After the application

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You have reached the first stage. Your application is in progress or you have enrolled directly - depending on the course of study. Here you can find out what happens next. The most important thing in advance: We're glad you're here!
Now it's time to prepare for your new phase in life.

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Info page about your study program

How and when does my degree program start? Are there any prerequisite courses for my degree program? You can find all the information about the start of your studies on the website of your study program:
Access the following link and select your degree program. Then select "Introduction and Start of Studies" from the menu. There you will find your freshman info.

How do I plan to start my studies?

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  1. 1.Funding

    • I find out about financing options.

    Here you can find information about the study financing: Financing

  2. 2.Living

    • I am looking for a place to live.

    Here you can find information about the student housing market in Kassel and Witzenhausen: Housing

  3. 3.Semester fee

    • I will transfer the semester fee.

    Here you can find information about the semester fee: Semester fee

  4. 4.Activate Uni Account

    I activate my UniAccount.

    The UniAccount is your user ID for the various online services of the university, e.g. the WLAN, and is linked to a university e-mail address. After activation, all communication from the university goes through this email address.

    Freshman IT Service

  5. 5.Introduction

    • I inform myself about possible preliminary courses
    • I inform myself about the introduction dates for my course of study and attend them. These are usually in the first week of the semester.

    Pre-courses are not offered for all degree programs. Please check the program pages to see if a prerequisite course is offered for your desired program. The courses start a few weeks before the semester begins.
    You can find your program page under All Programs of Study

    Introduction Dates: These are announced on the degree program pages in early August. During the introductory days, you will learn how to put together your schedule, find the lecture rooms, get to know your student council, and much more....