Summer semester 2017

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The Department of "Ecological Agricultural Sciences" honored its graduates on 21.07.2017. In the summer semester 2017,  70 students graduated. The awardees were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Wolfram Simon
  • Very good MSc Organic Agriculture: Corinna Dinkel

They have successfully completed their studies:

NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Bess, LottaGreen Settlers with Brown Roots - On the Origins of Völkisch Settlement Projects and Their Current Distribution in GermanyTroßbachMühlrath
Bilgmann, LenaEffects of  Soil compaction by mechanical soil stress on arable soils  on the occurrence and activity of microorganismsJörgensenPeth
Brown, EliasEconomic consideration of the cultivation and feeding of fodder beet in organic dairy farmingMöllerKrutzinna
Brenner, Paulanot publicJudgeBruns
Dahlmann, AstridPlanning of a forest garden near Hamm according to permaculture principlesHofmannGraß
Demelt, FlorianThe baker's trade in the 19th century - working and living environments in Upper Swabian bakeries with consideration of the city of RavensburgTroßbachNew
Fahrendorf, VincentPlanning of a solar hay drying system for a Demeter farm in SardiniaHenselFranz Roman
Firmbach, Paulanot publicKing of BorstelKnierim
Spot, AntoniaPotentials of the NorFor feeding controlling system for increasing resource efficiency in dairy cattle feedingSundrumKrieger
Frey, SebastianCultivation optimization in an aloe vera plantationJörgensenWiehle
Harzendorf, DarioHow sustainable is the direct marketing of beef from extensive farming - analysis of economic success factors?ZanderSiegmeier
Herzberg, IdaDecision criteria for a composting barn - based on a comparison with deep litter and cubicle systemsIvemeyerKnierim
Himmelmann, Inga-Marienot publicKnierimIvemeyer
Klein, Susannenot publicFinckhWiehle
Kleinlein, AndreasHow much pasture is allowed? - Comparison of different fencing and grazing systems using the example of a dairy farmJudgeFricke
Knaus, HelenaCritical comparison of different guidelines and programs in relation to different dairy products with special regard to the aspect of animal welfareKnierimKrikser
Kreiling, SophiaUrban Gardening - Aspects of social agriculture using the example of three projects in Berlinvan ElsenHerzig
Lauer, FinjaVineyard soils under organic and biodynamic management - Microbiological parametersFritzJörgensen
Märker, JosefineProblem analysis along existing grain value chains with the aim to promote the use of organic grain varietiesKrikserBackes
Mayer, Sissy EllenConcept development for a mother- or suckler-bound calf rearing system on the Frankenhausen domainIvemeyerKnierim
Mühlbauer, FranziskaInfluence of genotype and year of cultivation on frit fly infestation of naked oatsBackesTabea Pfeiffer
Müller, LauraEffects of suspended calving and prolonged lactation on the  udder and metabolic health using the example of a dairy farmKnierimIvemeyer
Müller, SilasWhat influence does the application of Name-Your-Own-Price have on the solidarity among members in a solidarity farming system?Hammvan Elsen
Pannitschka, Miranot publicJudgeSimantke
Politor, MerlinInvestigation and comparison of disease resistance of apple cultivars under the condition of zero fungicide use in the variety garden, Obstarboretum OlderdissenFinckhBannier
Riegg, Peternot publicDührkoopHensel
Rühe, EstherPotentials of the sharing economy for agricultureHerzigSiegmeier
Schenk, JonaVineyard soils under organic and biodynamic management - microbiological parametersFritzJörgensen
Schmidt, VerenaField beans - Crop management strategies to reduce leaf curl beetle infestationSauckeHeß
Siemon , AnnaLiterature research on structural promotion of endangered livestock breeds in Germany for the conservation of agro-biodiversityHammBrügemann
