City of Kassel

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Kassel is *the* major city in northern Hesse (The location is good ...) and is located in a densely wooded low mountain landscape. The city is characterized by the themes of art, culture and fairy tales: Kassel bears the titles documenta city, city of the Brothers Grimm and capital of the German Fairy Tale Route.

Welcome to the "Boom Town"

Kassel has developed enormously in recent years. The city is considered young, dynamic and future-oriented. In several rankings, Kassel has been certified as having an extraordinarily dynamic development. Here are a few plus points for living in the North Hessian metropolis:

  • Central location Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin ... due to the ICE transport connection, all major metropolises in Germany can usually be reached in 2-3 hours.
  • Over 200,000 inhabitants and 30,000 raccoons The 200,000-inhabitant mark was surpassed in 2015. Just under 12 percent of these are students at the University of Kassel. In parallel, Kassel is a stronghold of raccoons: Around 30,000 are now said to love the city and its parks.
  • Kassel, a city of art The list is long, and even without Kassel's landmark, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013) with its fountains, Hercules, Lion's Castle and painting gallery in Wilhelmshöhe Palace, there is plenty to see. The documenta and the GRIMMWELT are further beacons. The young Kassel art and culture scene is also very exciting.
  • Green metropolis The city area corresponds to about 15,000 soccer fields (106.8 square kilometers), 22% of which are covered with forest and 11% are used as parks and green spaces for recreation. In addition to the Bergpark, the Karlsaue (in the middle of the city) and the former grounds of the Federal Horticultural Show (Buga lake with Fulda floodplain) are places where the Kasselians, Kasselaner and Kasseler like to relax. See also on Youtube: Kassel from above.
  • Model region of renewable energy In Kassel, the topic of the environment, climate protection and energy is visible in many places. The region of North Hesse is considered a pioneer in the energy transition. The University of Kassel is a key driver here: environmental profile of the University of Kassel.
  • Kassel Economic Region Kassel's economic strengths lie in traffic engineering and mobility management, environmental and energy technologies, tourism and information technologies, as well as in the arts and culture sector. The unemployment rate has been falling for years and the start-up scene is getting a further boost from the new Science Park on the university campus: Science Park Kassel.
  • Sports and Exercise Sports and recreational opportunities abound in Kassel: several sports clubs, several climbing gyms and a climbing forest, a huge skate hall, a dirt park, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an ice rink, a golf course, even downhill skiing on a ski slope with lift operation is possible in winter.