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How do I find accommodation?

Living for Help I Program of the AStA

In the "Living for Help" project, people from Kassel/Witzenhausen offer living space for students. In return, however, they do not expect money, but a little support in everyday life.

Living for Help I Program of the AStA: More Infos
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Short-term rent

Especially at the start of the semester, it can be difficult to find a suitable room or a cheap apartment right away. In this case, inexpensive short-term accommodations can help:

Where should I live in Kassel?

The Kassel West

Those who would like a little distance from the lecture hall live in Wehlheiden, Wilhelmshöhe or the Vorderer Westen. Behind historic and modern facades are numerous boutiques, restaurants and pubs waiting to be explored. But also one or the other gallery or concert location can be found here. Although the parks that are right on the doorstep are usually somewhat smaller, you can get to Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe and the Habichtswald recreation area all the more quickly by streetcar and bus. Fresh, regional products are available at the weekly market. Bargain hunters can find real treasures in second-hand stores of various types.

Party animals are best off on Kassel's "mile", Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse. Anyone planning a pub crawl here need not expect sore feet, because one opportunity follows the next.

The picture shows a graffiti of the street art project "Raum für urbane Experimente" in Kassel's Nordstadt.Image: Here in the Quarter | Photographer: Can Wagener

The north of Kassel

The popular Gottschalkstraße with its small cafés, stores and the cultural centers K19 and Schlachthof borders directly on the Holländischer Platz campus. On warm summer evenings and between courses, people meet in the Nordstadtpark or stroll down the Ahna via the Bleichwiesen to the banks of the Fulda. Those who do not shy away from morbid charm can find peace and relaxation during a walk through the historic main cemetery.

The picture shows the view of the southern part of Kassel.Image: Kassel Marketing GmbH | Can Wagener

The south of Kassel

For those interested in sports or art, the south around Frankfurter Straße is the right place. The Aue and Schönfeld Park offer enough space and beautiful views for varied jogging routes, quiet reading hours, picnics and games. Short distances are also available to major events in the Auestadion, boathouses and the university's sports halls.

Those who settle in the south enjoy art and culture in passing, so to speak. Due to the proximity to the art academy and the large student population, an active scene has developed here, which ensures a lively neighborhood with unusual actions, events and initiatives.


In Witzenhausen, more than 1,000 students are currently studying at the Department of Ecological Argra Sciences. Known as the romantic cherry town, Witzenhausen is located in the low mountain range landscape of the Werra Valley. The densely wooded surrounding area is characterized by small-scale agriculture. The town with its approximately 20,000 inhabitants has been awarded the status of organic town and fair trade town.

Characteristic for the place of study is a free and liberal study climate, which allows and promotes extensive student activities. Foreign students are part of the image of the city and the university.

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