Simon, WolframRelevance and prospects of insects as food and feed in Europe with focus on GermanyBadBorgemeister
Stamp, KatharinaMechanisms of fair price formation in the regional organic food sector - The price formation theory of anthroposophical economics and its practical implementation StampKrikser
Steimker, von, FloraComparative study on consumer acceptance of  meat of Swabian-Hallian pigs as well as their  crossbreeds with different meat geneticsPloegerMörlein
Täuber, FenjaElaboration of a recommendation for the endoparasite control of horses - selective and strategic deworming in comparisonKing of  BorstelHoischen-Taubner
Cousin, KlausOrchard cultivation of apples for juice and must production - optimization potentials and economic considerationHofmannMöller
Voßkuhl, LenaThe effect of hydrothermal conditioning on the IFBB process at different water / substrate mixing ratiosWachendorfHensgen
Weiler, ChristianDetermining populational parameters of Leptopilina boulardi to evaluate its potential as a parasitoid of Drosophila suzukiiFinckhSaucke
Wack, Michaelnot publicBrunsHeß
Wilkening, AnetteDoes biodynamic management of vineyards influence aggregate stability in topsoil?PethFritz
Wilkening, MilenaEquity acquisition for start-ups in agricultureSiegmeierZander
Zenner, Annikanot publicKriegerAlbrecht-Seidel
Zerhoune, Nina"Argan oil - the gold of Morocco? Social integration through the production of  Argan Oil in Rural Areas of South-West Morocco"NewBürkert
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Blum, JaninaSelection criteria for food and products for a farm store using the example of the Hessian State Domain FrankenhausenHerzigKrutzinna
Spelt, Corinna"Investigation of mixed cropping of field bean (Vicia faba L.) and gold-of-pleasure (Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz) with regard to weed suppression, nitrogen supply, competition structure and yield as well as the effect of rolled soil on feeding damage by leaf edge beetle larvae"SauckeDr.  Link University of Göttingen
Hombergen, FlorianInfluence of sewage sludge substrates on plant physiology and soil biologyKößlerJörgensen
Kälberloh, RomanDevelopment of an electronic measuring beet for the analysis of mechanical stresses on sugar beets in harvesting machinesHenselRichter
König, HannaFarmers' perspectives from Baden-Wuerttemberg on organic controlHeßSpiller
Schulze-Brüninghoff, DamianLiDAR-based estimation of lupin (Lupinus polyphyllus) biomass in grasslandsMöckelWachendorf 
Stark, JuliaOrganic farming in vocational schools - significance in the context of state training as a farmerHeßKemkens
Wrankmore, AnjaHerb cultivation in Saxony-Anhalt - past, present, futurev. FragsteinPeppercorn
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Gebler, Roxannenot publicHammFreytag-Leyer
Huang, Paulinenot publicQuadtRuppenthal
Mashal, Vedina SubhashClimate friendly consumer behaviour: differences between conventional, light organic and heavy organic consumers in Germany and UKZanderHamm
Moradi, NajmehSoft drink industry: Mapping health impacts and managing related responsibilitiesHerzigJanssen
Qi, XinThe study on Green Food Purchase Intention among Chinese Consumers - Based on the empirical studies in Qingdao, ChinaPloegerKrikser
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Abd-Ur-, RehmanTechnical efficiency analysis of diversified crop farms in Punjab, PakistanBruemmer
Barrantes Mora, Carlos GerardoThe effects of animal disease outbreaks on food price dynamics: The case of H7N3 in the Mexican egg marketvon Cramon-Taubadel
Kreipe, Leonie DorotheeClimatic changes in the mid-hills of Nepal:<br/> a study on smallholder farmers' perception and reactionsBad
Liu, XinyangAnalysis of Support to Agricultural Producers in China: <br/>Based on OECD PSE Methodology, Using EU Data as a Reference.von Cramon-TaubadelLakner
Tahir, RehanCultural Influences on Food Consumption:<br/> A Meta-Analysis of Hofstede`s Cultural DimensionsSpillerGassler