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The Welcome Centre of the International Office is your contact for all organizational questions concerning your stay in Kassel or at the Witzenhausen location. We are also happy to help you find suitable contact persons in our research areas.

Preparing a stay in Kassel requires some planning. We hope the checklist below will facilitate your preparation and give you a first orientation.

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Before arrival


We would like to give you (and your family) a good start in Kassel. Please contact us early and register using our registration form. The information provided there will help us to take good care of you from the beginning.

Registration: To the registration

Approach immediately after commitment

Research funding

Every research stay is preceded by the question of funding. This is an important factor and should be carefully considered. You have the following options at the University of Kassel:

  • Vacancies for academic staff
  • Funding for young researchers at the university
  • Sponsors outside the university
  • Further funding opportunities

Advice on teaching and research funding

The Research Department of the University of Kassel and the Department for Internationalization and International Cooperation are available to assist you with funding issues. 

Information on visa and residence permit can be found here: Visa, entry and residence issues

International House

The guest house of the University of Kassel offers guest scientists modern accommodation close to campus in a pleasant and communicative atmosphere at reasonable prices:

Info about accommodation at the International House

Housing search
The local newspaper "HNA" offers a housing search portal: HNA Housing

3-6 months before arrival

EU citizens
For temporary stays in Germany, you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): EU information page. The card gives you access to medical care comparable to that in your home country. Please also contact your health insurance company.

Non-EU citizens
Please clarify with your health insurance which services have to be covered in Germany or whether you have to take out additional insurance. If neither is possible, you will have to take out insurance with a private health insurance company in Germany. You can find out more about the German health care system here: Health insurance in Germany

Shortly before your arrival

For your stay at the University of Kassel you should bring the following important documents:

  • Valid identification document/passport
  • Passport photos
  • Credit card/ EC card
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Information on medication/diseases, if applicable
  • Confirmation of the financing of the stay
  • if necessary the visa
  • if applicable, certified copies of qualification certificates (university entrance certificate, university transcript, doctorate certificate, habilitation certificate)

If you bring your family with you:

  • Valid identity documents/passport of the children and spouse*.
  • Birth certificate of you and your spouse
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of the children

Depending on the country of issue, you may need a certified translation or legalization for your documents. Find out about this at the German embassy or consulate in your home country before you leave.

How do I get to the university? Where are the streetcar stops and parking spaces? And how do I find the administration building and the International Office? The directions and the maps make it easier to find your way around the campus of our university. You can find detailed information here: Locations of the University of Kassel

After arrival

After your arrival, you must register promptly at the citizens' office of the city of Kassel or Witzenhausen. You will need the following documents for registration: 


Kassel Citizens' Office
Town Hall
Obere Königsstrasse 8
34117 Kassel


Witzenhausen Citizens' Office
Witzenhausen Town Council
Am Markt 1
37213 Witzenhausen


If you move during your stay, you must re-register at the Citizens' Office responsible for your new place of residence, i.e. register your new address.

If you come from a non-EU country, you must apply for a residence permit at the local Aliens' Office or the responsible Citizens' Office before the validity of your entry visa has expired.

If you have been living in Germany for more than three months, we recommend that you open a German checking account. You must open the account in person at a financial institution in Kassel or Witzenhausen.

The broadcasting fee is a kind of fee that every household in Germany has to pay to finance the public television and radio program in order to inform the citizens of Germany independently and diversely, to reflect the diversity of opinions in society and to contribute to democracy. The contribution is paid per apartment - no matter how many people live in the apartment or what device is present. You can find more information here: The broadcasting contribution

Living in Kassel and Witzenhausen

 The University of Kassel supports families with the service facility: Family Welcome and Dual Career Service

Important phone numbers:

  • Emergency doctor and fire department: 112

  • Police: 110

  • Poison Control Center Mainz: +49 6131 19 240

  • Rescue center at the hospital: +49 561 980-0

Who helps in case of illness?

The health care system in Germany offers you a wide range of advice and support. You can choose your own doctor. It is advisable to have a family doctor. You can go there first in case of illness, for preventive check-ups or vaccination appointments. The family doctor can refer you to specialist treatment if necessary. 

People with statutory health insurance receive health services without having to pay for them themselves in advance. Doctors bill the health insurance companies for the services they provide. Physicians bill the privately insured for their medical services. The patient must pay the bill directly to the doctor. He can then have these expenses reimbursed by his private health insurance - to the extent agreed in the contract. 

If you need a doctor outside of opening hours or on weekends, check the Internet for information on the general practitioner on-call service.

Source: Health Department of the Kassel Region


Hospitals in Kassel: 

Before departure

Before your departure you must:

  • the rental contract
  • the contract of the water, heating and electricity supplier
  • the bank account
  • if necessary, the mobile phone contract

cancel. The notice periods can be very different.

  • Before you leave the country, you must deregister at your local citizens' office; you can deregister abroad online in Kassel.
  • Please also remember to deregister from the broadcasting fee. You can find information here: Deregistration
  • Deregister your children from kindergarten and/or school.
  • Are all books back in the university library?
  • If necessary, set up a forwarding request for your mail.
  • Register as an alumni.

The program for returning professionals is aimed at people who, after studying, training or working in Germany , use their knowledge and experience for the further development of their countries of origin.

Details of the offer can be found on the website of World University Service (WUS).


Name, Forename Contact
Gagelmann, Kristin
Service for international researchers, visiting programs
Ickler, Anke
Event program for international researchers
Otto, Martina
Service for international guest researchers, visiting programs

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