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University of Kassel: The university of ideas in the heart of Germany

The University of Kassel sees itself as a university where openness, initiative, interdisciplinary and unconventional thinking are desired and encouraged. It aspires to develop, test and implement ideas - even if they are not yet mainstream. In recent years, teaching projects have received an above-average number of Hessian University Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

More than 300 professorships are organized in eleven departments - the growing University of Kassel is currently establishing numerous additional professorships, not least for the Kassel Institute for Sustainability. In this new scientific center, students and researchers are working on the sustainability goals of the United Nations and are thus also shaping the profile of the university. Numerous new degree courses will be created in this area of sustainable transformations in the coming years. Materials of the future are another focus of research and teaching. Around a fifth of all enrolled students are studying to become teachers.

The university sees itself as a driving force in the region and has an impact on the city and surrounding area. Knowledge transfer, spin-offs, but also cultural initiatives and urban development contributions are part of its mission. Not least thanks to its university, the documenta and world heritage city of Kassel has developed into an up-and-coming and optimistic city in the heart of Germany.


Sustainability in research, teaching, transfer and operations

Knowledge and technology transfer

Equality, family and diversity