Location Menzelstraße

Image: Nicolas Wefers

The School of Art and Design Kassel is one of the few internationally oriented art colleges that bring together scientific, artistic and art education courses. With the right to award doctoral and post-doctoral degrees, it is also one of a handful of selected art colleges in Germany with university status. Approximately 1000 students, including master students, are currently enrolled in the Fine Arts, Art Education, Art Science, Product Design and Visual Communication programs at the School of Art and Design. In addition to the course-specific facilities, the School of Art and Design offers students cross-disciplinary workshops for all thought and work processes. With the outstanding number of 14 workshops in total, it thus continues Bauhaus traditions of constructively combining craft and artistic competencies.


  • "Heinrich-Heine-Straße/Universität"
    Tram line 5, 6; Regio-Tram RT5
    After a 5-minute walk in the direction of Auepark, you will reach Menzelstraße.

Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe train station -> Location:

  • From Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe (train station), take Tram Line 3 in the direction of "Ihringshäuser Straße" to the "Kassel Rathaus" stop. Change to Tram Line 5 in the direction of Baunatal to the stop "Heinrich-Heine-Straße/Universität".