Recognition of academic achievements

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Your academic achievements abroad can be recognized at the University of Kassel. The departments/examination offices are responsible for the recognition. It is strongly recommended that you take care of the recognition before your stay.

Please find all required templates here.

1. Check which academic courses are offered at your prefered university abroad and if there are similar courses of study at the University of Kassel.

2. Check if there is a „mobility window“ (= time abroad which is integrated in your curriculum) included in your course of study.

3. Inform yourself about the recognition process at your department: FB 01 | FB 02 | FB 05 | FB 06 | FB 07 | FB 10 | FB 11 | FB 14 | FB 15 | FB 16 | KHS


Exemplary process (not uniform):

I. Contact the departmental coordinator who is responsible for your desired partner university and clarify your plans.

II. Arrange an Learning Agreement (in case you fill it out correctly, the recognition is guaranteed):

  • Obligatory for Erasmus stays
  • Optional , but recommended for other stays abroad


Please note:

  • The achievements to be recognized should not be substantially different from those you have to complete in Kassel.
  • Your study progress in Kassel should not be at risk through the recognition of of your academic achievements.
  • Tip: You can take the opportunity to exchange information about the recognition of academic achievements with other students. To find the experience reports sorted by country and department visit us on moodle.


Please find all required templates here.

  • Always discuss any changes with the departmental coordinator and/or the person in charge for your department.
  • Inform yourself when and how you will receive a confirmation of your completed academic achievements (Transcript of Records).
  • Get the required documents for the recognition: Course description, seminar plans etc.
  • For the recognition of your academic achievements you ususally need:  Transcript of Records, Copy of your Learning Agreements , course -& module description, seminar plans etc.
  • Please contact the examination office for more details on your recognition:
    FB 01 | FB 02 | FB 05 | FB 06 | FB 07 | FB 10 | FB 11 | FB 14 | FB 15 | FB 16 | KHS

Please note that there is no unified procedure for the recognition. Every department has its own guidelines.

If any problems occur regarding the recognition, please ask the examination office in first place. In case that you can not agree on something contact the board of examining of you department. The team of the International office will assit you advisorily.

The following tool provides help for you to convert you academic grades:


The University of Kassel recommends to follow the position of HRK (FAQ Anerkennung, S. 25) and if necessary to work with relative grades. See § 20 Abs. 9 AB Bachelor/Master. 


The ECTS system defines the required workload that must be completed to recieve a ECTS point.

The amount of credits given for academic achivements is based on it as well.
To receive further information about the ECTS system click here.


The "Diploma Supplement" (DS) is a text with uniform information for the description of university degrees and related qualifications. As additional information to the official documents on university degrees (award certificates, examination certificates), it is intended to facilitate and improve - internationally and nationally - the assessment and classification of academic degrees for both study and professional purposes.

Students of the University of Kassel, who have successfully completed a bachelor's or master's degree, automatically receive a diploma supplement with the diploma. Teaching students can obtain this document upon request. For both groups, the work performed abroad (study and internship) will be included in the DS upon request.


The legal base of the recognition procedure are the "allgemeinen Bestimmungen" of the University of Kassel (§ 20).