Summer semester 2015

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on July 17, 2015. 70 students graduated in the summer semester 2015. Awardees:inside were:

  • Best Degrees Sustainable International Agriculture (Sustainable Landuse + Food Culture Association): Mareike Aufderheide, Yoshi Mari
    Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
    Albrecht, Mayanot publicHerzigSiegmeier
    Arnold, CarolinRecording of measures for the improvement of udder health in dairy sheep in theory and practice and their economic considerationC. WernerMöller
    Ballhaus, MariaMarketing of goat meat in Norway - experiences and requirements of the catering industryHammRahmann
    Barth, Fabiannot publicRahmannMittelstrass
    Bohe, Beatrice YvonneBiodynamic agriculture, Christian community and anthroposophy in National Socialism on the basis of publications of individual letters, documents and journal articles in the years 1933 - 1945TroßbachFritz
    Böhm, FranziskaInfluence of wick marking on the dry matter of pea (Pisum Sativum L.)Heß/HupeBruns
    Brandt, LasseFarm comparison of specific laying hen farms under economic and ecological aspectsMöllerKnierim
    Eberbach, LisaTrade union work and social certification in seasonal agricultural work using the example of the 'Fair Seasonal Work' projectHerzigAndorfer
    Eickel, ThomasUse of porous hoses as an alternative to drip hoses for subsurface irrigation with potable water and treated wastewater of maize in Outapi, NamibiaHenselRichter
    Fürchtenbusch, MoritzMobile and stationary free-range systems for laying hens - nitrogen dynamics in comparisonHeßDeerberg
    Gather, Johannanot publicKnerrMöller
    Gerigk, JacquelineInfluence of different parameters on the decomposition of leaf litter in the laboratory and in the fieldChr. WachendorfUteau-Puschmann
    Hensgen, ElisabethYield estimation of willows in an agroforestry system using the regression methodM. WachendorfGraß
    Hinze, AdelheidWorking conditions in agricultureKrikserMöller
    Hinze, AnsgarPossible uses of oil press cakes of camelina and hemp from decentralized oil mills with special regard to human nutritionGapSt. Behrendt
    Hohmann, Lisa GiselaDeterminants of lease price development in Hesse - an empirical analysisMöllerKrutzinna
    Hornung, KonradEffects of grain damage by the field bean weevil on the juvenile development of field beans and when seed is dressed with tanninSauckeBruns
    Hunter, Aykonot publicTroßbachJochen Dürr
    Kenner, AnnaMilk intake in mother-bound calf rearing on the Rengoldshausen farm estateIvemeyerKnierim
    Kluth, Jacobnot publicKingBrügemann
    Kohler, JohannaLying behavior and lying preferences of dairy cows in different lying systems on the Hessian state domain FrankenhausenIvemeyerKrutzinna
    Kohnen, YvonneOptimization approaches for solidarity farming - An empirical study using the example of the Dorfgarten Hebenshausen e.V.KrikserVan Elsen
    Lion, DominikStart-up of farms in France using the example of the organic farm 'Lapaloup Gemeinschaftsarbeit)KrutzinnaBiewer
    Loose, Vincentnot publicBeanRommelfanger
    Lutz, Charlottenot publicKingSimantke
    Marquart, FriedwartCarrot cultivation on the Dottenfelder Hof - weak points and optimization possibilitiesFrom FragsteinFritz
    Matyschok, AnnaCold storage insulation from renewable resources for the storage of agricultural products in Ethiopia, Kenya and UgandaHenselRichter
    Prinz, SusanneNitrate-containing vegetables as an alternative to nitrate curing salt in meat and sausage productionPloegerLudwig
    Reese, OdaEffects of a suppressive compost on the response of peas to Fusarium avenaceum and Phoma medicaginis and possible influences of variable temperaturesFinckhLuke
    Rödiger, GeraldineThe image of agriculture in Germany! A survey among schoolgirlsAndorferM. Janssen
    Rupek, KevinSurvey of measures to improve udder health in dairy sheep in theory and practice and their economic consideration.Ch. WernerMöller
    Sander, LauraTreatment success of bovine mastitis on an organic dairy farm with a focus on drylot managementIvemeyerCarlone Doehring
    Sangermann, Tessanot publicPethJörgensen
    Sökefeld, LorenzInvestigations on the suitability of different genetic groups for automatic milking systemsKingBrügemann
    Schelbert, TheresaMonitoring of straw quality in organic farmsWernerSundrum
    Schumacher, RubenApproaches to improve the storage conditions of medicinal plants with special regard to air humidity HenselStorm
