How to Organize Socially Useful & Climate-Friendly Labor (Public Roundtable Discussion)

For most migrants, the work they do to secure a living or pursue a desired career often means having little say over how their labor is organized or towards what ends. Many must endure conditions that enforce a life of precarity and fail to provide dignified ways for them to care for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities as they would like to. Others still find themselves working jobs that they feel like a social necessity — especially in the context of the crises they are confronting. And many more are asked to confront the ecological crisis strictly as consumers, without ever being asked about the consequences of being forced to produce commodities that are destroying the web of life that makes human civilization possible. Over the course of this roundtable, we will discuss what it means to challenge capital’s prerogative to organize labor and how to abolish shit work conditions, socially useless bullshit jobs, and environmentally destructive batshit jobs.


The round table discussion is part of the Mi­grant Workers' Sum­mit "The Lost Art of Or­ga­ni­zing So­li­da­ri­ty"

»The Lost Art of Organizing Solidarity« is a migrant workers’ summit that brings together migrant workers and former Gastarbeiters, international organizing trainers and movement builders, migration and labor researchers, NGOs and artists, as well as students of the Global Labour University in Kassel. In a three-day program of intensive non-public discussions, organizing trainings, and artistic workshops as well as public roundtables and assemblies we will learn collectively how „to turn the resources we have into the power we need to make the change we want“ (Marshall Ganz).

Around 50 migrant workers, researchers and students, activists and movement educators, as well as local initiatives, NGO representatives and artists working around Germany, will be invited to be part of the summit working community sharing together all three days of intensive discussions, skill-sharing and training while each one will also contribute to the public program to which everyone is warmly invited.

The Summit will be held in English.


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