Winter semester 2012/13

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates on February 13, 2013. 78 students graduated in the winter semester 2012/13. Award winners were:

  • Best Bachelor Ecological Agriculture (University Association): Dan Zederer
  • Best Master Ecological Agriculture (University Association): Sibylle Faust
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Peters, MarenImpect - Evaluation: Impact-oriented Evaluation in Development Cooperation and its Contributions to an Evaluation of the Performance of Research for Practice and SocietyWolf, Birge/HeßKaufmann
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Berndt, Elisabeth

Husbandry of horned dairy cows - a comparisonKnierimKrutzinna

Cammalleri, Angelo

Resistance induction by means of plant fortifiers using the example of the pathosystem zucchini/ powdery mildewFinckhBruns

Angel, Matthias

Homeopathy application in potato cultivationFinckhv. Fragstein

Freytag, Fridjof

Comparison of Tier i and Tier 4f exhaust gas levels in relation to the engine characteristics of a tractorHenselKrutzinna

Girschick, Matthias

Inventory of farm performance and selected animal health parameters of non-beak-treated laying hens in non-cage systemsKepplerMöller

Hertler, Carolin

Compost barns in dairy farming - An alternative also in organic farming?KnierimBehrens, Martina

Himstedt, Helge

Family breeding in dairy sheep: development of a breeding conceptKingBaars

Hombergen, Florian

not public
Meike Grosse

Kabus, Julian

Analysis of customer satisfaction with an organic food delivery service using "Lotta-Karotta" as a case studyHammAminforoughi

Kälberloh, Roman

Energy production by thermal gasification of solid biomass: A possible business branch for medium-sized farms?MöllerStülpnagel

Krause, Markus

The apprenticeship program on the school farm Hardegsen as a concept for the implementation of ESDHethkeLove

Praise, Vanessa

Nest frequency of laying hens in group nestsPinentJudge, Uwe

Lochner, Johanna

Conservation of biodiversity through organic farming - aspiration and reality -.   - Micro example: The development of species and product diversity of the food assortment at an organic market in Lima/PeruHammVogl (Uni Vienna)

Mallast, Steffen

Displacement of agriculture in semi-urban areas in the course of industrialization using the example of LindenTroßbachAndorfer

Matern, Sugrun

Energy production by thermal gasification of solid biomass: A possible branch of business for medium-sized farms?MöllerStülpnagel

Mauk, Urs

Plant nutrition through soil fertilityJörgensenHaase

Meißner, Marie-Luise

Nature conservation and landscape management on school farms using the example of the International School Farm Hardegsenv. ElsenFricke, Thomas

Mergardt, Gabriele

Visual evaluation of biocrystallization using selected cheese samplesKahlPloeger

Opitz, Sebastian

The farm as a school, approaches of novel teaching concepts on organic farms and their preconditions on the farmv. ElsenMittelstrass

von Pein, Jan

Regulation of the cabbage moth scale insect (Aleyrodes proletella) with crop protection nets in Brussels sproutsSauckeHethke

Seebach, Sandra

not publicKingPinent

Timpe, Tobias

Teaching about genetic engineering at vocational schoolsLoveMittelstrass

Wagner, Franziska

Botrytis cinerea in strawberry cultivation: management options Biological and ConventionalFinckhv. Fragstein

Watermann, Felix

Effects of integrating energy crops into crop rotations in organic farming using winter wheat as an exampleGrassStülpnagel

Wengler, Fabienne

The cultivation of leguminous crops under organic farming conditions in LuxembourgHeßHaase

Zederer, Dan

Effects of conventional, reduced and no-tillage on aggregate-protected and non-hydrolysable soil organic matter fractions for four lond-term trialsLudwigRoss

Zippert, Gisa

not publicHammSiegmeier
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Faust, Sibylle

"Effects of Tamarindus indica L. and manure on seed germination, mineralization rate and microbial properties of soils of South-Western Madagascar"JörgensenBürkert

