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03/12/2024 | Campus-Meldung

Agriculture: Researchers from the University of Kassel at Reallabore conference

More than 100 participants discussed the transformation of the agricultural and food industry and the joint work of practitioners and researchers in real laboratories at a pre-conference for the Scientific Conference on Organic Farming (Wita 2024) at the University of Giessen. The event was organized by the Hessian Research Association for Agricultural System Ecology - an association of various universities in Hesse.

Image: University of Kassel.

Advancing transformation processes in real-world laboratories is considered a new approach to research at eye level between politics, practice, civil society and science. The basic principle: research questions and possible solutions are developed in a collaborative process by stakeholders and researchers, and innovations are also jointly developed and evaluated. In this way, learning environments for experimental innovation research grow in landscapes that are equally shaped by scientific and many non-scientific actors. Agricultural real-world laboratories, which are currently on the rise both nationally and throughout Europe, are designed for the long term and are largely managed by non-scientific actors.

The Universities of Kassel, Gießen Geisenheim and the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) have jointly developed a concept for real-world laboratory work in a planned Brandenburg-Hesse Innovation Center for Agricultural System Transformation (IAT), which is currently being evaluated by the German Council of Science and Humanities. This was presented at the conference.

The conference will result in a thematic paper on the basis of which the exchange will be continued.



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