    Steppler, NicolaInvestigation of customer satisfaction with the product flower meadow mixture from wild seedsHammBackes
    Thiengthepvongsa, Jacob SisanaComparison of solar technologies for thermal applicationsHenselJudge
    Wittich, StefanieBreeding objectives in the eventing horseKingBrügemann
    Wolf, LuciaArable wild herb protection through organic farmingVan ElsenKrikser
    Wolff, JulianeOptimization of a dairy farm  regarding milk yield and animal healthKriegerKrutzinna
    Zähringer, AnouchaStart-up of farms
    In France using the example of the organic farm Lapaloup (joint work)
    Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
    Bag, SonjaWholesale market analysis for the sales of vegetable production of an organic farmHammMühlrath
    Boye, ChristineEffect of different composts on plant health of peas (Pisum sativum) under influence of Phoma medicaginis and Fusarium avenaceumFinckhBacanovic
    Gremmer, PiaInvestigation of factors influencing consumer preferences in the choice between regional and organic products in food shopping and possibilities of consumer segmentationHammKahl
    Hohls, CharlotteEffect of reduced tillage with mulch application and of compost application and variable preceding crops on the epidemiology of Phytophthora infestans Mont. De Bary and Rhizoctonia solani Frank Donkin potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.).FinckhBruns
    Querhammer, LisaDevelopment of a practice-oriented concept for the control of production-integrated compensation measures with organic agricultureHeßFrieben
    Stauf, MariekeNon-profit agriculture - experiences, challenges and development perspectivesv. ElsenSpehl
    Wöllner, Mariusnot publicHeßGrass
    Wintzer, JennyHost plant spectrum of Paratylenchus bukowinensis and damage pattern analysis on selected cropsHallmannSchmidt, J. H.
    Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
    Al-Naib, Reem Mohammed Habeebnot publicFreytag-LeyerTroßbach
    Balasubramaniam, BhuvanyaInternational Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) Organic Principles - Guidelines Vs PracticeVogtmannv. Fragstein
    Beigmohammadi, ElhamStatus-quo quality and safety of organic foodKahlBirringer
    Loboda, NataliaApplication of Food Safety Initiative FRAPP 'Fruit Risk Assessment Programme for Pesticides' in the Fruit Juice IndustryJanssenDr. Rieth (TU Karlsruhe)
    Macuda, Zarinenot publicJanssenHagspihl
    Menzel, Katharina Victorianot publicHammRooster
    Müller, SonjaOperational Prerequisite Programs in ISO 22000:2005 and FSSC 22000. Bridging the Gap between Theory and PracticeJanssenKahl
    Zaleeva, Elenanot publicBirringerTitze
    Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
    Amprako, Louis KwakuThe impact of landscape characteristics on biodiversity of spider assemblages in okra fields along a rural-urban gradient of two West African citiesAmprako, Louis KwakuBürkertStenchly
    Aufderheide, MareikeReproductive performance and modelled herd development of cattle kept by Borana pastoralists in Southern EthiopiaKaufmannBad
    Cordes, HannaEnvironmental Life Cycle Costing of Organic Blueberry Production in Chile
    Fitriana, MaikaPrice Transmission in Chili Market in Indonesiavon Cramon-Taubadel
    Grotelüschen, KristinaLablab purpureus L. Sweet: A promising multipurpose legume for enhanced drought and improved household nutritional status in smallholder farming systems of Eastern KenyaWhitbread
    Hemminger, KarolineTowards integrated assessment of gender relations in farming systems analysis
    Hentschel, KristinReduction of Post-Harvest Losses - A Research on the Methodology of Quantification
    Höhne, MariaA participatory situation analysis of Tanzanian smallholder farming systems: Identifying points of entry for innovation from the farmer`s perspectiveKaufmannKnerr
    Hunter, MariaA novel approach to trait recording for the determination of inter and intra breed differences of dairy cattle in pasture-based systemsKingvon Borstel
    Landau, AnnikaPotential pollution loads and the user`s view about the topic in urban gardening projects
    Mari, YoshiFeatures and Challenges of Nutrition Transition as a global paradigm: social practices and multi-level governance in the transition towards more sustainable food systemsPloegervon Fragstein
    Vieth, Juliane KatharinaRevival of life reform principles through complementary currencies - Old concepts within a new framework? Pathways to an alternative way of living via economic initiatives by the example of the harbor town Lyttelton/New Zealand