Research data management

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The Steering Committee is the central steering body for the Research Data Management project. It formally approves important concepts and milestones, subprojects, and the completion of an overall project, and monitors the use of resources in the project.

The Steering Committee submits significant changes to goals, resource deployment of individual digitization projects and their subprojects, and project-related change requests to the Executive Board for decision. The committee commissions the project management on the basis of decision documents.

The Steering Committee is chaired  by the Vice President for Research.

It includes the following other members representing key stakeholders in the project:

  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Walter Blocher, Chief Information Officer of the University.
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Dräxler, Head of the IT Service Center
  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Gemeinholzer, FB 10, FG Botany; co-spokesperson of the NFDI 4 BioDiversity
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Heim, FB15, FG Plastics Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tikvah Kissmann, FB 01, FG Social Science Methodology of Qualitative-Reconstructive Research
  • Markus Knierim, Department of Development Planning - Information Management
  • Dr. Matthias Schulze, University Library; Head of Department III - Digital Library Services
  • Sabine Sors-Eisfeld, Data Protection Officer
  • Dr. Katrin Steinack, Head of the Research and Graduate Funding Office