Hinterstoisser, Peter

not publicTroßbachLove

Hillerich, Laura Antonia

not publicPupilsHeß/Bruns

Ilg, Barbara

not publicDr. GraßDr. Gutzler

Nurmatov, Nodirjon

not publicKnerrF. Ahrorov (lecturer Samarkand University)

Papke, Greta

not publicHenselSchmeisky
Renger, Anjanot publicKingDr. Weißmann (VDI Trenthorst)
Schmidt, Jan Henriknot publicDr. BrunsFinckh
Schmidt, Marc-Jochen"Perspectives of quality management in social farming - on the transferability of Dutch certification approaches to Germany".Dr. von ElsenHeß

Pupil, Imke

Alternatives to imported soy in dairy cattle feedingHeßKrutzinna
Stop, AnnemarieAlternatives to imported soy in dairy cattle feedingHeßKrutzinna

Zimmermann, Christoph

The suitability of biochar from a wood gasification plant for soil improvementJörgensenBruns
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Al Mamum, Md

Quality management of Bangladeshi shrimp farming and processing - an empirical studyJanssenKahl

Arya, Amrita

not publicGap

Brandenburger, Sonja

not publicBirringerFreytag-Leyer

Casares, Daniela

Application of ISO 22000 -Case StudyJohann JanssenBeske

Castro Reyes, Luisa Jaqueline

Social Media Monitoring for Food Products: The Case of Agave SyrupMeike JanssenSeuring
Echeverry Cardenas, ValentinaWhat is behind corporate social responsibility communicationFreytag-LeyerPloeger

Fazlil Khosroshahi, Bahram

Development of a framework on the communication of biodiversity: The case of food companies in AustraliaHammPloeger

Gumudavelly, Santosh Kumar

Solar energy in India and a model business plan to install solar tunnel dryer as a small scale enterprisePloegerFreytag-Leyer

Hills, Andrea

Food waste management systems in non-chain restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USAJohann JanssenPloeger

Jandausch, Christina

not publicKöbberlingLohmann

Koka, Pawan Kumar

Consumer's perception and purchase intentions of organic food products in IndiaFreytag-LeyerTroßbach

Land, Anna

not publicSeuringSchleenbecker
Lange, JeanetteAppropriate methodologies for research on food and healthPloegerKahl

Mohanraj, Kayalvizhi

Development of a product concept for a cereal for elderly (age 50+)HampshireJanssen

Rahmad, Dedy

Study of Baby Food Culture in Banda Aceh . IndonesiaPloegerFreytag-Leyer
Semler, Hannahnot publicJanssenPloeger

Sheshala, Srinivas

Influence of foreign retail chains on buying behaviour of Indian consumersPloegerFreytag-Leyer

Vontari, Rahul

Analysing European Union Food policy decision making process with respect to Stakeholders participationJanssenProf. Schrader/Fulda

Wallach, Julia

not publicKöbberlingHoffmann

Wijayanti, IIn

Feasibility of Food Waste as Animal Feed in Bali, IndonesiaPloegerLiebert (University of Göttingen)

Worlitz, Franziska

not publicKlotterHamm

Yip, Nga Li

not publicJanssenPloeger
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Filaretova, OlgaAuthenticity in Food Marketing: evidence from a panel of German consumersSidaliSpiller

Jaik, Evelyn Olea

Attitudes and behavior towards organic food consumption in Germany and ChileSpillerWollni

Liese, Bernhard

Woody structures influence bee abundance in rice dominated landscapesTscharntkeWestphal

Losilla Solano, Luis Vinicio

LINKING SMALL FARMERS TO HIGH-VALUE CHAINS: A Case Study of inclusive business models in the Costa Rican pineapple (Ananas Comosus) sectorWollniKoopmann

Pannwitt, Heike

Host and plant organ specificity of isolates of Magnaporthe grisea and Magnaporthe oryzae on various hostsTiedemann

Romans, Ulf

Development of a Credit Scoring Model for a Microfinance Bank in TanzaniaMußhoffWeber