Location Damaschkestraße

Image: Dario Lafferte

The practical training of future sports teachers at the University of Kassel is concentrated in the tast-Halle Auepark. Sports theory and pedagogy are also offered there by the Institute for Sports and Sports Science, since 2013 in a new building that also houses a fitness studio for university sports. A few hundred meters away on the Fulda River is also a boat and seminar house of the institute.

Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe train station -> Location:

  • From Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe (train station), take Tram Line 3 in the direction of "Ihringshäuser Straße" to the "Kassel Rathaus" stop. Change to Tram line 5 in the direction of Baunatal to the "Auestadion" stop.


  • "Auestadion"
    Tram line 5, 6
    After a 5-minute walk in the direction of the Kassel ice rink, you will reach the tast-Halle Auepark with associated sports facilities and seminar rooms.