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02/17/2022 | Campus News

Kassel University Library receives Open Library Badge 2020

Standing for openness - developing openness: Kassel University Library receives Open Library Badge 2020 as an award for commitment to openness and transparency.

Image: University of Kassel.
Entrance area of the campus library at Holländischer Platz.

Free access to knowledge - that's what libraries have always stood for. Digitization, and with it access to digital information on the web, has opened up a wide range of other options. In view of the constantly changing opportunities for communication and participation, libraries are also called upon to make a committed and sustained commitment to openness and transparency  -  Openness - in all their business areas. Kassel University Library pursues this goal in its strategy and has now been recognized for best practice in several categories.

The Open Library Badge initiative has been active in the academic library sector since 2016. A jury of representatives from the library community awards the certificate according to a catalog of criteria that requires and tests, among other things, equal access to the library, cost transparency in acquisition, publishing and making visible open access resources, the free use of library photos, and the provision of teaching and learning materials under open license.

"Social participation as well as scientific progress and transfer are based on the accessibility of information, whether it is literature, research data or science communication," explains Arvid Deppe, responsible for research-related services at Kassel University Library.

The award makes the corresponding activities and services of libraries more visible. The Open Library Badge addresses both the professional public and the library's own users and is a recognition of the library's commitment to more openness in science and society.

"As a library, we share this understanding of openness and are committed to its implementation at all levels mentioned in the certificate - we are very pleased to receive the badge," emphasizes Claudia Martin-Konle, Executive Library Director. 

So far, 16 libraries nationwide have received the certificate, documenting their commitment to unrestricted access to their range of services and to transparency in the use of their resources, both for the professional public and for their own users. Last but not least, they are making an important contribution to the sustainability goals formulated by the United Nations in Agenda 2030: Libraries, as broad-based cultural and educational institutions with their core mission of ensuring free access to information, are highly relevant actors.



Claudia Martin-Konle
Kassel University Library
Senior Library Director
Tel.: +49 561 804-2117
E-mail: direktion[at]bibliothek.uni-kassel[dot]de

Arvid Deppe
Kassel University Library
Deputy Head of Department III -
Digital Library Services; Head: Group 2: Research-Related Services
Tel.: +49 561 804-2470
E-mail: deppe[at]bibliothek.uni-kassel[dot]de