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11/09/2022 | Pressemitteilung

EXAMEN 2022 - "from scratch

The graduates and master students of the Kunsthochschule Kassel show their final works from 14 to 18.12.2022 in the documenta hall. EXAMEN was curated by Marlene Bürgi.

The picture shows the exhibition poster of the exhibition "Examen".
Exhibition poster (detail). Image: Kunsthochschule Kassel.

This year's EXAMEN title "from scratch" refers to a "drawing" marker. For the graduates, the exhibition symbolizes the beginning and the end of a period in their lives. "With the juxtaposition of beginning and end, EXAMEN also questions the linearity of teaching and knowledge: What ideas and forms of knowledge are conveyed during studies? Where are gaps, cracks, contradictions? And how can we learn, unlearn and relearn from this?" explains Bürgi.

From the fields of fine arts, teaching art, product design and visual communication, different positions of 22 graduates find ways of expression in a playful way that communicate an artistic gesture and a certain temporality. In the documenta hall, space-consuming installations, film screenings, performative interventions to sculptural and drawing works meet. "The exhibited works are partly connected or juxtaposed formally, in terms of content or metaphorically. They demonstrate the discursive potential and conciseness within this particular exhibition," Bürgi said.

EXAMEN 2022 makes visible the range of artistic and creative positions that the Kunsthochschule Kassel unites. For the exhibition curator, it was a positive challenge to provide a coherent framework for a fixed group of people and their works, "without imputing a thematic or content-related orientation to the exhibitors or thereby undermining the diversity of the positions," says Bürgi. But at the same time, she felt that this interdisciplinarity was a huge opportunity that allowed her to work with many different people and diverse orientations.

EXAMEN also wants to promote a dialogue. Under the motto "accompany instead of lead," the open tours are intended to stimulate conversations about the exhibited works and to discuss various ideas of art together with the visitors.

The Kunsthochschule would like to thank the cdw Foundation gGmbH for its generous support of EXAMEN 2022.

Alexandra Leibmann, Alexandra Münzner, Alix Kokula, Andreas Rosental, Arianna Waldner Bingemer, Carim Al Samarraie, Christian Küster, Denise Bause, Fiona Dietz, Florian Bode, Herr von Rehtanz, Johanna Brummack, Josef Hartikov, Julian Angermann, Marlies Lamberg, Marlon Middeke, Nico Buurman, Rike Suhr, Sebastian Foerster, Sebastian Gneiting, Sebastian Ullmann, Tim Rudolph.

Marlene Bürgi is a freelance curator and writer. She lives and works in Lausanne (Switzerland). In 2016, she completed her Master's degree in Museology and History of Collections at Leiden University (NL). Her research focuses in particular on theories of visual order structures and invisible power dispositives in the field of contemporary art. From 2018 to 2022, she worked for the Fondation Beyeler, where she contributed to several contemporary exhibitions.

The catalog (design: Alix Kokula) for the exhibition is available at the documenta hall during the exhibition period.

Wednesday, December 14 to Sunday, December 18

December 14, 6 p.m.
Award ceremony as well as talk with Maximiliane Baumgartner and Noemi Weber, performances and other artistic interventions

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