Winter semester 2013/14

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates on February 13, 2014. 63 students graduated in the winter semester 2013/14. The award winners were:

  • Best Master Ecological Agriculture: Verena Uhlig
  • Best Master Sustainable Landuse and Food Culture: Ina Trumpf
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Berger, HelfriedDevelopment and construction of a mobile housing system for organic rabbit breedingRichter, U.Siegmeier
Neumair, MarleneSocial agriculture in prison - A research on agricultural work in the German prison systemVan ElsenTroßbach
Wenzel, Danielnot PublicBeanRommelfanger
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Becher, TabeaVan ElsenIvemeyer
Bohl, SusanneComparison of the weight development of kid goats in pasture fattening systems with two concentrates intensities and consideration of the economic efficiency of the systemsRahmannMöller
Brändle, PhillippAvailability of "GMO-free" protein feeds in GermanyGraßMaike Janssen
Burka, MatthiasVan ElsenGebauer
Christoph, MoritzPedagogical work with farm animals at the Parzival schools in Karlsruhe, GermanyVan ElsenIvemeyer
Essamba, Suzie MarteBeanMöller
Esser, Anna ChristinaCrop diversity once and now - a guided tour concept for adults in the teaching and learning garden at the tropical greenhouseHethkeTo the field
Fissek, AlenaCustomer satisfaction analysis in the organic country hotel AnnaHammMühlrath
Catch, ChristinaDevelopment of a breeding strategy in the population "Angler Rotvieh" considering genotype variants for hornlessness and K-caseinKingPinent
Fighter, TimLabels for sustainably produced fish - knowledge and attitudes of consumersMeike JanssenSiegmeier
Kamprad, GescheStrategic planning for the organic store and the small structured farmMöllerVieth
Klauck, JuliaFarmer-researchers - How to promote knowledge acquisition in Participatory Plant BreedingBackesNiggli
Kratz, DaisyDevelopment of a demand-based educational concept for participatory herb farmingHeßMittelstrass
Krömer, Ann-KathrinSheep and old German shepherd dogs - a historical review into the 20th centurySimantkeTroßbach
Lüpper, VerenaFarmer looking for a wife - choosing a partner in agricultureMittelstrassHeike Beyer
Mang, SvendeReintroduction and conservation of endangered field wild herbs Methods and experiences of four expertsVan ElsenKrikser
Neder, JuliaInfluence of different mixture partners on soil-borne diseases of peaFinckhGronle
Szell, BalintEffect of inoculation, nitrogen supply and compost application on nodulation and N uptake of soybean (Glycine max (L). Merr.) in a pot experimentHeßHaase
Tkacz, Maren NinianeWorking time surveys during haymaking with working horses to compare traditional and modern equine techniquesBlumensteinJudge
Ulm, RebeccaSauckeGronle
Wenneckers, FelixKingHülsebusch
Goat horn, SarahSatisfaction in business relations of the Swiss organic agriculture using the example of Bio SuisseMühlrathJansse, Meike
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Griese, SigridEvaluation and perception of communication materials on agro-biodiversity by consumersHammPloeger
Ristel, MatthiasComparison of scab resistance of different apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) progeniesFinkhDr. Kellerhals
Schulz, Hannesnot publicBrunsHeß
Ufer, IlkaLong-term effects of mother-bound calf rearingKnierimBarth, Kerstin (Thünen Institute Trenthorst)
Uhlig, VerenaImpact pathways of research projects on dairy farmsHeß/WolfKnierim
Ullrich, CorinnaOptimization of an advertising brochure for a food product with the PGI sealMeike JanssenPloeger
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Asgha, BanguningConsumer attitudes, understanding and use of nutrition information on food labels: a case study in Semarang City, Central Java, IndonesiaFreytag-LeyerJoh. Janssen
Dahmen, StaphanieDevelopment of a gluten-free dessert based on starchy plantsHenselKahl
David, Ester Pia (Cordova)Perception and attitude towards health claims: a comparative study between the United States and GermanyFreytag-LeyerL. Zurawicki
Dharma, Astari WidyaCallenges in sustainable cocoa production in Indonesia: Case study and assessmentJ. JanssenFreytag-Leyer
Mohnhaupt, JudithThe maintenance of traditional values of food consumption and cultural identity - An examination of the religious and ethical values in the example of PolandPloegerFreytag-Leyer
Münz, Sebastiannot publicSchraderFreytag-Leyer
Pfaff, TamaraCassava - Rheological Properties of Baked Goods and Consumer AcceptanceGrupaHensel
Puente Garcia, Adriananot publicFreytag-LeyerJoh. Janssen
Rajasekaran, SaravananBrand Promotion through Social Media: A Case Study on Food and Beverage CompaniesMeike JanssenPloeger
Trump, InaRebranding the Dual Brand Dr. Oetker FunfoodsMeike JanssenPloeger
YudistaConsumers Perception and Intention of Buying towards Organic Food Product in JakartaFreytag-LeyerPloeger

