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05/17/2018 | Campus-Meldung

Doubt as an opportunity - speed dating for dropouts

Bringing study doubters together with companies and specialist advisors in a relaxed atmosphere - that is the aim of the Speed Dating event on June 13. This is the fifth time that this successful event has been organized by the "Kassel Network for Study Doubters".

On the campus of the University of Kassel, the event will take place on June 13 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the dining hall of the central cafeteria. After a short introduction about the process, study doubters will have the opportunity to talk to the participating companies. The number of participating companies is large.

People who have dropped out of their studies are increasingly in demand for training. At the Speed Dating a platform is created, with which enterprises come into contact with these interesting applicants and study dropouts and Studienzweifler set the course for a vocational entrance. In the Meet&Greet range beyond that the advisor inside and advisors from the network are available for a casual discussion over doubts, possibilities and alternatives.

The Kasseler network for study doubters consists of the IHK, the chamber of trade Kassel, the agency for work Kassel, the job center of the city Kassel, compact registered association, the social consultation of the student services as well as the general study consultation and the Career service of the University of Kassel.

Even before the actual speed dating, a preparatory event will take place on June 4 from 2:30 p.m. in the BIZ of the Employment Agency. The participants will get tips and hints from the prof to present themselves optimally in 10 minutes. This event is organized by Mrs. Beate Sieber Budeck from the university team of the Agentur für Arbeit Kassel. The speaker is Ms. Sandra Wilhelm, HR Management, Micromata GmbH. No pre-registration is necessary for this event.

Companies can register for speed dating with Ms. Katja Biedebach from the HWK Kassel and Mr. Walter Ruß from the IHK Kassel-Marburg: katja.biedebach@hwk-kassel.deoder
Study doubters can participate without registration and spontaneously.

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