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03/16/2024 | Pressemitteilung

First prize at "Schüler experimentieren" for project on cargo submarines

Today, on March 16, the winners of the Hessian state competition "Schüler experimentieren" were announced at the University of Kassel. The main prize for the best creative work went to the project "Cargo submarine without external moving parts: Fischertechnik model and experiment" and was presented personally by the Hessian Minister of Education, Armin Schwarz. A total of eight teams received first prize in six different disciplines.

Image: Andreas Fischer.
The Hessian State Minister for Culture, Education and Opportunities, Armin Schwarz, visited the stand of Liang Künzel (11) to find out about his project on cargo submarines. Liang Künzel received the prize for the best creative work as well as the state prize in the discipline of technology.
Image: Andreas Fischer.
Jonathan Wunsch (left) and Julian Berz (both 11) won the state prize for the best interdisciplinary project with their work on sustainable dye extraction from leaf waste.

The work on cargo submarines received the prize for the "Best Creative Work" as well as one of two first prizes in the technology discipline. In this project, Liang Künzler (11) developed a submarine that can move without external moving parts. Instead, it uses only solar energy, which is stored as compressed air, to propel itself. The pupil clearly impressed the jury with his development. The Hessian Ministry of Culture, Education and Opportunities will award 300 euros for the "Best creative work".

The first-place winners in the other disciplines will each receive prize money of 150 euros. These are:

Working world (two first prizes): "Automated container logistics at airports and industrial sites V2" (Leonardo Traversin (14), Alexander Krupsky (11), no school connection) and "The pudding check" (Lina Bousakri (11), Maja Coco Jäckel (11), Jonas Wiesner (9), Rabanus-Maurus-Schule, Fulda).

Biology: "Which food do dogs prefer to eat when they have the choice?" (Kira Sophie Heß (13), Weidigschule, Butzbach)

Chemistry: "Blue Bottle - the never-ending story???" (Jannis Müller (13), without school affiliation)

Earth and space sciences: "Moon crater measurement" (Robin Söder (12), SchülerForschungsZentrum Nordhessen of the University of Kassel, Kassel)

Physics: "Old batteries, too good to throw away?" (Akaash Bhagwat (12), Steinmühle - School & Boarding School, Marburg)

Technology (two first prizes): "The intelligent street lamp" (Philipp Hechler (14), Ruben Düllmann (14), MINT-Zentrum Seeheim, Seeheim-Jugenheim) and "Cargo submarine without external moving parts: Fischertechnik model and experiment" (Liang Künzler (11), no school affiliation)

The state prize for the best interdisciplinary project went to Jonathan Wunsch and Julian Berz (both 11) from Rheingauschule Geisenheim for their work "'Is that yellow or can it go?' - Sustainably obtained dyes from leaf waste". Numerous special prizes were also awarded.

At the award ceremony, the Hessian Minister for Culture, Education and Opportunities, Armin Schwarz, welcomed the audience. He had previously taken a tour of the exhibition to see the diverse projects for himself. "A great interest, knowledge and curiosity for mathematics, computer science, biology, physics, chemistry and technology have driven the pupils and helped them to achieve top results. I would like to warmly congratulate all the prizewinners, as they have dealt with a wide range of natural phenomena and scientific questions - and from different scientific perspectives," he praised the participating children and young people and also emphasized: "It is particularly important to us in Hesse to promote the STEM subjects in schools in a targeted manner and at an early stage and to bring them closer to the pupils with methods, projects, initiatives and competitions."

City Councillor Hajo Schuy welcomed the attendees on behalf of the City of Kassel: "In Kassel, we have created a wide range of offers for young people in the heart of our city center with the FutureSpace, the SchülerForschungsZentrum Nordhessen and the UNI:Lokal, among others." This offer is central to promoting bright minds as an important resource for Germany.

University President Prof. Dr. Ute Clement then addressed the young researchers in attendance and emphasized: "I am particularly pleased that we are dealing with young people here who are doing the same thing that our professors do - namely research."

The ceremony was hosted by physicist and science journalist Dr. Sascha Ott, who also livened up the award ceremony with exciting experiments.

"Schüler experimentieren" is the junior section of "Jugend forscht" for pupils between the ages of 4 and 14. The state competition is organized every year by the Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Kassel. In this round, a total of 49 pupils took part in 25 teams. Over two days, they presented their projects, experiments and results at a stand, first to a jury (on 15.03.) and then to the public (on 16.03.).

State competition director Eva Kretzer was delighted with the motivation and commitment of the young researchers: "I was delighted to experience the two days of the competition together with our young researchers, to feel their thirst for research and their enthusiasm. It is so nice to see that there are young people who show great interest in STEM topics, pursue their ideas with determination and look confidently into a future that they want to make a little better for all of us."

Prof. Dr. Axel Bangert, organizer of the competition and professor at the University of Kassel, added: "The children and their work were really impressive, the speeches were all entertaining and to the point and the event went better than planned thanks to the many dedicated and attentive helpers."

The state competition was once again supported this year by the sponsoring organization cdw Stiftung gGmbH and the sponsoring company Hübner GmbH & Co. KG.

Thomas Flügge, Managing Director of cdw Stiftung gGmbH, was delighted with the pupils' projects: "The range of young people's interests is almost unbelievable. From self-propelled shopping carts, natural UV protection agents, lunar crater measurements and the helper robot to the intelligent cuddly toy for children with heart disease, the young people carried out their own research and produced outstanding results and findings. Schüler experimentieren 2024 impressively demonstrated how important it is to provide young people with learning spaces and opportunities for exchange outside of learning plans and constraints. As host, the university once again succeeded in promoting the networking character of the event with a creative supporting program and an open atmosphere alongside the competition. The winners:inside 2024 are us as a society!"

Ingolf Cedra, Managing Director of the HÜBNER Group, was also inspired by the research spirit of the participants: "The way children and young people tackle future-oriented issues at Schüler experimentieren is fascinating every year. And it inspires HÜBNER as a company that has been characterized by innovation for years. We are therefore delighted that the HÜBNER Group's affiliated foundation, Stiftung Hübner und Kennedy gGmbH, will continue our support of the 'Schüler experimentieren' competition from next year."


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