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04/30/2024 | Pressemitteilung

Science as a snack during breaks: New series at UNI:Lokal

In seven lunchtime talks, researchers from the University of Kassel present their topics to interested members of the public - free of charge, of course. The compact short presentations of around 15 minutes are aimed at anyone who wants to combine an interesting input on current topics with a snack during their lunch break, which is offered free of charge. The lunchtime talks take place centrally in the city center at UNI:Lokal (Wilhelmsstraße 21), every Tuesday at 1 pm from May 7.

Image: University of Kassel.

The new series of events starts with two lectures accompanying the current special exhibition at UNI:Lokal "MUT zur Zukunft. How new materials and technologies are making the architecture of tomorrow more sustainable". Researchers from the Faculty of Architecture - Urban Planning - Landscape Planning will present clay and steel for innovative building constructions (May 7) and explain how concrete facades can become electricity-producing solar collectors (May 21).

Other lunchtime talks will deal with censorship, the purchase of electric vehicles, the rights of nature, the meaning of speech sounds and the urban fringe.

With the UNI:Lokal in the city center, the University of Kassel has created an open space for events and exhibitions to promote exchange between academia and the public. The lunchtime talks also address socially relevant topics that are the subject of research at the University of Kassel and convey them in a way that is relevant to everyday life. The short presentations show the broad spectrum of research and teaching at the university, which aims to develop solutions for a future worth living. Visitors are invited to ask questions and talk to the researchers.

The idea for the series of events originated in the USA, where some scientific institutions also use regular breaks to provide information. With the lunchtime talks, the University of Kassel is building on similar formats that have been successful at the university.

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The program:

All dates at UNI:Lokal, Wilhelmsstraße 21 | Admission free


May 7

Clay and steel for innovative building constructions

15 minutes with Hilke Manot and Mobin Moussavi (Department of Structural Design)


May 21

SolarChip - How concrete facades become electricity-producing solar collectors

15 minutes with Frederik Ecke (Bau Kunst Erfinden research platform)


May 28

Is that censorship?

15 minutes with Prof. Dr. Nikola Roßbach (Department of Modern German Literature)


June 4

Why we buy electric vehicles - and why not

15 minutes with Dr. Katrin Zulauf and Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner (Department of Sustainable Marketing)


June 11

Aspects of the transformative potential of rights of nature

15 minutes with Janina Reimann (Department of Just Transitions)


July 9

Sound symbolism - the meaning of speech sounds

15 minutes with Dr. Anita Körner (Department of General Psychology)


July 16

What's new on the outskirts? Research for a rediscovered space

15 minutes with Frank Lorberg, Maik Kiesler and Arvid Krüger (Faculty of Architecture - Urban Planning - Landscape Planning)