Name, first name


Supervisor 1

Supervisor 2

Barrios Turk, Jose Armando

Understanding sustainable food consumption. Determinants of consumer behavior in Germany and USA.

Spiller, Achim

Wollni, Meike

Dewi, Triana Gita

Farm Profitability and Resource Use in Rubber and Oil Palm Smallholders of Batanghari, Jambi, Indonesia

Qaim, Matin


Gómez Báez, Lady Azucena

The effect of exchange rate on prices transmission of yellow corn from international to domestic Colombian market

Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan von

Greb, Friederike

Jorquera Fuentes, Karen Andrea

Estimating the effect of the real exchange rate on Chile's agricultural exports to the United States.

Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel


Just, Niklas

Economic process evaluation and risk analysis of the energetic utilization possibilities of grass cuttings from urban green areas of the city of Kassel

Möller, Detlef

Wachendorf, Michael

Klimova, Bozena

Interaction of plant residues of three different Brassicas with Pisum sativum in the presence and absence of Fusarium avenaceum and Fusarium solani



Leon Alvarado, Luis Fernando

Assessment of the Central American Cocoa Project in Costa Rica: Did livelihoods of project participants improve?

Black, Stefan

Qaim, Martin

Ma, Liting

Participation in contract aquaculture and impacts on poverty reduction in Hubei Province, China

Wollni, Meike

Blacks, Stefan

Maharjan, Sanjeeb

Labor Migration as a Household Strategy to reduce Poverty - A Case in Nepal



Moraga, Luz

Effects of Agricultural Extension and Finance Provision on Farmers` Welfare

Wollni, Meike


Mouriño, Francisco

Maize Yield in the Argentinean Pampas - An Empirical Study of Productivity and Technical Efficiency

Brümmer, Bernhard

Whitbread, Anthony

Mustafa, Adeel

Effect of air exposure on mucus cortisol concentration of Nile Tilapia

Hörstgen-Schwark, Gabriele

Leimbach, Stefanie

Sakyi, Raymond Kofi

Crop responses to conservation agriculture practices in sub-Saharan Africa: an analysis of existing data

Whitbread, Anthony

Kühne, Ronald Franz

Utami, Ami

The Analysis of Horticultural Diversification in Koto Tinggi Village, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Qaim, Matin

Vijesh Krishna

Valladares Schlesinger, Melissa Maria

Factors hindering value addition to coffee in producing countries: Case study of Guatemalan coffee in the German market

Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan von

Lakner, Sebastian

Wiranthi, Puspi Eko,

Determinants of Household Food Security: A Comparative Analysis of Eastern and Outside Eastern Indonesia

Qaim, Martin

Euler, Michael

Zhang, Jie

Contribution of wild medicinal plants to pastoralists` health care and their conservation threats in Kajiado County, Kenya