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View of the campus

Do you have questions about school visits to the University of Kassel, Q&A sessions with the General Student Advisory Service, or one of our event formats? Write to us! We are looking forward to cooperations with schools and teachers and your ideas for collaboration.

Our offers

We are happy to tailor the schedule and content of the program to the time constraints and interests of the visitor groups. Depending on the time frame, the semester phase and our capacities, the following elements may be part of the program:

  • Welcome by the General Student Advisory Service
  • Visit to regular lectures
  • Guided campus tour
  • Library tour
  • Lunch in the cafeteria
  • Discussion rounds on topics such as study programs, admission procedures and career fields
  • Meet-a-Student roundtable discussion with students of the University of Kassel

To request/plan a school visit, please write to us! We look forward to hearing from you!
Please understand that availability and the scope of the offers depend on certain factors such as lecture and exam times, staff* capacity, etc.

General Student Advisory Service of the University of Kassel
Oliver Claves(claves[at]uni-kassel[dot]de)

  • Visit within the framework of lessons
  • Conducting workshops
  • On-site group and individual counseling
  • Information booth at information days and orientation fairs
  • Participation in panel discussions and more

Contact: General Student Counseling at the University of Kassel
Oliver Claves(claves[at]uni-kassel[dot]de)

01.06.-15.07.2023 | Mo/Di 15-16 h | at Leo without registration

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(Virtual) workshops offered by the General Student Advisory Service

In addition to the open offers for prospective students (see /go/studieninteressierte), the General Student Advisory Service offers schools orientation and information events tailored to the school's framework conditions. The events can be held at the school, at the University of Kassel, or in compliance with DSGVO via the university's own Zoom meeting rooms. The services offered by the General Student Advisory Service are free of charge, independent and open-ended, i.e. we also provide information and advice on study options at other universities and alternatives to studying.

After upper secondary school, on the one hand the world is open to you, but on the other hand there are fears of making the wrong "vital" decision. Which possibilities basically exist, how they can be combined, how to get a place at university and how to plan the future in the long term is what this module is about.
Time: approx. 45 minutes

There are 20,538 degree programs across Germany. Who is supposed to keep track of them all? In this information unit, we cruise through the sea of degree programs and explore different study cultures. On the basis of selected study programs, we will explore technical terms such as credits & modules, distinguishing features such as research-oriented and application-oriented, and different requirement profiles. After this excursion, prospective students can embark on the journey to their dream degree program well prepared.
Time: approx. 60-90 minutes

School is not study - it requires a lot of self-responsibility for one's own educational process. Especially students with a migration background and/or from non-academic families often lack the traditional knowledge to be able to shape their studies. This module deals with opportunities and risks in studying and possible ways of dealing with them.
Time: approx. 45 minutes

University entrance qualification, admission restriction, aptitude test, NC, FHR and biometric passport photo? The university admissions process is riddled with technical terms and is usually the first bureaucratic challenge prospective students face in their lives. This module provides information about the admissions process.
Time: approx. 30 minutes

What does a historian actually do? How much does a business administrator earn? How do I become a psychotherapist? When choosing a course of study, prospective students like to orient themselves to job descriptions. However, most academic professions are rather unknown.
Time: 20-90 minutes

The education system is becoming more permeable. Those who did not have the interest, motivation or opportunity to pass the Abitur in Sek I or Sek II have various paths to study open to them. This module can be offered with different emphases for students of secondary level I or secondary level II.
Time: 30-90 minutes

The search for the right training or study program starts with your own self: Who am I, what can I do, what interests me? What values are important to me? The answers to these questions provide the compass that can be used to determine your own position and goal.
Time: 90- 360 minutes

Students at the University of Kassel provide information about their course of study. Prospective students can ask what expectations they had at the beginning of their studies, which ones have been fulfilled and what has turned out differently. Note: For this service, we rely on the voluntary cooperation of students. Successful placement requires a lead time and cannot be guaranteed.
Time. approx. 45 minutes


General Academic Advising Oliver Claves

Image: Sonja Rode

Greenhouse for tropical crops

For school classes there are offers of one to several hours, project days and class trips.

Greenhouse for tropical crops: More Infos
Owl Hall, Murhard LibraryImage: Udo Seifert

Library introduction Murhard Library (Brüder-Grimm-Platz)

Courses for high school classes in the Murhard Library

Event type: Library introduction

Duration: By arrangement

More offers

Exchange at education fairs

You can meet the General Student Advisory Service in person at education fairs. Feel free to ask us your questions about degree programs or specific offerings at the University of Kassel.
All dates can be found in the calendar.