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In many respects, the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen (with the two locations Steinstraße and Nordbahnhofstraße) is unique. Unique in Europe is the focus on ecologically oriented research and teaching, and equally unique is the course of study in Organic Agriculture. Since the first professorship for organic agriculture was established in 1981, the Witzenhausen faculty has been considered a pioneer in this field. The research results are put into practice, among other places, on the Frankenhausen state domain, the teaching, experimental and transfer center for organic agriculture and sustainable regional development of the University of Kassel, which is farmed according to the guidelines of organic agriculture.

The Faculty's research greenhouse in Witzenhausen demonstrates plant cultivation in tropical and subtropical areas. It is available for study and research, but can also be visited by groups of visitors.

  • The nearest train stations with connections to long-distance trains are Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe or Göttingen. Change there to regional transport and travel to Witzenhausen-Nord. In Witzenhausen you can reach the location "Steinstraße 19" and "Nordbahnhofstraße 1A" via bus connections (Stadtbus Witzenhausen).

Location Witzenhausen, Nordbahnhofstraße 1a (lecture hall and laboratory building)

Nordbahnhofstraße 1a, lecture hall and laboratory building