Cooperation schools

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  • Albert Schweitzer School, Hofgeismar
  • Albert Schweitzer School, Kassel
  • Vocational schools Korbach
  • Federal President Theodor Heuss School, Homberg/Efze
  • Elisabeth Knipping School, Kassel
  • Friedrich List School, Kassel
  • Friedrichsgymnasium, Kassel
  • Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg School, Kassel
  • Gustav-Stresemann High School, Bad Wildungen
  • Herderschule School, Kassel
  • Jacob Grimm School, Kassel
  • Max Eyth School, Kassel
  • Paul-Julius-von-Reuter School, Kassel
  • Walter-Lübcke School, Wolfhagen
  • Wilhelmsgymnasium, Kassel
  • Goethe High School, Kassel
  • Engelsburg High School, Kassel

How to become a cooperation school?

In principle, any school that trains students for the university entrance qualification can become a cooperation school.
As a cooperation school, the assigned teacher of the school performs a coordinating and supporting function.


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