Repair your bike with ease: New repair station at the University of Kassel

Not enough air in the tire, loose screws on the carrier or handlebars? No problem, because there is now a bicycle repair station on the campus Holländischer Platz, where you can carry out small repairs and maintenance work on your own.

Bild: Uni Kassel.
Karen Marschinke, an employee in the Green Office at Kassel University, tries out the new bicycle repair station.

The bike repair station includes a set of tools, which are suitable for most repairs and troubleshooting, and about a hand pump with an adapter for all types of valves. In addition, the bike can be conveniently hung on a fixture.

The idea for the new bicycle repair station was developed as part of the project "Sustainable Transportation at the University of Kassel - Concept and Measures for Sustainable Mobility and Logistics". For this project, the Green Office is collaborating with the Department of Transportation Planning and Systems, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Sommer. "In order to meet the requirements and wishes of students and employees regarding mobility on campus, several safe and sheltered bicycle racks as well as bicycle repair stations are to be built," Nadine Chrubasik, Sustainability Manager at the Green Office, explains.

The first bicycle repair station for the campus at Holländischer Platz is now located in front of the Campus Center. There is a further repair station in Witzenhausen at the entrance to the campus at Nordbahnhofstraße. A bicycle box will also be installed in the university's underground parking garage on July 14 and will be accessible via the Campus Card.

More bicycle racks and shelters are to follow soon. In addition, there are plans to construct a solar bike house, a lighthouse project that will provide electricity generated by solar modules directly on site for charging e-bikes as well as cell phones and laptops, while at the same time providing shade thanks to the roofing. This will combine sustainable energy generation with passive shading, and parking areas for bikes and charging stations will be complemented by recreational opportunities.



Nadine Chrubasik
Sustainability Manager
Green Office Coordinator
Phone: +49 (0)561 804 2519
E-Mail: chrubasik@uni-kassel.de