Arriving well together

The first 100 days are decisive: Is it a good fit? To get you off to a good start in your new job, we accompany you through this exciting first phase in a well thought-out onboarding process.

The first 100 days

In the first few days of work, we would like to give you the space and time to get to know your area of responsibility, your team and the cosmos that is the "university".

With what expectations do you start the job? What tasks and projects do you have coming up in the near future? What do you need to work well?

During the first 100 days, we find answers to these questions in regular short feedback sessions, thus laying the foundation for a sustainable working relationship.

Help is here: Coaching

Conflict management, crisis communication or questions of good leadership :
As a manager, you can quickly find yourself in situations where you need professional support and the objective opinion of a third person.

We support you in leadership matters with internal and external coaching offers, in which you receive the impetus to do justice to your task - and your employees.

We live lifelong learning

Personnel development doesn't end at your desk: We want to give you the opportunity to expand and develop your individual skills and competencies . How about the self-defense course to strengthen you from the inside? Or the Typo3 course to expand your digital skills?
Or the multi-day course in mindful self-compassion that takes the pressure off self-critical people to be perfect?

As an employee of the University of Kassel, you have access to a wide range of continuing education and training opportunities to help you balance work, family, life, and the other small and large issues of everyday life.