Mission statement and reports

Annual Report

In 2021, the University of Kassel was all about its big anniversary "50 years", experienced a change of presidium and was still under the challenges of the pandemic.

Cover of the annual report

Mission Statement

In an interactive network: natural and technical sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences.

The University of Kassel - founded in 1971 in the course of the educational reforms as an independent comprehensive university model - is characterized by a network of competencies that is unusually multi-layered in Germany, focusing on nature and technology, culture and society.

Mission Statement

The mission statement

Development Plan

During the term of this development plan, the University of Kassel will be fifty years old. According to customary international classifications, it will then no longer be considered a "young" university. For the university, this is an occasion to reassure itself of the orientations and goals for the coming years based on its own tradition.

Development plan 2020-2024

Mission statement teaching

The Teaching Mission Statement documents the University of Kassel's self-image as a teaching institution. It describes university-wide principles and goals and serves as a basis for the strategic development of the university with regard to its educational offerings and the further development of teaching.

Teaching and study report

With this teaching and study report, the University of Kassel presents for the tenth time a comprehensive review of this central area of responsibility over a four-year period. As in 2016 and previously in 2012, it provides an overview of central developments in teaching and study as a building block of the university's quality management, and at the same time undertakes an analysis and determination of its position.

10th teaching and study report

Sustainability Report

To develop in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way in the long term - this is also a goal of the University of Kassel.

3rd Sustainability Report (2017-2019)

Equality plan and monitoring of the University of Kassel

A non-discriminatory, gender-equal and family-friendly university is the goal of the university's new equality plan.The equality plan was developed by a working group in 2017. It is valid for the years 2018 to 2023.

Equality plan of the University of Kassel

The statistics relevant to gender equality include the gender proportions in the scientific area - from studies to scientific qualification phases to professorships - in the committees as well as among non-scientific personnel for the entire university and departmentally.

Equality monitoring at the University of Kassel