis: Stephan Behrendt (BSc)

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1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Beesten von, Fabian

Organic soybean cultivation for tofu in different Central European locationsStudentHaase

Tribe, Felix Florian

Not publicJörgensenBruns
Name, first nameThesis

1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Werren, Dagmar

Not public

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Thesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Appel, Sascha

Farm economic effects of different strategies for the conversion of a running dairy cattle production system to full grazing with seasonal calvingSiegmeierKrutzinna

Behmenburg, Christine

Planning of an ecological sow house in the field of tension between animal welfare and economyPleschMöller

Behrendt, Stephan

Occurrence of different banana varieties in the Wadi Tiwi Oman and potentials for their marketingBürkertBrinkmann

Berchtold, Gabriele

Conversion of an ecological tethered barn into a loose housing system for horned dairy cattlePleschKrutzinna

Börner, Wiebke Daniela

Comparison of lambings of purebred Bunte Deutsche Edelziege with crosses of Bunte Deutsche Edelziege and Boer billy goat with regard to heavy birthsRahmannUde

Von Cysewski, Maximilian

Nitrogen balancing on the example of Roggentiner Hof considering different system levelsSundrumMühlrath

Diermayer, Katharina

Planning of a composting system for the organic farm Engemann HaasePupil

Ehls, Jonas

Integration of fruit crops into a self-harvesting initiativeMittelstrassHensel

Feindt, Vitus Alexander

Effects of biodynamic horn manure preparation (P 500) and variants on the growth of spring barley in root boxesBaarsBürkert

Fischer, Tasja

The design of the performance offer of the Arabian show Bairactar MemorialHammBeske

Galster, Fridtjof

Not publicPinentKing

Hubenthal, Christine

The new sustainability is called: "RESILIENCE" -future-proof agriculture in a society with human scaleViethPaech

Koch, Anne

Qualification paths for social agriculture - Survey of existing needs and supplyVan ElsenMittelstrass

Moser, Lukas

Substrate production for biogas plants in a two-crop utilization systemGrassHaase

Onken, Jens

Utilization determination  of automatic milking systems on Hessian dairy farms and investigation of the influence of different management-influenced indicatorsKingKrutzinna

Plantener, Cornelia

Organic shoots and sprouts. A quality-oriented view of production and tradeKahlPupil

Schmidt, Sven

Discussion of a species-appropriate and site-adapted pig and chicken husbandry using the example of Hof LunaKnierimPostler/Krutzinna

Scollick, Sinja

Farm size effects in organic dairy goat farmsMöllerRahmann

Sippel, Jennifer

Effects of a changed animal-feedlot ratio on the horn bumping behavior of cowsKnierimKrutzinna

Sobieroj, Tobias

ECOBALANCE (Life Cycle Assessment) - A comparative view on conventional and organic milk productionAminforoughiKrutzinna

Treißl, Arnim

Not publicWachendorfGraß

Wenzel, Katharina

Development opportunities of organic plant breeding through participation of stakeholders in the value chainFinckhPupil

Ziegler, Simon

Urban agriculture in Germany - A comparison of different forms of land management in German citiesVan ElsenHaase

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2nd supervisor

Abolkasim, Kadiga

Influence of liming and N supply on C and N mineralization of soil organic matter and root litter of a short rotation plantationWachendorf, CLudwig

Grosse, Meike

Competitiveness of Wheat Plants in an Evolving Wheat PopulationFinckhDöring

Imhäuser, Andrea

Agroforestry systems in Germany: valuable wood production with (wild) fruit trees on extensive grasslandWachendorf, CGraß

Hannes, Michael

Seasonal full grazing - factors influencing farm success. An economic analysis for conversion adviceMöllerBaars

Medvedeva, Olga

Implementation of a HACCP concept in an Armenian dairy plantPloegerKahl

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1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Akuchu, Agnelus Mbuwih

Preservation and Storage of Leafy VegetablesFrom FragsteinHensel

Chinchilla. Caren Milena

Not publicHenselSaucke

Come, Warren

Environmental effects of ruminant husbandry systems  in protected area of Batanes Islands, PhilippinesPoorBrinkmann

Gautam, Surendra

Effects of Mycorrhiza and Rock-Phosphate on growth and Phosphorus uptake in Artemisia annua L. 'Anamed' and some remarks in the context of malaria and Artemesia annua related knowledge of people in Nepalv. FragsteinHammer
Moe, Myat ThuOptimization of Rapeseed Cake Fermentation for Food IndustryHenselGap

Tagnigue, Roland Kuete

Identification of agro-pastoralists adaptation strategies to climate variability: A case study in Mopti-MaliKaufmannBad

Santiago Revelo

Ecuador: Entre la Iniciativa Yasuni-ITT (ISHPINGO TAMBOCOCHA-TIPUTINI) o explotar los ultimos campos petroleros de la Región Amazonica KnerrBürkert

Shrestha Pokhrel, Rashni

Induced Resistance of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicon L.) by 9 Plant-Strengtheners and BABA against - Phytophtora infestans (Mont) de BaryButzFinckh

Salvaro de Souza, Marco Aurelio

Energy production from extensive grassland in flood plains of watercourses in Northern HesseWachendorfGrass

Odette Denis Weedon

Project work: A brief look at some socio-economic and legal aspects of industrial agriculture: Seed monopolies and sustainable agriculture FinckhLink (University of Göttingen)

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1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Balakrishnan, Srinath

Sustainability in Indian Food Industries & ConsumersPloegerFreytag-Leyer

Bantle, Christina

Success factors for collective marketing by small  banana producers in Central AmericaHammMöller

Hamidi, Hura Sadat

Study on Iran food market trend and writing a business plan for a trade companyKöbberlingLohmann

Palupi, Eny

Comparison of nutritional quality of conventional and organic dairy product: A meta-analysisKahlPloeger

Seremani, Tapiwa Winston

An analysis of product communication on Fairtrade products: The example of HIV/AIDS related initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa selling products in GermanyHammPloeger

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1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Mauricio Corra Neto, ArnaldoDeterminants of the compliance of honey producers with HACCP-based quality management: The case of family apiculture in Northeastern BrazilBarkmannWollni
Han, Eu SunStructure, income opportunities and agricultural resources endowments of farm households in degraded mine land areas of Gatumba, Western Rwanda - Under the project: "Sustainable Restituition / Recultivation of Artisanal Tantalum Mining Wasteland in Central Africa" funded by Volkswagen FoundationBürkert
Nguyen, Thi Ai NghiaTurnip rape, a potential trap crop to control Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) in organic winter oilseed rape?v. Fragstein
Romero Granja, Cristina MaraStandards and contracts between small-scale pineapple farmers and exporters in the Huetar Norte Region in Costa RicaWollni
Villanueva Ramrez, Indira GabrielaAssessments of the effectiveness of unannounced certification inspections in the organic food sectorSpiller
Whitney, CoryA Survey of Wild Collection and Cultivation of Indigenous Species in Iceland and the Faroe Islands