After the application

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You have reached the first stage. Your application is in progress or you have enrolled directly - depending on the course of study. You can find out what happens next here. The most important thing in advance: We're glad you're here! Now it's time to prepare for your new stage in life.

The most important steps to start your studies for international students

Information for International Students: Forward

6 important steps to start your studies

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  1. 1.Funding

    • I find out about financing options.

    Here you can find information about the study financing: Financing

  2. 2.Living

    • I am looking for a place to live.

    Here you can find information about the student housing market in Kassel and Witzenhausen: Housing

  3. 3.Semester fee

    • I will transfer the semester fee.

    Here you can find information about the semester fee: Semester fee

  4. 4.Activate Uni Account

    I activate my UniAccount.

    The UniAccount is your user ID for the various online services of the university (eCampus, WLAN...). In addition, a university e-mail address is linked to this account. After activation, all communication on the part of the university will take place via this e-mail address.

    Freshman IT Service

  5. 5.Find start date

    • I check my degree program page for introduction dates for my subject. Introduction dates will be posted there starting in August.

    Call up the following link and select your study program. Then select the item "Introduction and start of studies" in the menu. There you will find your first semester information.

    Overview All Study Programs

  6. 6.CampusCard

    • I will receive the CampusCard by mail as soon as I have transferred my semester fee.

    The CampusCard is your student ID for the entire duration of your studies. It is also your semester ticket and has other functions: Library card, culture ticket, payment card in the refectory, copy card, etc. For more information, click here: CampusCard