Winter semester 2010/11

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel honored its graduates at July 16, 2010. 44 students graduated in the summer semester 2010. The award winners were:

  • Gustav-Hacker Award: Lena Gramann, Cordelia Kreft
  • Best Master's Degree (University Association): Katharina Zipp
  • best non-European thesis: Soma Kumari
  • Prize of the Association of Agricultural Engineers of Lower Saxony: Kai Svennson
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Altmann, Andreas

Possibilities and limits of decentralized energy supply in IndonesiaKnerrHensel

Foth, Nina

Not publicIrrgangWerner

Guleiof, Anne

Multiple recording of the medicinal effects of wild rosesBaarsHethke

Illein, Florian

Influence of sample preparation on the predictive quality of soil parameters using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS)LudwigHeinze

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Albrecht, Mirjam

The interest of small distillers in a regional marketing initiative in the region of Westallgäu- Bavarian Lake Constance

HammSeidel, Frank
Anger, VanessaCommon experiences of farmers regarding self-medication in ruminants (goats)


Aufderheide, Mareike

Working conditions of pastoralists and employed herders on ranches from their own perspective Community work



Bayer, Anna

Not public



Berner, Christina

Status quo report of the life performance herds in Juchowo - development and implementation of an on-farm selection model on the female side".



Buntjer, Hayo

Concept for the reduction of the use of fossil fuels on the Hessian state domain Frankenhausen



Czynski, Karoline

Not public



Drewermann, Svenja

Planning of an ecological berry orchard in Upper Swabia, Allgäu, taking into account landscape ecological aspects

V. Elsen


Ebinghaus, Asja

Not public



Gardener, Laura

Not public



Günther, Inga

Ecological guinea fowl fattening - chances and risks of a business branch


Garreau, Gwenaelle

Sheep grazing for the maintenance of fallow meadows in the Harz Mountains - an alternative to mowing?FrickeRahmann

Von Gersdorff, Imke

Root development and rooting of herbaceous sods considering field conditions


Hagenauer, Tanja

Comparison and evaluation of information materials in agricultural practice on the subject of 'animal welfare-friendly dehorning'.KnierimWerner

Happe, Stefan

The banana cultivars (Musa x paradiciaca L.) of Wadi Tiwi and the mountain oasis Al Jaylah and Maqta in OmanBürkertGebauer

Hennig, Philipp

Near Infrared Spectroscopic (NIRS) Determination of Quality Parameters on Unprocessed Hay Samples


Hennig, Verena

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in direct marketing using the example of the farm store 'Gut Rothenhausen' near Lübeck


Hillerich, Laura Antonia

Not publicHammPloeger/Kahl

Hoyme, Johannes

Status quo and potentials of the culture of marine algae


Kessel, Frank

Conditions of use of forced laborers on large agricultural enterprises during the Second World War using the example of the Hessian State Domain FrankenhausenTrossbachKrutzinna

Laing, Christian

The Potential of Small Farm Structures for the Development of Rural Areas in the European Union


Lowi, Ina

Pig Feedstuffs in South East AsiaPooriSchiborra

Muzzulini, Philipp

Reduced concentrate use in dairy goats under organic conditions as a contribution to feed less food


Offenhäuser, Hanna

Effect of the type and origin of fatty acids in maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation on the fatty acid pattern of breast milk and on the development of atopic diseases in the childBaarsKahl

Pschera, Julia

Phosphorus and potassium on livestock-free organic farms - supply options and operational challenges using the example of northern HessePupilHaase

Römer, Ulf

Situation and perspectives of Hessian dairy farmsMöllerKrutzinna

Schmid, Janina

Suitability of different directly sown catch crops for weed and fusarium suppression FinckhBruns

Schmidt, Jan Henrik

The influence of the use of a suppressive compost on the infestation of winter peas with foot diseases and the green mass yieldFinckhBruns

Schulz, Hannes

Control of Rhizoctonia solani by row application of green manure composts and the use of the antagonist M.ochraceaBrunsHaase

Schulz, Veronika

Investigations on the compostability of press residues from the tincture production of medicinal plantsPupilBruns

Voigts, Clemens

Working conditions of pastoralists and employed herders on ranches from their own perspective (Community workKaufmannHülsebusch

Volz, Benjamin

The agro-genetic engineering of KWS-Saat AG  in the reporting of magazines of ecological agricultureDearStudents

Wecker, Friedmann

Not publicHammSeuring-Stella

Weidauer, Sandra

"Organic agriculture in Tunisia - the example of olive and date cultivationRahmannHülsebusch
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Blumenstein, Benjamin

Examination of Natura 2000 Grassland economics with special regard to the integrated generation of solid Oil and biogas from biomass (IFBB)MöllerWachendorf
Huguet, LucileControl potential of composts and Pseudomonas fluorescens strains against 'pea fatigue of the soilFinckhBruns

Leibbrand, Tanja

Self-medication in cattle with special reference to the herb yarrowBaarsHensel
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Karki, Lokendra

Challenges and opportunities for the organic tea production and marketing in the eastern hills of NepalHammMöller

Pokharel Sharma, Arjun Kumar

The effect of maize straw and mycorrhiza on microbial biomass and aggregate stabilityJörgensenLudwig
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor

Häge, Doris

Free choice profiling of typical Armenian cheese varietiesPloegerJanssen
Loho, Jeffry AntoniusNot publicPloegerAmigo Tossi

Westhuizen, Bernard

Not publicFreytag-LeyerJanssen