International students after application

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Part II: Planning and starting a study visit

You have received the acceptance? Congratulations! What happens now? Here we describe the planning before the start of the study, the journey and arrival and the start of the study.

Planning before the start of the study

  1. 1.Living

    In Germany, admission to the study  isnot connected with accommodation; i.e. you have to look for a room/ very early.

    The University of Kassel is spread over six locations. First of all, find out about the respective location of your desired study program on the study program page: Contact and Locations

    Studierendenwerk Kassel is in charge of the dormitories on campus and offers a housing exchange: Studierendenwerk Kassel - International Students.

    The Studierendenwerk also offers the possibility to rent a room for the coming semester already from home. Please inform yourself in time about the registration deadlines, because there is only a certain number of rooms available: Student Voucher

    Further information about housing can also be found here: Housing

  2. 2.Funding

    Source: German Student Union, Service Center for Intercultural Competence

    During your studies you will incur costs: housing, living expenses, insurance, fees. 

    Proof of funding for visa

    Before you start studying, you need to prove that you have enough money to pay for it. You will need a "proof of funding." Usually it is required that the "standard needs" are covered for one year. For further and binding information, contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country. 

    Costs for studying

    Fees for studying are charged every semester (administrative fee, student union, semester ticket, AStA). Information about the exact amount, payment deadlines and formalities for the semester fee can be found here: Information on the semester fee.

    It is imperative that you transfer the semester fee to the account of the University of Kassel within 14 days after receiving the request for payment. Otherwise your enrollment will be cancelled and your place will be given to another prospective student .

    As transfers from abroad are subject to charges, you should transfer the semester fee after receiving your visa.

  3. 3.Visa

    As a rule, you need a visa to enter Germany and a residence permit for your further stay. Information on this can be found, among other places, on the website of the German government: Visum zum Studieren.

    As soon as you have been admitted by the University of Kassel, you can apply for a visa at the German Embassy or a German Consulate in your home country or country of residence. To apply for a visa, you will need the admission letter from the University of Kassel, proof of study funding, and proof of health insurance. Information from the University of Kassel on visas can be found here: Visa, Entry and Residence Issues.

  4. 4.Health insurance

    In Germany, health insurance is mandatory for all citizens. You can get a comprehensive overview on the website of the federal government: Krankenversichrung.

    You can find our information on this topic here: Health insurance

  5. 5.Stay with family

    Information on staying with children is available at: Studying with family

Arrival, start of studies

Arrive early. We recommend that you arrive in Kassel before April 1 for summer semester admissions and before October 1 for winter semester admissions.

  1. 1.Journey and arrival

    Tenancy agreement and housing provider confirmation

    When you move in, you will receive the co-contract and a housing provider confirmation from the landlord, which you must present when registering at the Citizens' Registration Office. It is best to print out this confirmation and have the landlord sign it when you move in.

    Bank account
    You will need an account at a German financial institution to pay bills or your rent. Once you have opened an account (also called a giro account), you will receive an EC card. With this you can also make cashless payments in most stores as well as withdraw money from ATMs. If you work in Germany, your salary will also be transferred to your German bank account.

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Now continue to your study program page

How and when does my degree program start? Are there any prerequisite courses for my degree program? You can find all the information about the start of your studies on the website of your study program.

Access the following link and select your degree program. Then select "Introduction and Start of Studies" from the menu. There you will find your first semester info.

Welcome Week for International Students

To help international students get started, we offer a "Welcome Week" in addition to the regular introductory events. However, be sure to go to your subject introductions as well.

Welcome Week for International Students: Welcome Week