Education at the University of Kassel

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Which area of education at the University of Kassel are you interested in?

We offer interesting, practice-oriented and diverse training opportunities in research-related fields for all people regardless of origin, religion, ideology, age, disability or sexual and gender identity.

Computer science - Electrical engineering

In your free time you are on the computer or tinkering with electronics? You also want to program yourself, repair electrical devices or build them yourself ...? Take a look at our apprenticeships in this area.

Nature - Health - Craft

You prefer to be outdoors in nature and usually on the move? Are you energetic and have creative ideas? One of the following training profiles is sure to suit you.

Communication - Media - Management

Are you communicative and creative? Do you like to get things moving together as a team? Take a look at our apprenticeships and apply.

You still have questions?

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Happel, Iris
Ansprechpartnerin für die Ausbildungsberufe
Image: Sonja Rode
Happel, Iris
Bischoff, Dorothee
Ansprechpartnerin für die Ausbildungsberufe
Image: Sonja Rode
Bischoff, Dorothee

Advantages as a trainee at the University of Kassel

1. very good chances of being taken on after training

2. free travel on local and regional transport throughout Hesse

3. possibility to participate in internal training events

4. flexible working hours in many areas and professions

5. possibility of an internship abroad with financial support from the Erasmus+ program (language travel) as well as the possibility of participation in internal language courses of the International Study Center (ISZ)/language center

6. low-cost membership in university sports (monthly fee for trainees: 2.50 EUR) as well as in the university's own fitness studio "Uni-Fit" (monthly fees from 14 EUR)

7. free license for the installation of "Microsoft Office Professional" on the private computer

8. use of facilities for students: Cafeterias (meals at student price), cafeterias, library (receipt of a library card)

9. different childcare options within the framework of the family-friendly university (regular/flexible childcare and childcare during vacations)


Take a look at the current job offers. There you will find the professions in which there are vacancies in the next training year. There are many interesting training positions at the University of Kassel, such as farmer, sports and fitness merchant, administrative assistant and many more. In the overview you can find all offered apprenticeships. However, training does not start every year in every profession. If you have any questions about the individual apprenticeships, just give us a call.

The working hours are 40 hours per week. The special thing about training at the University of Kassel is that you have flextime in many areas.

1. letter of application - with exact specification of the training occupation

2. curriculum vitae in tabular form with contact details (telephone number, e-mail, and/or postal address)

3. school leaving certificate or the certificates of the last two semesters

4. further documents such as work references, internship certificates, etc.

Yes, this is possible, of course you should write a separate cover letter for each training occupation.

The qualifications you need for the relevant training depend entirely on the training in question. We offer a wide range of apprenticeships for secondary school students up to university graduates. You can easily find the information in the respective job offers of the University of Kassel.

For the initial preselection, the grades are an important guide. Afterwards, however, the overall picture is important, including the application, the result of the aptitude test, the subsequent interview and much more. You can also find more information about this in the individual job offers.

This is uniformly regulated in the collective agreement for trainees of the state of Hesse. This collective agreement also applies to the University of Kassel and you can find the link in the green block on this page. A tip, in §8 of the collective agreement you will find your answer.

With a weekly working time of 5 days, you have 30 vacation days per year according to the collective agreement for trainees of the state of Hesse.

Yes, the opportunity exists in the form of an internship abroad and best of all, there is funding available through the Erasmus+ program.

The chance of being taken on after the apprenticeship is very high, which means you don't have to worry about that as long as you perform well.

You will find the information in the job advertisement under the item "Duration of training".

As a trainee of the state of Hesse, you will receive a free Hessenticket, which allows you to use local and regional public transport. Alternatively, you have the option of renting a parking space.

The probationary period is 3 months for all apprenticeships and serves as a general orientation for the apprentice and the employer (University of Kassel).

You will find this information in the job advertisement under the heading "Training location". Depending on which apprenticeship you choose, your training location will be in the city of Kassel or in Frankenhausen (city of Grebenstein).

Yes, part-time training is possible. However, keep in mind that attendance at vocational school must be full-time.