Exchange Studies at the University of Kassel

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Thank you for choosing an exchange program at the University of Kassel!

Below you will find all the important information for your time as an exchange student:in.

Things to know about your exchange studies

We are happy to support you with all questions regarding your exchange studies at the University of Kassel. Here you will find important information and contact details. 

Contact person for exchange students:

Ketevan Arabuli
Advice for international exchange students
+49 561 804 7634
Contact: exchange[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Erasmus Code: D KASSEL 01

Planning your studies: Important tips

Information on the courses of the University of Kassel can be found on the Internet. The course catalog for the winter semester is updated on September 1 and for the summer semester on March 1. If you need to choose courses before then, take courses from the previous year. You can find them in the archive of the course catalog.

The following steps will help you pick your lectures:

  1. Go to the portal (
  2. Go there to the menu item "Events".
  3. After that go to "Vorlesungsverzeichnis".
  4. Then select the department and the program in which you want to study.
  5. Select the courses and seminars you would like to take. Please also note the short course descriptions that are displayed when you click on the course.

If you would like to take courses or seminars in English, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the portal (
  2. There, go to the menu item "Events".
  3. Then go to "Search for events".
  4. Select English as the language of instruction.
  5. You can also still in the field "Institution", select the department in which you want to study. Then click on "Apply selection (all branches)".
  6. Select the courses and seminars you would like to take.

At the end of your exchange studies, you may receive a Transcript of Records.

For all courses and seminars you attend at the University of Kassel you will receive ECTS points. These indicate the amount of work required for a course. Depending on the course, you have to fulfill different requirements (e.g. written exam, term paper, presentation, etc.), which may be graded. You must pass these exams in order to receive ECTS for the course. As a rule, 30 ECTS must be earned per semester. To avoid problems, please check with your home university.

ERASMUS students still have to fill out a Learning Agreement at their home university. The Learning Agreement is a list of the events (seminar, lecture, etc.) that you would like to attend at the University of Kassel.

  1. You can get the form from the coordinators of your home university.
  2. In the form you enter the courses that you would like to attend here at the University of Kassel.
  3. The completed form must now be signed by the ERASMUS coordinators at your home university: .
    • Departmental Coordinator at your department
    • Institutional Coordinator
      (in most cases at the International Office / Akademisches Auslandsamt of your university)

Now send the document to the University of Kassel, where it also has to be signed by the ERASMUS coordinators there.

You can send the document by mail or by e-mail or upload it with your application. We will forward your documents to the Departmental Coordinator (Parnterschaftsbeauftragte) responsible for you. Who is responsible depends on your study program and home country.

We will then send you back the signed Learning Agreement.

The ERASMUS coordinators at your university will assist you in filling out and sending the Learning Agreement.

All exchange students can already participate in the ERASMUS pre-course German of the Language Center of the University of Kassel before the start of lectures. The intensive course lasts 2 weeks and is subject to a fee for all participants. The current dates can be found under the menu item Deadlines/Dates - Semester Schedule.& nbsp;

Plan stay

  1. 1.Requirements

    • For students with exchange program (Erasmus+ and partner universities): Your home university must be a partner university of the University of Kassel and select you for an exchange.
    • For students without exchange program (Freemover)
      • Step 1: You need to find a professor who is willing to supervise you academically during your stay. Please have a look at the overview of all departments and decide in which department you would like to study and which subject fits to your previous studies:
      • Step 2: You need a written confirmation from the professor about the academic supervision.
      • Step 3: You must apply as an exchange student. You will receive more information about this by email after I have received the confirmation of supervision.
  2. 2.Deadlines/Dates

    Nomination and application deadline: 

    • Summer semester residencies: Jan. 15
    • Winter semester residencies: July 15 (art June 15)
  3. 3.Application and selection procedure

    Step by step to exchange studies

    • Step 1: Apply at your home university for an exchange place at the University of Kassel. Requirements and application procedure are determined by your home university.
    • Step 2: After successful application for the exchange place at your home university, you will be nominated by them at the University of Kassel.
    • Step 3: Afterwards you will receive an email from the University of Kassel, , in which the further steps of the application procedure are described. For stays in the summer semester you will receive the email from mid-November, for the winter semester from mid-May.
    • Step 4:  After you have received the email, please register in our portal and fill out the online application there. Please note:
      • If you want to study "Liberal Arts", Visual Communication" or"Fine Arts" , please attach a portfolio, a letter of motivation and a CV to the online application form.
      • If you would like to study "Architecture" or"Urban and Landscape Planning" , attach a portfolio, a learning agreement and proof of German or English language skills to the online application form. 
      • If you want to study "Electrical Engineering" or"Computer Science" would like to study in FB 16, please submit proof of language proficiency: English B2 (according to the European Framework of Reference) OR German B1 (according to the European Framework of Reference).

    • Step 5: After application/registration you will receive a binding confirmation for an exchange at the University of Kassel and all further information for a successful study stay at the University of Kassel.
  4. 4.Enrollment

    Steps to enrollment

    • Carry out the enrollment in eCampus. Your user ID is: mail address, in the spelling as you entered it in MoveOn (online application as exchange student) as email address. Before logging in for the first time you have to reset your password once, an explanation can be found here: Within 24 hours you will be sent a link where you can set a new password.

