Central Institutions and Facilities

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Kassel University Library

Kassel University Library - State Library and Murhard Library of the City of Kassel is a library system at six university locations.

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IT Service Center

The IT Service Center provides central information, communication and multimedia services reliably and professionally for all users and facilities of the University of Kassel.

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With UniKasselTransfer, knowledge transfer is actively pursued out of the University of Kassel - for all departments with all sectors of society: through the support of research cooperations and business start-ups, technology transfer and patent management, the Career Service, the organization of continuing education, dual studies, service learning and civic university, and the retention of graduates.

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Teaching Service Center (SCL)

The Service Center Teaching actively supports the professionalization of university teaching as well as the assurance and further development of the quality of teaching at the University of Kassel. The main focus is on offering staged continuing education courses for the continuous development of teaching skills, advising and supporting the departments in the development of studies and teaching, and the use of new media in teaching.

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International Study Center (ISZ) with Language Center and Study College

The Language Center offers all students and employees of the university as well as external interested parties with guest student status an interdisciplinary range of language and key qualifications.

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Center for Teacher Education (ZLB)

The ZLB promotes the networking and coordination of the various institutions involved in teacher education. This applies both internally at the university and to cooperation with schools and school administration - especially in northern Hesse.

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Graduate Academy at the University of Kassel

The Graduate Academy at the University of Kassel supports doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in their academic qualification phase. It coordinates the interdisciplinary further qualification and offers a forum for the interests and concerns of early career researchers

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The Uniwerkstätten provide reliable and competent technical services to the University of Kassel. The focus is on supporting research and teaching.

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