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With its broad spectrum of subjects, the University of Kassel offers the best conditions for innovative and interdisciplinary research. Accordingly, in the two profile-forming research foci of the university, outstandingly distinguished scientists work together on topics that are significant across disciplines in the medium and long term. Due to the outstandingly established interdisciplinary research climate at the University of Kassel, both focal points contribute to finding multi-layered solutions for urgent future topics.

Kassel research diversity

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Collaboration between humans and AI systems for a reorganization of knowledge work and mutual learning.

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Energy supply systems of the future

SolarAutomotive - Regenerative heat supply for production processes

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SFB 1319: Extreme Light for the Analysis and Control of Molecular CHirality (ELCH)

Empirical educational research and higher education research

Showing Life Opportunities (SLO): Increasing opportunity-driven entrepreneurship and STEM careers through online courses in schools.

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Biological clocks

The mechanisms and constituents of biological clocks that generate and orchestrate biological time

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