    If you have already reset your password, you are now ready to enroll. Here are a few instructions to do so:

    In the health insurance field, please select "Proof of health insurance not required".

    The data for the university entrance qualification (HZB, your last (school) degree) is set. You do not need to change

    You must upload a photo of yourself during enrollment for the CampusCard (your student ID), which will later be printed on the CampusCard. The photo should be a passport photo (just your head, not your whole body), but it does not have to be biometric as in your passport.

    For "previous studies", please enter your current studies at your home university.

    You will be entered for "exchange studies", we will enter the subject for which you will be enrolled at the University of Kassel.

    You do not have to enter anything for "previous stays

    • Semester fee: At the University of Kassel you have to pay a semester fee (information will be sent to you by mail). This is not tuition fees. With the payment of the semester fee you receive various services and benefits: 
      • Semester ticket for public transport
      • Discounted meals in the university dining halls
      • Bicycle use
      • Cultural discounts and much more.

    If you would like to complete your enrollment now, please pay the semester fee and send us a confirmation of payment (scan, PDF or photo) by e-mail so that we can complete your enrollment.

    • Health insurance

    To enroll, you must have health insurance and show us proof of it. You have three options:

    o If you have a European Health Insurance Card, this insurance is sufficient. Please send us a scan, PDF or photo of the card by e-mail.

    o You can take out an insurance with a German statutory health insurance (AOK, DAK, Techniker Krankenkasse or any other statutory health insurance). You will receive a confirmation for the university (Hochschule) when you take out this insurance.

    o Or you have a private travel health insurance and get exempted from the statutory health insurance. In order to get the exemption from the statutory health insurance, you have to show your health insurance at one of the German statutory health insurances. You can contact the two insurance companies (AOK and Techniker Krankenkasse), which have offices near the Holländischer Platz campus, by e-mail and also visit them. Please make sure that the private insurance must be equivalent to the statutory health insurance. (The cheapest rates of most private insurances are not sufficient).


    • German address

    We need a German address for your enrollment. Please enter your German address in eCampus as soon as you have it: "Mein Studium -> Studienservice -> Kontaktdaten" . The CampusCard will only be sent to German addresses.


    • University account

    Once we have received the payment confirmation, we can activate you in our system. One or two days later you should receive an automatic e-mail with information about the activation of your university account. This account (and the corresponding mail address) allows you to use the W-LAN at the university and gives you access to the university systems, such as Moodle and Ecampus.


    • Campus Card

    As an enrolled student, you will receive the CampusCard, which is your student ID and also your semester ticket, which allows you to use public transportation in Kassel. You will receive the CampusCard after you have activated your university account and if you have uploaded a photo of yourself during your enrollment.

    The CampusCard will be sent to your German address by mail or you can pick it up at the IT-Service.

    • Enrollment/Registration: for your enrollment please come to the International Office of the University of Kassel. You must have the following documents with you: 
      • Proof of health insurance
      • Confirmation that you have paid the semester fee
  5. 5.Plan studies

    You are now admitted to the University of Kassel for exchange studies and should prepare your stay in terms of subject and organization:

    As an exchange student, you can apply for a room in the Studierendenwerk dormitory. The application deadlines are:

    July 15 for the winter semester (October to March).

    January 15 for the summer semester (April to September).

    Please submit your application to the Studierendenwerk in time:

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will get a room or apartment in the student dormitory, but usually all exchange students who apply in time will receive an offer for a room. You can also look for a shared room or apartment privately. You can find information about this on the pages of the Welcome Center.

  6. 6.Arrival in Kassel

    Welcome to the University of Kassel. We hope that you will have a great stay with us.

    • We will be happy to sign your Letter of Arrival at the International Office. (Contact person: Marlis Fellmann) 

    Page of the Welcome Center

  7. 7.During the stay

    Of course, we also advise and support you during your stay in professional and organizational matters and questions. You can find all important information here.

    • Changes to the Learning Agreement: If you have decided to take other courses at the beginning of the semester, please enter the changes in the "Changes to Original Learning Agreement" and have them signed by your Departmental Coordinator by May 30 (for the summer semester) or November 30 (for the winter semester) after consultation with your Departmental Coordinator. Usually, course changes do not cause any problems. However, you should consult with your home university.
    • Information on campus activities and leisure and culture.
  8. 8.At the end of the stay

    At the end of each semester we can issue you a grade transcript so that you can have the courses you attended at the University of Kassel recognized for your studies at your home university.

    If you need this, you will need to provide us with your grades and ects at the end of the course period: Please let us know when your grades have been entered into HISPOS. If your grades are not entered, you can ask the instructors of the respective courses to send us your grades and ects by email: to Ms. Ketevan Arabuli ( in the International Office. If you have taken language courses, send us the language certificate for confirmation.

    At the end you will receive the signed and stamped version of your Transcript of Records by email and if necessary by mail.