Location Frankenhausen

Just outside Kassel in the agriculturally favored Hofgeismar Rötsenke lies the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen. The 320-hectare fully-arable farm was leased from the University of Kassel in July 1998 and has since been managed according to the guidelines of organic farming.

The promotion and further development of organic farming and the creation of jobs in the agricultural and social sectors are central concerns of the project. As a "transparent" farm, the domain is to serve as a model for ecologically, economically and socially sustainable management in the region. In doing so, it will be integrated into university research and teaching and at the same time made accessible to the interested public.


  • The Frankenhausen domain is located on the B83 between Schäferberg and Burguffeln. The domain can be reached by public transport only in connection with a bicycle tour or a short hike. Corresponding train stations are Niedervellmar (bicycle distance about 12 km, about 30 min.) and Mönchehof (bicycle distance about 4 km, about 15 min.). If you travel by car, enter the town "Grebenstein" and the street "Frankenhausen" in the navigation system.